ESPN's Mike Golic speaks out about managing type 2 diabetes

ESPN's Mike Golic sits down with ABC News' Aaron Katersky to discuss the importance of family in managing type 2 diabetes
24:34 | 03/09/17

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Transcript for ESPN's Mike Golic speaks out about managing type 2 diabetes
It's airing kits are skewed from ABC news good to be would might going from ESPN. Mike and Mike show. Even a mere eighteen years to eighteen years. It'll look anywhere stroller well I feel old I feel like I've there for eighteen years. Also back from his son's. Bachelor party in New Orleans and also do not look at it look at. What I found out as my son Jake. Who's marrying a wonderful girl two for so that men and others and she ran track record football. Of course and yeah there were ten people including me but everybody was like way younger election twenties. Man let me tell you it. You wanna find out how old you are trying out some point hurled through a little bit of drinking standout real news night that was what got in morning else this and the like sleeping out till like three record formally. And not you get up at 350. Exit I mean I'm within a half hour of getting up for my show. And one of the first ones that'll hold meetings we had fun on a great group of guys that are kept in touch and so pretty cool. I also had my bachelor party in the idea hated it which. Also feels like. A hundred years ago but ice and hasn't. Well I mean New Orleans is or you know we got a place those particles in the French Quarter but during the day we just kept chilled out that night you know your. He does goal you just. I write did you know him and whatever the French Quarter has operated or you're you connect yet we got here I it was. It was it was there was a lot of thought. It's yeah it is bachelorette parties a couple of weeks ago Nashville. The what they found out is guys don't plan a lot of things women and bachelorette parties planet on thing. But where there are about to have three days according we have planned wars. We had reservations for dinner on Saturday other that was all free for all. My daughter who is the maid of honor is playing his bachelorette party and whether they're planning everything's plunge into Michael. But you know women like B. I'm NASA ordered hates flying. Drew is paying. But man I I just kind of like later I'll not let it if someone said get up you now the little quote now we haven't worked at a news. And he do you do you find it because it wanted to talk to you about. Type two diabetes right which you've been diagnosed with. How many years are about twelve years and early 40s54. Now and me and it's something you live with but does this curtail funds. But well it doesn't I mean but everything in moderation I don't stay out till 334. And and have a couple of you know. Drinks you're too often. You know this is my refers kids three children's the first wedding so the first bachelor party. I immediately told my other side and you have to wait at least three years because there is a good I can't do this again heard other carriers now. You know and tell people think that'll or you can any visitor that anymore. You can't chords you know. Anybody's seen our show that its own through solemn you know like this show. A Jordan moderation you know cereal thing. One officer. Six last posting answers. Not suppose you're supposed to eat it all the time. I mean if you things in moderation. We're talking about a lucky charms concoction things well lucky charms or great hero of all time lucky charms Captain Crunch. That's true. What I was about that rules let's call so now you tell your favorites here is like some sweetened like. Like granola cereal. Body I because I know it's Hoyer ago. What did. I'm I'm I can't disclose now because your ridiculous little replay a ridiculed entity. That isn't like a whole days I thought there was a whole list of of nose. Barely. Knows about it access. You know I mean you can in Pakistan I've had doughnut here that might good eating to the bad ratios probably 955. You know but people see me on the show all messed around every now and then needed don't understand there's 24 hours and had an abortion meals. Just about all my meals are good healthy meals like I know what I'm supposed to eat. And occasionally L law I mean that's a drug just like when people are guiding lose weight don't ever have this thing all seven of moderation. Spend most your time doing what you're supposed to do. I have a little bit of that fun stuff as they say. You're. Yet in the past had wholesale changes to her well it was a wholesale change a lot of it because of playing professional sports for a number of years you know my dad was diagnosed in his Ford. And he chose to deal with that in kind of a I'm going to keep it from everybody he didn't help people you know as kids you didn't. He didn't Wear it around you know he and my mother dealt with they had there. His room where he dealt with you know tests and everything so it was a real outgoing about it maybe that was the generation I don't fault him for that's the way he. Chose to deal it. So what I was diagnosed in my early forties. The first thing I wanted to use get everybody involved. So Mike because my dad no I haven't I have three kids two were boys who were big football players so it's likely your grandfather's. Been diagnosed followed been diagnosed so. We need to learn. How to deal with this and the complications that can come from it now that I've been diagnosed it and how we deal with so. I'm a sports guys choice I do everything like sports old now my doctor. You know my family economic team way Mercury is now there team so. That toy game. So you know and you go through the process of talking your doctor trying to get them the right you know medications for such an. The last few years for me I I took went to my doctorate and talked about talk commercials for invoke up. Tan he said we can certainly try that foreign policy shifted the Mets are on and I was taken that. And it's been fantastic for what to do so it Walt wave regularly you know what type two diabetes you know doctors can explain that more than I do all I know lawyers. Every three to four months when I go in for my test by a one C numbers have been really good and that that's what. That's what people need to learn is what you need to work. So that's what I do through my doctor so we find those Reitman can medications fruit for in this my case invoke good from Maine Maine speak for everybody. It's what works for me ago. And I get that game plan from doctor of their right food I've always worked now like so continuing to move was never going to be an issue. So. I want to I had done stuff with the American Diabetes Association four Doug awhile ago. So what Howard able would talk to them and do functions with them but then. We're partnering with Janssen pharmaceuticals they gave me larger voice to talk to people because that's the message I want your crosses. I brought in everybody and that I I celebrities find your reports. You know get your voice out there have your team around she. You know and two to ask the right questions and to live this with you. So that that's been a big big thing for me but you'll almost choice here on radio morning talking about but I I could've easily I could have easily done the show and never met factored. I could've done but how about how would anybody ever know by ice so I chose to say you know what I'm gonna make this public. You'll look different news look when it started well I mean like I could I could've had a losing weight just because I wanna be healthy you know football as pro athletes busted for Paul where large purple colors you go wanna two ways waited on planes. Your balloon up and I balloon doppler I think it's about three pounds at 31 years old. But aborted you know I was an athletic freak out but I stopped work and are kept eating the same you know and but watch him play. A couple of years later I was like three point oh let's like an old milk you know wouldn't pretty it was pretty at all. So I knew I had to lose this is before I was like oh I knew I had to lose weight. For health reasons you know just what bat and felt. Operated on my knees and shoulders and all that weight that hope. So anyway added had to lose weight so I was losing weight for my old personal all at that point. And that over the years then you know you're diagnosed with type two diabetes and in talking to the doctor it's like okay. You know losing weight is some of the best things you do getting the right methods having lifestyle. So that's again that's what I brought every everybody and its art I really wanna. I'm gonna I'm knock and I could've. Big. The show for years and never mention it and and nobody would have known I mean my doctor Glickman doctor docket will tell anybody. So I want to keep secret could. But didn't. I want people to know want people to say. You know don't hide from if you get everybody involved but. It was in a matter of getting them to help you motivate I mean. Minority work or biopsy can seemingly jester died about hugest need them for the the extra motivation me who. What white guests prefer without a doubt what the boys too because you know their pre disposed you know you have to understand. You know they were large Mike was my son Mike was offensive lineman that is -- news about three. You know he's already down to 7260. Who keep losing some weight. So you have to understand where you are it's getting them the medications right as well. But not everybody you know you can say you want to live that lifestyle and sometimes and sometimes you dial. You know when you say. If type two diabetes and if you don't. Treated and handle it properly this can happen this can happen this can happen in L there's little more of in your mind that okay. Urgency I think I need to do this thing right so what's the best way so that that's as I said I was always a game plan guy so. Idea of the game plan for and that's Cutler what. What surprised you since in in talking your doctor and in learning different things about the disease I remember when my dad was diagnosed he immediately went into this. Crazy. Can't eat must these swimmers so he swim right and read it in that became a regiment that. It now he's he's got a little more balance about it but he instantly became. You know. A whole different. I think with the there're couple things about you know. Well a lot of times too and people are diagnosed other people think all you got because you just don't write this and take yourself so you because that's that's that case a lot of time so. If you especially if years the genetic you're pre disposed to so. And I think a lot of other people think that's what were diagnosed with it ought to stop being in this act immediately knew that. Doctors for. I mean that that's what your doctors for is to talk him though the website we I can imagine Dhaka. Is it is a web site that tells a lot about my story and other stories but it's a great guy. Who used before you talk your doctor or after you've talked to your doctor keeps giving you great guidelines of things asked things to find out. It is in layman's terms you know sometimes that doctors did you know that you don't understand but you galway and are now. With. With valid questions about this it's a great guy this website that will help you talk your doctors so. Your right when you're diagnosed or that you immediately think of these things that's why you need doctor toll the game and that's why. I needed my wife and my kids. All it this so they all know what's going. So we can all deal with things this together your your. Voice would have been younger yes. Talking while started twelve years or older 27 and 26 today. They react well there I mean they're Smart kids there are pretty Smart pretty savvy and pre tax that is well you know you even right. So what what I I sat down and told them this is what can happen these can be the complications from it this is wise to take care myself. You know you guys what you can already tell that what my boys again they were just just starting Q were bit. There will going to be big kids you know I have two Brothers who were large. You know I was being my dad was you know big and athletic in my board's own that weighs welts all. Never too early to get him that train of understanding now they're 2726. Pretty good knowledge. What I go through you know medications I hate how our war dollars and and what I am doing to manage this. And I'm 54 and and I haven't felt as this I'm down to my basically my high school ways to Ford. I mean I lost weight before it was diagnosed because I wanted to get healthier but once I knew losing weight was gonna help me help me Jerry thing. I I I dropped out even more on the 240. Invoke god has got my mind numbers have been excellent. And and eating has been great you know that's a lot part of my wife and Fuji Brington. And again teaming up widgets and gives me and farmers who gives me incredible. Outreach to talk to people I with a group of people. And some elderly or what type altered type two diabetes. And I talked about you know eating right working out and someone you know work I'm this age have arthritis server or you know. When you say it will people think or go to the gym I got everybody said it's released and where it originated. Let's start walk walked on the gym a couple times that through. He just worked dismal. That's what we're talking about here caught tiger walk down to lose two to two doors come back when you mode and walk a little for other. Just that movement anything like that is all going to help you know just. So you don't get in your mind getting your mine or after work out now are Jim. Tread like outlook that you don't you gotta do what works for you. And if what works for just walking in to keep track. All electric vehicle argued target myself absolutely heart rate that'll be one incredulous that rent. The regiments or for me is is. The work I do it to place all the wars there's. It's two were accident or problem in Boston son and future dollar rug I don't go to vote or go to war Connecticut. But it's a great work out for me because I've had so many operations. That lifting weights now tough on the joints this is treadmill rolling TR expands so it's constant movement. But in RD York strike but doesn't allow a so so much so that works for me again. It's the personal preference thing but I do it 34 times a week. We have path we have dogs Myanmar however that we walk them through the woods who were constantly. Moving and proper food is in the house with the occasional cheek like I do. So like chaos you know the normal person today who feels murder want to lose some weight receptacle die. Of the diet thing isn't doesn't work it's a lifestyle. You know you just get the lifestyle of heating up to sing with type two diabetes yet again right lifestyle that's going to be made in miss anything ethics. No I did not that was better you know also helped as one of those you know that's coming as well right so. The leading up to that you don't if if you have achieved here the you don't take it because you know that's coming up and you know what that weekend. Is going to involve and then I go back mean that that now has an and that wanted to but god oh god drink again I don't drink that much anyway. You know as far as the garbage stuff I won't do that again for awhile but. You know that weekend were my son for that that's that's what I did. But if you manage it the other ways I think I'm an easy in 1995%. Good to 510%. And I paid way way more than men. When. And ask you actually collected just write about supporters it was a had a hard. Then for many that's the hardest thing I was never editor Allison never not hard at all I. There there are weak months fickle buy. Very we're not. My wife and I are social drinkers will we go during a sweet night. You know that's who we drink that water quite honestly. So I could goal months ever so that was never an issue. And and that doing what you do for a living it is is model is the healthiest and no travel related especially travel and you know now or understand a radio guy you know. 24 hours in a damn I'm sick for four you know there's plenty of time for me move. But that the worst part of that to your point is travel and not your travel and I guardian or not your hotel by -- or restaurant. Now it's about making proper choices. You know I would I you know when committed in New York hard. Gore a couple of times while doing a good Turkey burger and I'll pick the balked. Now just keep adjusting developer captain. Well I can listen as I said I have I have enough fun. To make sure that's all it isn't capped and hopefully you won't even need lucky charms. What does that it's that they're not drove him current rate. We agreed we are gonna do we agree but what I refer you leading your granola eating on sugar Carol I would call you captain. But it breakfast and then okay sold at what I'm saying all I you know for my guys stuff as always certain time but. I have. I'd like Turkey Burton with what ever sometimes only with a vote. Sometimes. I won't mean it's just you know the mood on the but but that's how you just get used to doing that when your out not your element. But that's true for anybody think of any person who wants to lose weight. Article two restaurants they have to make decisions. You have to make decisions that at that time maybe don't seem fun but they're the right decision for you. He's incumbent upon. Athletes. Athletes people who. Make their living with their body to be speaking. These kinds if you want to mean I don't think it you know they always our athletes have a podium they should speak something they should only speak on something if they're knowledgeable about it have passion about. I don't want an athlete speaking and something he has no idea we're talking about because someone's that it should talk about that doesn't do anybody. I am passionate about the fact that I'm dealing with type two diabetes and I need help. I need help from my Doctor Who recommends a good drug like invoke god I need help from Janssen pharmaceuticals to help me get the word out to others. I'm not you don't receive guys sake I hope I won't ask for directions to product I asked for directions I ask for help. I've never delivered thirty years in May probably up that are first year I said to myself you know what what my wife making decisions that way it could be her fault and not mine I know probably that I have no problem bringing others and to my circle. So for me when I was diagnosed with type two was a no brainer. To bring other people might might Brantley and obviously the doctor. Into all of this to help meet the Joyce. Obviously my wife knew about my dad soul RRR. Our reaction was. Not shock. A surprise all while okay. But not shocked knowing that my father had in his early forties so that was kind of it wasn't like oh my god part of that happened it was like. Whole okay. But not shocked because well I knew my dad was diagnosed writer rob that age is well so. You know that's what I look forward to now with my boys. Daughters while Woodward with the boys. What happens when they are in early forties because. My dad again no no women in in my family had it was my dad and then me. Soul you know that's that's a time when I think about for my kids that's why. Up till then understand you know what were all dealing with because. You never know when you're diagnosed with some of the thirtieth but it universe yeah first wedding I know first wedding. A lot of things they don't also means I'm getting old. Give all but but I go I feel really good I do feel good but it's still isn't stopping other. Show it is still going strong reality teen years. Maybe some change yeah looks like you know what looks like you could be going that way if agree he's going to possibly in another direction wool. Woolsey you know as far as what may happen I know there's been articles and rumors out there I truly don't know yet. What's going to happen I would imagine the show itself like the show all of a sudden there's no morning choice ESP and you know I'd imagine they're still going to be one and I would hope to still be part of that and we'll see where goals from there you know whoever it if I am working with someone new. Who that would be I don't know I've worked with my son Mike who worked there now and some things he's been on my show we've done some football games together to boot. I enjoyed that so you never know what the future could grow. Preferences no I mean I have pretty much worked with everybody. In the eighteen years or because it has just been radio it's been a lot of studio workers well and doing games is what would play guys. And I'd pretty much know everybody who's doing anything idiots via and so. It would. I'm sure if he gets down to that discussions. With people there and what might be Dugard we go forward at your identified closely. Radically different from the coast when it was was he part of that circle. Of people abroad and to once you're. Looking. Oh all. Well I mean it with everybody else I mean I let everybody on the show know what was going. Again I couldn't I could have hid that but I saw no reason. So you know I mean we have a lot of behind the scenes people that are around us all the time so they L bail no. And green was part of that group that area and there were just. I mean. You wonder you explain it's rewarding as most people know what type two diabetes maybe don't dive is much intuitive it doesn't affect them or someone. But still they know the general things about it so well very supportive and they know what I'm all the doctors or your numbers in this and that so. I I I I I enjoy having people you know. Knowing involved in no written over the head with that are in the right -- but. But there there's genuine you know concerned you know making sure things okay Everett elements. Like that. This has become sort of party view now it is the Eagles are and whatever right. House. Is there reaction from from the public gently when they ICU well. About type two and now not really I mean. Every now and then they'll reveal little bit when I mean I don't there things you know you and I'll explain to a mile events that there listen. I do this a very very small percent as of the time. For the most part I'm telling them the same thing I'm telling you telling everybody is. It is you know I I have a game plan I meeting well I'm moving I'm working now I hired look and feel as good as I have been long long time so. I would hope that things I'm doing something right. Play absolutely not all my god I RG three plays I'd be done and am I got three plays my teacher placed through. Thank her. Pleasure it's important for people years it really is its report will be here. Act and get others involved as well. The group things are huge thing game plan is futures. Michael from ESPN Mike and Mike on the radio and on television and Aaron can thirsty from. ABC news thanks for joining us.

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{"duration":"24:34","description":"ESPN's Mike Golic sits down with ABC News' Aaron Katersky to discuss the importance of family in managing type 2 diabetes","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"46025644","title":"ESPN's Mike Golic speaks out about managing type 2 diabetes","url":"/Health/video/espns-mike-golic-speaks-managing-type-diabetes-46025644"}