Mardi Gras celebrations adapt to COVID-19

Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser discusses how his state has adapted Mardi Gras due to the coronavirus.
7:04 | 02/16/21

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Transcript for Mardi Gras celebrations adapt to COVID-19
Porches are filling in for parade floats this year in the Big Easy finds a new way to celebrate Mardi Gras and a pandemic Orleans native Bryan Batt has a closer look. At security camera. I'm Brian batten I'm coming to block from my hometown New Orleans they usually think Charles avenue it would be homeless people and beautiful floats celebrating Monica. But held mid nineteen but had to adapt and. We are eager is bringing monitor on homes and we can't celebrate on the streets and Gatorade. Sports what is what we convert. Port since an actual flow. More than a Rodger Fuller. You're gonna rather than a dozen people become do you wind down grades were officially canceled by the city. I'd say about a third of the workers for either. New Orleans loves its artists just how close in general the whole city is behind and I mean thousands of people are decorating. Create rich deems it is a twelve year old neighborhood marching created for carnival here in New Orleans thought it was great idea crowd times to create jobs for Mardi Gras artist because they were getting laid off as the Braves were canceled and basic human speed raised 300000 dollars and for the forty people to work and also created a lot of Marty got magic. Usually all the floats will be going down saint Charles avenue under the beautiful oak trees for now. Can float to the jokes figure in city park this is before the house with a basement but these are. But some of the house looks pretty used to it we came up with women over YE. Because securing this pandemic time there's been a lot of darkness so that we wanted to really share the life with so many other people. And human being with a bald is wonderful women who. Could have changed the world it's been just phenomenal just to see. What a small little idea has thrown into in the whole city. It's the hardest that really brings the vision into reality show with their fifth and enabled him back to work through. No minimum but every single or does not need more money in six and should not get on here. It's a beautiful ways for us to take. What on its face is a terrible situation. So Liz and carnivals and actually transform it into something inspiring and beautiful this is one of my favorite houses. For the celebrates the we'll be important health care workers all the nurses at the Airbus but also celebrates the beauty of the float. Audience this has been the first time the Nordegren construed as well all of the more to Grohl artist has come together to help each other right. We may not have a parade we still have. Are. We feel needed we feel like this is a thing that's gonna kind of hold people through this difficult time helping house wasn't going anywhere I think it's here to stand. That's what we love the work. Given adversity we try to do the stuff. Thanks to Brian bad for that report now yarn rob originally started as a social media and joke but now thousands of New Orleans residents. Are participating lieutenant governor of Louisiana bill non dancer joins us now with a little more on how this all came together. Thanks so much for being on average is to start things out just how do you feel seeing. How New Orleans has rallied around this tradition and around its artist to make this all happen safely. I got to answer all I want Jeanette only Louisiana has so much love and passion. Hold water into all pro life you're Louisiana. Went holy Louisiana could this happen over 3000 homes Korea. So it is critical forty states in one form country. Decorate your home student is smaller liberal candidates Louisiana. But I love that guy is Terry Moran lieutenant governor to Mardi Gras obviously huge economic boost every year for the city and the state. They've tell us about the impact economic impact by not being able though welcome tourists as usual. Despite this this joy that we're seeing it on the porches and houses. He did over a billion dollar in. Actually Cox to make it isn't people who are remote oh all the people feel beautiful college students also live small region of Iraq. This year Putin pretty tough love there are some people who are poor the poor who need homes. You know if you were what are miss rap. We usually hear were brought. Out period your period. I don't believe that as well it's heading governor. He also partnered with Michigan's lieutenant governor on an op Ed in Newsweek calling for more covad nineteen relief now as a Republican. What do you think of the package currently being debated in congress. Well just when you get some who know I'm is special John workers around the country. Betty and tourism industry every student who saw according. And those people are don't make a lot of money and really need help now and who will Mark Pryor lives here. It's not a Republican Democrat he's getting the money and it absolutely will fully. House and all over two dollars or that he pretty good people. And I think we just didn't put congress that room agents the two MP. And so that they are our number I was I was in New Orleans for the first Mardi Gras. After Hurricane Katrina at mingled with Tesoro was this incredible. Almost defiance defiant joy he could feel the courage and resilience in the streets. Talk a little bit about the spirit of Mardi Gras importance to Louisiana. Howard came back fast you're. It occurred to her nine and what it says about the resilience of your community and stayed in general. Do you really did we do see these loans greeted all Louisiana. CO much look weak Judy people Libya. And even those people who were these little. Decorated home due to form restates it she's shows he's been special. It's all your -- you know it crawfish but he incredible love and spirit of their homes. Sean every year around water. And lieutenant governor for those of us who don't have the pleasure of being there are New Orleans and seeing these floats in person we celebrated home. Well I'll tell you how. Dropped into water you know download huge beautiful little. Close their usual usually people walking by. And beat you so much fraud and look your order by next year. Next year will be a special year. Results bottled up bourbon heritage will be diminished recent roads roads you're beautiful Lindsey got tunes on you don't miss Florida next year. You heard that we are invited next year lieutenant governor we will take you up on that thank you. There.

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{"duration":"7:04","description":"Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser discusses how his state has adapted Mardi Gras due to the coronavirus. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"75931205","title":"Mardi Gras celebrations adapt to COVID-19","url":"/Health/video/mardi-gras-celebrations-adapt-covid-19-75931205"}