Vaccine Watch: Can vaccines help long-haulers?

ABC News’ Bob Woodruff reports on some long-haulers, who have long-term COVID-19 symptoms, who say getting the vaccine has helped ease symptoms.
4:50 | 05/13/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vaccine Watch: Can vaccines help long-haulers?
For some who have contracted -- nineteen illnesses have long term effects months after the original positive test but so called long haulers are now saying that taking a vaccine has fixed those debilitating symptoms. Still a medical mystery but scientists are trying to figure out what may be happening here Bob Woodruff takes look at this week's vaccine watch. Tonight the Covert nineteen vaccines had had unexpected. Benefits for some who have taken I was actually surprised to see that vaccine is helping. So many more horrors that are sometimes 72 year old Laura gross is a co would nineteen long hauler. One of those who have experienced long term effects from the virus changed my lunch she says she forgot phrases and terms. Things that before called it would have been easy to remember. The worst thing is what they all bring saw. Which is not like range. Means somebody the other day at a picture of a hummingbird. And they Rhode Island La. On a post. I call bit the other day a shiny. Vibrating. Little magic bird. Can't. Amman. Where they'll work. But once Laura got her first shot in January. She says the vaccine got her back to normal with a Thursday when I got shot. And I woke up Sunday morning. And I Carol look around. I. Shall think what. Oh my god I'm back here in the US we are now more than a year and it is. Endemic and long term symptoms from Covert nineteen continue to confound scientists. Symptoms like fatigue. Brain fog and shortness of breath can affect patients for weeks and months after testing negative. Inability to access information. Or should describe things in a raid that. I'm an articulate person and I should be able to describe things that way but you would understand. Some people recovered from long coat and after a few months and some people just don't know remain friends and symptoms you know more every year are now. These symptoms are being researched across the country like it doctorate Keiko US sakes research center at Yale University. She and her colleagues just launched a brand new study to understand if in YE a vaccine might help. I was back to. I. I was. Again I couldn't get us through Canada because I started seeing beast on Twitter threats and tweets from people who are feeling better and he survivor corps. Put out the survey and pull throw up their patients. Saying that about 40% of long homers and feeling better that the vaccine. Researchers have some theories about how the vaccine might alleviate long Holler symptoms the parents who might be helping rural homeowners. By making. You know very high quality high levels aren't aren't given since he sounds. When you get vaccinated ramps appear immune system and knocks out. The residual virus another theory that the vaccine may be distracting not haywire immune system in a positive way. Almost like a reset button another hypothesis is that your body's immune system is super rad dot. And when you give a vaccine kind of distracts. The new system so let's have a look at distraction. Method. The other possibility scientists are researching the placebo effect if a person with long heart disease gets the vaccine expecting to feel better. In our reporting improvement in symptoms. That's called a placebo effect essentially just by the fact of getting the nineteen. I make somebody feel better but long haulers like Laura believe the reactions go beyond placebo. I'd say my ear what I was gonna get worse. Not better we Walsh thought we get better. Nobody. I. Thought we were gonna get or never entered my mind. That I will get better. Researchers currently estimate that about 10% of people who have had called it. Will develop long hauler symptoms. NIH also really is putting forward billion dollars a funny one with a beat. Billion that hopefully really will drives research forward so we'll have better therapeutic answers for people are suffering of these protracted symptoms. This is Bob Woodruff tracking the vaccine. So glad that Laura is feeling better our thanks to Bob for that.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"ABC News’ Bob Woodruff reports on some long-haulers, who have long-term COVID-19 symptoms, who say getting the vaccine has helped ease symptoms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77659691","title":"Vaccine Watch: Can vaccines help long-haulers? ","url":"/Health/video/vaccine-watch-vaccines-long-haulers-77659691"}