Oct. 10 marks World Mental Health Day

Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran appear in a video released by the Royals to raise awareness of mental health.
5:46 | 10/11/19

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Transcript for Oct. 10 marks World Mental Health Day
In guys with all of this heavy news I'm really pleased that were in ending the show talking about. How all of us are feeling on there's never a reason not to check in with yourself. Just because we're walking around functioning living our lives out our job doesn't mean that people aren't experiencing. Stress and anxiety and depression of some sort and it's different form so. Today October 10. Is world of mental health day it's observed on this day every year. By the World Health Organization to raise awareness. Around the world and guess who's in on it the royals they are completely on board I love them so much for this they're showing people simple ways to focus when your mental house of take a look at the video they just posted on their account. Everyone knows how sealer. Unless gets on top of us. We think there's nothing to be done. Nothing we can do felt. But that is so wrong. Term. There are things we can do and he. From today. There's a new way to help turn things around. All right so it's amazing and then they also. Prince hearing he also posted another video. With and cheer and that you have to check out because. They're joining forces and just really using their platform for good them pretty amazing so I want to bring in doctor Danielle my answer on from our ABC's medical unit to discuss all of this you know and the idea here is that. Under any circumstances you don't have to suffer in silence. It is sure that that's actually a very important theme to really highlight is got. The reality is that you are really not alone it's very important to understand that because feeling connected to other people is a very important. Seeing it leans in psychiatry. For treatment I think that. Finding someone that has followed the path that you are going on is very important to. Ultimately recovery and finding a mentor that can help you truly not feel alone. Yeah and I just like asking what are some symptoms that people can look out for themselves or if you are observing a friend. That may signal you may need some help of some sort sure it's a very good question very important question. Specifically what in psychiatry what we look for it's always important to remember that everybody is their own individual so there's no one formula that says. This person has this but in general things to kinda look for does the person looked tired I think having problems with sleep changes in sleep. Did they not seen as motivated or have as much interest in activities that they normally were interested. How does their energy she. Levels keen on having problems completing a task and then always has finally does mention something about Mimi thoughts to not want me here that's also another big concern. Began always very important remember. That is very individualized. But noticing that somebody is having trouble getting through their daily functioning and routine is absolutely essential. That's about being thing we will continue. The and I want to ask you I know just does as a side note there's people that are you know. Can experience. Feelings of anxiety and depression and still be high functioning. Individuals and their lives so sometimes there aren't symptoms that's absolutely absolutely correct sometimes people. You know one portray positive energy they wanna you know. Project office image of what they're really covering up some. Some feelings inside in the best way to really tease out that is for people who feel connected which brings up. The overall importance. Support in general. And one comment apparently had is it's important to recognize and support comes in all different forms and fashion so a lot of times we talk about he needs support which is absolutely great and mention earlier the importance of possibly getting. Someone you can look up to mentor figure. Say if if that might not be an avenue choice costs remember pets are another great thing to look at pet therapy can be very helpful me people. Feel a lot less isolate. Have salute. Lee so I just want to ask you you know before we go how do you think people can go about. Breaking down the stigma. That there is something wrong with talking about your feelings we go to the doctor for our physical health. And it is absolutely OK to see someone or ask for help for your mental health how do we break those statements. Down I I think ten as you said with breaking down cinemas in general people have to talk about it but it's the way that it's talked about the way it's portrayed. I think for people who want to try to break down any kind of a social saying is very important to. Again have possibly mentor figure who can help you through the process people who million won an individual basis. And I stress the word. As an individual for those who are staying in those were listening is always important term member. To treat them as an individual because if he don't say something there could be gaps and confusion that people. Phil and west. Generalized. Outcome still want to try to minimize that and see things like. Playing how this depression can affect you as opposed to you are depressed person yet things like that is always important to remember. And makes a lot of sense of doctor Daniel whites or appreciate you joining me today having me PSA IA I love this conversation and I just want everyone to know I loved to have stand that the royals using said every mind matters so continue to take care of your mental health there's absolutely. Nothing wrong with the.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran appear in a video released by the Royals to raise awareness of mental health.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"66189730","title":"Oct. 10 marks World Mental Health Day","url":"/Health/video/oct-10-marks-world-mental-health-day-66189730"}