CDC advisory committee to discuss authorizing vaccinations for children ages 12-15

The first shots could be administered as soon as Thursday if the panel approves Pfizer’s vaccine for use in the age group.
5:55 | 05/11/21

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Transcript for CDC advisory committee to discuss authorizing vaccinations for children ages 12-15
The FDA has authorized the Pfizer vaccine for twelve to fifteen year olds. A CDC advisory committee will meet tomorrow to discuss the FDA's authorization. It it's BC DC director signs off. The first shots could be administered as soon as Thursday. Physician at Stanford children's health doctor look Patel is here to help us break it all then the down doctor Mattel thanks for being here. Your get a Children's Hospital so what's your reaction to this news. Well managed first reaction and this is a great steps forward in terms of science and make sure that as many people out there can be as protected not only for themselves. But also for everyone around them from a vaccine. I think it's a little bit of a misnomer out there when you hear people constantly saying well you know children themselves not disagree on this at a cost lies number one we know they can video lesser rate than adults are older people. But also it's important to remember that children can absolutely harbor and transmit the virus so this is really important step forward in preventing future outbreaks in getting. Those young teens back to the lightning Nance. Now according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll roughly 40%. Of parents who answered with kids twelve to fifteen say that they will backs Nate them. Only if the schools requiring or even then not at all so what happens if 40% of kids in his age group. Don't get vaccinated. Gutter you give me an early morning anxiety ahead but I think that's a realistic number that we need to talk about here now I a lot of faith. In in teens and parents. When it comes to making the right decisions and how does open dialogues and we need to remember that backs. Seem hesitant does not necessarily mean anti vaccine we disclose that dialogue that seem hesitant means people out there have questions. What do communicate with someone whom they trust so I hope that out. After the advisory committee on it is practices. Approves the vaccine. That is distributed not only to Walgreens CVS but also the primary care providers to community health centers to pediatricians are these conversations can happen and we can hopefully get more kids their shot. So when you say these parents who are hesitant about potential long term effects on kids given how new this vaccine in this. Well the first thing you say that we understand why we have these concerns me think about the rhetoric gets him thrown around for the past year we understand we hear their concerns gonna have a dialogue then but actually trust the fact. That this vaccine right now is wanted to be most studied and looked acts. Biologic drugs or vaccines in class in his surety. There is so many eyes right now on the development here to such an unprecedented. Collaboration globally. From scientists public health researchers that we know what scene and working in the real world we'd administered millions of shots and thus far since December with no seriously recorded. You know at her side effects are reason burglary concerns of parents and sleep trusted again feel free to have those conversations but their doctors. And the CDC advisory committee meets tomorrow to discuss the authorization what are you looking at exactly what do you expect them to say. Like second to give visible through all the once again review the data and then the cases committee is gonna come on basically. See that we approve this. CDC director Roland you will then give the green light on it as well it'll be up to states is site who's administering and Wendell one lasting how old is active cancer remember here is once it's actually approved and states can administer it. Appeared to be cognizant of those other catch up vaccinations and make sure that those dialogues that directs a brighter because we want to make sure that other shots kids need behind Diana are given two weeks the former. After the advisor shots just another another wrinkle in scheduling but hopefully all gets an of the doubt and we. Are headed to agree replacing into this upcoming school year are also trial's under way for younger kids so we're and a stance. Well all pretax manufactures we have right now the United States Johnson Johnson Madera and buys at Charles underweight kids as young as six months. Pfizer is expected to cement and emergencies authorization in September. But those younger kids age two to eleven. And the leader towards probably end of quarter or we'll see UA's for kids as young as six months. And they you know the important thing to understand here is this is not necessarily going to be big games you know pushes us Colbert herd immunity herd immunity so they take a concerted effort would be adults are there who haven't yet gotten their shots. But I think before we can get their start to see inflection point we'll see cases in this country really start to dig John but just that we're seeing other parts of the world. Is long as there's pockets of unvaccinated individuals there's still potential for outbreaks because remember these crazy areas are just a plane right away. So let's dig into this herd immunity part that you just brought up is over 58% of the US adult population right now. Has had at least one vaccine dose so what would it take to reach herd immunity many more adults doing need to see and it can start getting vaccinated which it seems like they are. You know what do we need to and that combination. To reach herd immunity. Well yeah. We need to be realistic you know people are saying hey twelve to fifteen year olds are available to get the vaccine will return immunity gets like 5%. The population in United States he mentioned 15% and one shot. You know when we therefore earlier we were talking not getting herd immunity from vaccine these numbers have been burnout between 7085%. Vaccinated but we have to consider the fact there's a lot of people out there who may have some more natural immunity from having covered in the past. So we actually start to see effects if herd immunity. Starting at around fifty to 60% fully vaccinated in some may argue we're seeing right now but de Hart hearts are really reconcile its shots from vaccines. Or is it also accommodation everything including travel restrictions masks business is being shut down physical doesn't seeing all these other factors that. Brinkley were really tired out. It's so it's important to see heading towards her meaning that were realistic about it back that we may not actually get there from backs. Scenes alone we may see reserved as is this winter so people seem to be realistic yet optimistic about the direction we're going. Re realistic yet optimistic that's the phrase today doctor look Patel thanks for that. It that in all the cards and funny you shed.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"The first shots could be administered as soon as Thursday if the panel approves Pfizer’s vaccine for use in the age group.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77624463","title":"CDC advisory committee to discuss authorizing vaccinations for children ages 12-15","url":"/Health/video/cdc-advisory-committee-discuss-authorizing-vaccinations-children-ages-77624463"}