'The Wonder Years' Cast Holds Reunion, Remembers Iconic Show

Cast members offer a behind-the-scenes look at the classic television series.
6:38 | 10/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Wonder Years' Cast Holds Reunion, Remembers Iconic Show
Fall is coming. The emmy-winning coming of age show "The wonder years" stands the test of time more than two decades after going off the year. For the first time, the stars of the show are joining us live to take us behind the scenes of the iconic show. But first, some of our favorite moments. ? Lend me your ears and I'll ? Reporter: It was the TV time capsule that captured the spirit of the baby boomer generation. In the battle of growing up, junior high school was basic training. Reporter: The 1988 debut Vold Kevin Arnold, played by breakout star Fred savage, as he naviga navigated the '60s. The funny thing is it's hard to remember the names of the kids you spent so much time trying to impress. Reporter: At the show's heart, a girl next door love story with Winnie cooper. It was time to tell her what I thought of her. I like you, winnwinnie. Reporter: And a friendship with Paul. Fish. I must have eaten fish. Reporter: This scene not just Kevin and Winnie's first kiss, but also Fred and Danica's. The show so ahead of its time, it won an Emmy award for outstanding comedy series after just six episodes. Maybe we both realized that growing up doesn't have to be a straight line, as much as a series of advances and retreats. Reporter: Also winning the hearts of fans. And now, on DVD, appealing to a whole new generation. After all these years, I still look back with wonder. It still gets us. It still gets us after all these years. We're joined by Danica Mckellar, Fred savage, and josh Saviano. Great, give it up for the three of them here with us. It just so happens, out on DVD right now. Just so happens. Just to have you back. Appreciate it. Give us a sense of what is going on right now. You got engaged? Yes, I did. Everything going well? Amazing. An amazing year. "Dancing with the stars" and then getting engaged. Josh, you're not only a daughter, you play O doctor, but you play one on TV. A lawyer, a lawyer. A lawyer. I played one on TV. I'm back into the entertainment world by helping people who are on the talent side become brands. So after going through a corporate transaction. This is really exciting. You turn celebrities into brands. That's the hook. Right. I'm going to be a -- A circle are. R. You are a fine brand, Fred. Directing. M "Modern family." She's a guru. He's an attorney. I staid in show business. I'm directing television. It's what I have always wanted to do. Since I was on "The wonder years" I was so interested in the camera, what it was doing, taking it apart. People didn't like that so much. Not while we were filming. I'm doing what I always wanted to do. You're directing "Modern family." And you all were more of the traditional family. Have you seen how it's changed over the years? Think the way families have been portrayed has evolved as we have. Ours was a nuclear, traditional family. Families have changed. They look different. They come together in different ways. I love that TV has reflected that. There's still things all families go through. I think you can find stuff to relate to in the show. Amen. Some things stay the same. And your real-life family didn't want you to be the main character in "Wonder years" right? I wasn't allowed to audition for series regular parts. My mom wanted to keep us kids Normal, me and my sister. I auditioned for the part of Winnie because it was a guest role. Then the producer said, we think we would like you to come on full time. That was the only way it could happen. We fell in love with her like everybody else did. And America did. After six episodes, winning an Emmy. If memory serves me correctly, josh, weren't you in the way back and had to run? I think my seat was in the second to the last row of the auditorium. I think I was the first one on stage. I was very fast. I don't remember seeing my mom. I just hit the aisle and I sprinted up. I was out of breath. And we weren't there. It was me and the grownups. We want to have a quick little -- very quick here. Why did the writers have Winnie and Kevin break up on the show between the third and fourth seasons? Because Dan Ka couldn't stand Fred, they looked too much like brother and sister. I always that that. And Dan Ka was all T-- Danica was taller than Fred. Or the on-screen chemistry was too strong with josh? I think they're all right. If you're sitting here, you can feel the tension. I'm in the middle of it. The answer is C. Danica was taller than Fred. Did you know that was the reason why? I did know she was taller than me. They had him on boxes. One time we had a scene walking down the street. They had me walking in the gutter, you were on the sidewalk, just so we would be the same height. I'm sorry. I've made girls walk in the gutter ever since. I thought that was how it was done. This is gold. This is gold. Hey, josh, Fred, Danica, thank you so much. And for the wonderful memory. Season one DVD is in stores right now. Thank you, guys.

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{"duration":"6:38","description":"Cast members offer a behind-the-scenes look at the classic television series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26316495","title":"'The Wonder Years' Cast Holds Reunion, Remembers Iconic Show","url":"/GMA/video/years-cast-holds-reunion-remembers-iconic-show-26316495"}