GMA LIVE! (05.05.14)

Ginger Zee, Sara Haines celebrate Cinco de Mayo!
16:21 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.05.14)
Ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at CNN -- Do you think then I mean that day and about hundreds -- -- live here on Good Morning America that -- where we always have more -- And I'm back at spent a lot of travel in the last couple days anger is -- -- no it's going to be. It's a fun yes. I played the script. -- right in the final lap last week and -- wet my goodness I'm glad it ended eight airports and two and a half three days have been happy usually look really -- and not and not comfortable I end up buying things have really come Republicans and then I come back again. It's -- the bag together -- did Birmingham Alabama to Charlotte, North Carolina. Back to Charlotte up to Baltimore back from Dallas to Orlando Orlando back to New York, New York. Such DC how how insecticide because clearly what is real time story getting called -- -- stop now I usually head. So okay Havana where it's selling yet where one of the do you anticipate you -- the storm collapsed that is coming up so high. Very exciting and that I've you on Saturday night also looking very stunning because there at the -- -- he had -- what was your first Elizabeth first that was several. Wild experience seven I know I didn't get coincides I was hoping to live vicariously I thought it was just crazy from the outside to see all those on the lightning and it was and that's usually adding I think I was so exciting -- would -- like I -- do you -- government -- Somebody that only light everywhere you don't go to get -- because I've done that before you look scared when you first -- kicked. And those pictures have you looked so scared about it because I make up my eyes are very open no no no I'll let you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We go out. And then this happens David your what's my next day and I kind of dumped. Yeah all I now lying on it out of black people -- I was serious -- that dumped Rebecca. No my neck my favorite part was and I -- that -- the food was good -- -- the -- he thinks it's never gonna need looking you don't really have been exposed yet made a grand old party tonight. I didn't know what should've eaten I didn't know eat before game I -- if any at what they the -- added there wasn't that it's bad. It's just you know did any of serving brings out people rent a room -- seat Camden rates and how that happened no one thing I heard -- at the table is like let's say you're sitting -- you know one at the start of scandal and and people walk -- -- T pictures of my other zoo animals yes I would say that was happening a little bit but. I think we have to Nero in front of us in the table rectify and that's what was I'm -- -- -- -- -- not Robert. I'm at bat I had been and then Jesse to have prisoner's right there aren't and a lot of people feel he's very approachable I think yeah compared to maybe others and realized he was wonderful has husbands often it was a fun night the class and being a -- -- -- as -- -- people don't feel comfortable walking up to you yes yes specimens and the speeches are -- and they act. I love -- accounts I was it was hard to see him in that way of -- -- he's such a great prompter reader but and -- was awesome stuff and then -- and going back to Washington DC. Thumbs until you have a little bit of an interview and -- an interview the president tomorrow. -- And I read before it hit our producer is like week the president of the united the united they've meg Lee Anna since it lets your market -- if he can what do you inner. You can you -- that's about the new climate action plan that got a hold that the release it tomorrow and we'll do everything of the what is it on to completely and I am -- following my next week okay dad ever we're -- a secret -- all that bat -- I know -- the well is -- -- -- -- today yesterday yesterday yesterday that means it was. May the fourth -- Made a fourth be with you this is officially start -- today it lies. And Star Wars reveled in the brand new animated series wanting this fall and Disney -- And it takes this is this at this -- this series takes place in between episodes three and four so that's between remakes and the ones you remember when your children because I think right let me kind of happening guest of -- hearing now or within. And -- I. And you worry tear -- -- And then yes that's crazy like premier has been fully around you -- -- they -- like wild -- -- -- that sounded like it came from some arguments. A case of Clinton and tweet questions though are -- mining answering questions. -- -- -- okay this is from not yet China what is your favorite outfit to Wear. -- and the blue light I think his let me just say -- like shiny blue line. Oh -- -- I drank his recipe for Monday on -- an excellent Angelina stones. GMA are you looking forward to Ers -- -- jury looking forward to start filming how was it seeing the -- again. Enough said. That didn't listen -- there also actually Marie -- -- do you have a great friendship with a cast members and talk about yet a funny you mentioned that now right and I think there's some secrets that's like saying that you just can't reveal -- here we understand your lips are sealed. Traffic out -- and any ill equipped will there be an exodus from. Gilda are having seen this week -- yep okay will there be -- next again. Aren't -- -- green. And I don't probably mean just start -- Yeah. Actually had -- can't -- so much for joining us we don't want an honorary. Yeah right now yeah. Yeah. Not really played this part kind of kind of rocks my world this weekend. There's a new feature. For a Twitter mobile apps that says getting a lot of attention right now it's the ability to knew someone that you follow. -- -- -- but -- you can hide certain people's. Which had utilized so that you don't see their tweets but you're still able to follow them -- stirred up a lot of debate with. All of us here. He cases says Wheeler Slattery and -- to explain that matter -- is coming and I don't hate. Yeah. -- ring connect Casey and that thinking about you think fire outside a lot going on TV a lot more I don't look at what -- -- -- -- anyway. Our kids -- I just said oh my god but you're just on humbly with our two taken pick. I will again analysis like it's been kind of a crazy -- and just like all the -- in the -- this morning just. Forget that idea and relatives and you know what I would never use you to -- her onto it because I've found out today on Twitter that you're going to be in it and brought upon and I added I freaked out and social square houses like that -- through the 2000 war. Yeah. On out there I am on Monday my guys just some news feeds but -- -- -- -- never I would never -- W Geneva. -- Alienate all the what do you think I mean I see what -- -- I think offense. Because it's one of those things where it's that you can followed you can also went for it. It's deeply made it work related that you don't -- to be prudent unfolds some of the you know these two don't -- Hitler wanna have -- -- -- them -- a -- I don't have to credit -- -- -- to post that stuff like. You know what I don't lie Aiken Michael without a OK and -- any activity cannot take another. Until that at this if you follow someone because you follow them in and night -- -- cell agency for slightly follow me leave -- -- follow everybody through and I like I keep my timeline very clean in all weather oriented. Well except for nobody and they -- Yeah. -- It was Clinton again I don't weather related only projects and other things in people related to whether it's just that -- I have a clean feet and it I've already got my excuse -- since I don't need -- hide -- -- unit. I've I feel like it's is that you don't want any -- -- went on follow someone because and -- will get this you won't get those you have Baird. The messages -- -- to -- and why -- you -- calling -- that I'm so sorry that you speak Portuguese -- don't get. Diners and am writing to me right now and a lot -- -- people that I -- -- -- on the new one on your phone if you. I don't accidentally I had Hala yes the little guy is going oh yeah yeah and then I got up and act on following I think we'll screen grab -- that's -- -- and I'm not. Where and when you when you Katz public figures such as yourself I'm not there yet. But we need to have a break all these follows and this is what people take offense & Associates -- -- just you know have you can keep following them but you don't have to get only a matter what you guys -- would you guys. We have -- would you doesn't like you the new feature on Twitter like do you wanna like be able to like keep -- someone but not necessarily hear everything they have. -- -- -- I am innocent as you can say I understand we didn't follow but not listen and not be going up following for the rest of your life that's what America's all around its variable and executive -- invalid I think people -- -- we just on more special guests on and this just happened let's freeing Jesse Dunn and his girl now fiance. You. Yeah. What safety and I have my OK we won't do that yeah. First time -- -- referred to as a fiance does that happen when he acts committed acrimony that specificity of I don't know attitude by the way. My job gas I think it's names -- -- Devern Hansack living somewhere else that's actually gates will someone actually had think I'm thinking but is you have. Some of them. Fast times ahead of you are you really completely full and -- Yes and you meat into getting to entice we'll sit tang. At -- on the tiny more than a lot of marriages -- Am I didn't start yet Libya ever really excited and I guess we'll see -- -- since -- -- -- to -- on any -- and. Honestly I mean it. Ten years you think I would have -- the ideal plan -- mind that I didn't have a clue this came up this does this does put together -- like 36 hours notice. Com a lot of work I know I -- producers then no -- for -- self self. It's kind of just. Saw the opportunity employment that this is latest on the question what were you nervous because -- -- absolutely -- Supposedly got -- only here I don't know or just that it all around -- they're -- They're like -- re going to they said it's going to be the last thing people really great. One. People often -- Should we go to commercial before the yes or no. -- -- over to know little. Even I don't know that I don't yeah. Yeah yeah. But I can't say they're visiting -- -- -- went from Levittown Pennsylvania and so -- about tonight into this morning sounds. You asked for permission I did. That might have been more nerve racking -- yeah. Go ahead. And I was curious how that conversation but really want to hear he's got hound and -- -- it lessens it. They. At first I got voters Democrats separately that surprise. Rick Springfield coming on. An excited about that night I told involvement said you know there's another surprise for this I'm gonna need your permission to. On doll. On the tundra and everything down Diana and -- -- sort of froze for second -- scared yeah. Now he became around and ministry. How do you say anything they always wondered if the U stated that at you -- -- take care and mom I'll take care of her love her idea yes and -- sort of filled in on the move those words himself. So yeah. Yeah. Have you here to -- life. Now they're pretty much -- anyway wasn't it wasn't as -- as. -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- now -- one minute pause was the mid Atlantic well. -- -- -- -- I would think seriously what's it like having slow action such -- -- like -- -- with millions of people used it on my TV. I didn't look great is very eyes intellect and 36 hours than just been so crazy hectic kind of -- just -- -- adrenaline going in. Now or never you know. Hand the NFL. Look at me and now time and then I'm actually and we -- -- I ended up on my way I am healthy place so much you can't. Later and I think that's. Yeah in Paris I second here helping us celebrate what is a little bit we -- -- than a mile without some food I don't know. It's only on the all the food now and it's all about tacos today. I just read a book about tacos so I'm gonna help you guys make your own talk. I set up but taco bar free joke and I have some warm. -- -- -- -- -- If you wanna go for the lettuce -- he -- he -- -- a little bit less -- my -- rate there is is up. I miss thing to do have taken -- like get rich creamy. Avocado from California and -- it. And they're just coming into the season right now they're super delicious and I made a bacon lettuce and amino. -- -- Now so you can do anything like that it's just you know kind of fun so as some -- -- in different types of what I don't want her. And they look really cool these are oyster mushrooms and have also grilled the journalists and the very common in Mexico. They're super meetings so if you're not a mediator or if you -- -- just substitute. Meet. -- is one of these Russian. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. That comeback this I -- that's today and this is very common in many -- -- -- in Mexico. And we survey that does to -- us all so yeah and it's just an iced tea that you make with little sugar water and the -- this this leaves in its super delicious healthy also it has vitamin CE. It's and that's the Health Net avid Pittsburgh with Sandringham telepresence that's the only -- that you couldn't do you wanted to do later. Yes you know add something. -- got -- bite on it throughout the fact that the Tiffany's but that as they got it back to our -- One -- wow that's really good. It is gonna make us party. Red -- -- and we -- anything. On the island yeah. -- -- Like and it's refreshing taste -- -- with -- -- -- -- and -- humanitarian hasn't been mild the legal often think how the united is that an average. Time teammates as a celebration -- -- presence of us yeah. -- -- -- -- Not dressed like Casey wasn't he felt the need and that's where a little bit. -- -- -- Your final argue just like they're right up my. Thank you so much is not a -- done. Embarrassing -- and more all of us here now yes I'd love that you get that happening think that inhabit that way to plant and all of you back hey thanks for being here this morning. -- You can get good -- even -- from the don't -- -- tackle cookbook out today. And so that's our show every one -- for watching -- to join us tomorrow at 9 AM eastern originate live yeah. Today.

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