Zendaya Excited to Discuss New Movie 'Zapped'

Young pop singer joins "GMA" to talk about the upcoming Disney Channel original movie.
2:26 | 06/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zendaya Excited to Discuss New Movie 'Zapped'
To Amy. And back, the multi-talented actress has done so much. Zenday a's album went platinum. And to the end of dancing with the stars. And now a new movie. Thank you for being with us. Of course. Thank you for having me. I love this movie. It replicates my life. You have three stepbrothers in this movie, it's about a blended family. How she adjusts to it all. Tell us about the movie a little bit. Well, with the mauvovie, I just got out of the Disney space, I didn't want to leave that. It's a relatable story. It's heartfelt and good for the family. I family will be in the theater watching it. You find an app? It's a smartphone app that's supposed to control her dog, it's a dog-training app. And something happens to the phone magically, and now it can control boys. Let's look at the app in action. We have a scene from the movie "Zap." Video games. Start doing something good for your spiritual and physical well-being. Dude. Let's go do some yoga. Namas day. Groom yourself. What's with our hair? Why do we smell like we smell? Oh, my gosh. This would be amazing. Is this for real? Pick up their dirty laundry too. Anything you want them to. And I was laughing. Do you get to dance at all? I do. She was like a ballet dancer, no, she's a hip-hop dancer. You are so big on social media. Over 4 million followers on Twitter, 6 million like on Facebook. You have huge crowds this summer. Yes. It's really cool. It's amazing to go somewhere and see people with that much love. People drive hours just to see you, it means a lot. I can see why people like you. We appreciate you stopping by. Zapped is at 8:00 P.M. Eastern and pacific on the Disney channel.

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{"id":24260337,"title":"Zendaya Excited to Discuss New Movie 'Zapped'","duration":"2:26","description":"Young pop singer joins \"GMA\" to talk about the upcoming Disney Channel original movie.","url":"/GMA/video/zendaya-interview-2014-star-excited-discuss-movie-zapped-24260337","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}