ABC News exclusive: Miracle in Thailand

The boys who were trapped inside a Thai cave share their stories exclusively with ABC News.
10:18 | 08/23/18

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Transcript for ABC News exclusive: Miracle in Thailand
And finally the world watched in some cases help and waited with bated breath as that boys soccer team in Thailand was miraculous he rescued. From a flooded cave are on James Longman was there from the very beginning and now he is sitting down. With the team James it's so powerful hearing their story in their own words. He had done it was just such an extraordinary moment you know I had. Thought huge plays as he say of sitting down with those boys and it was at the temple where they spent time as novice monks. It's been two months now to the day since they went into that cave I'm boy have they been only Jenny. It was a drama the whole world watched unfold. Now in an exclusive interview the team has come together to describe that hiring ordeal twelve boys and their soccer coach. Stuck inside a flooded high cave for seventeen days. The herculean effort to get them out. And then miracle rescue behind me nailed a flashing lights that is a police ESCO waiting for the lost ambulance now in an exclusive interview. They describing it in their own words. So what he cop. His life back to Norman again. Eleven year old tights and says I feel the love I feel warm. 25 year old coach Eric describing the moment he realized they were trapped inside the cave. With no way out to lethal I'm stuck I need to find a way to get everyone out. And you Hudson wrote. What was a plan. But the Don cabana con man I volunteered to dying to see if I can go through and save everyone I met TI do and a night hold the rope. And I said if I don't touch it safe to come through. But if I talked twice it's dangerous and I'm coming back. When I realize we were stuck inside the cave I didn't tell them because they didn't want to panic them. And so he turned to meditation suddenly taxes and I'm used to Pratt I've done it every night of my life. And so it all state have a peaceful mind and deep sleep the thirteen surviving on water dripping from static heights in the cave his idea. The boys say on the fourth day he began digging with rocks they found inside then week often nine days missing a surprise in the darkness. Public all here. I think. Here. Lan. East to British divers came and you could Hayden. In the water who went down to the war to thoughts and another I don't. Whose neck I was in shock says it and I thought that one day they must come we were waiting and hoping every day but a fun moment of misunderstanding. And who was translating. At you aisles are doing and even to translate but no one was because they were so surprised. So I was shouting please someone triumphantly in and then bonding with their rescuers who played a game with the Navy SEALs. Hello everyone play games using soil and stones to pay check is and who beat the navy seal. And finally the rescue itself with a funny story about. How you decided who would drift bust. Cunanan in Olney we will decided that the boys who did follow this from the cave would go first so they had time to buy time and tell their parents they were safe. We really had no idea that be say many people outside. But of course young boys need a break she wasn't crystal some sweets. One on one I don't opens up. He did speak very getting this country and what he would do want to do in the future. Play it's it's. And play football they get time play focal. And now some are even in Seagram stars. 98000. Follows. It is just so wonderful to see them said healthy and happy. And during that time as novice monks the boys told us they learned. About the meaning of love and money even told us he learned how to be punctual for the first times they had a good laugh about I. The thing that really strikes you though about meeting these boys is that bond the Walt bulls team really is a team for a lifetime. Their bond and there's theory you know when you think of something that they if you think about how dramatic it must have been for them and yet. They seem to just be very uplifting to every one it being talking about playing checkers and it's funny moments that's a special bond that it seems you. Now have with them as well and James I think the world wants to know how did you get this interview. Diane it was a long not long long ride to meet Teddy and it but it obviously wasn't me wasn't just me as a huge team there in time working on this. Up tips of something like 3040 of us. Have been working on this story from the very beginning. To evolve. Expert produces have been spending time talking to the Thai government has there was a process. That you have to go through in order to speak to the boys have been very heavily protected by the authorities say they have wanted to make sure that they didn't have this. Onslaught all of media in stress in that lives that's kind of it in getting getting. A disturbing them as they try to get back into that kind of normal. Retains are told something like 800. News organizations and publications applies to be able to into the boy's. From 71 countries around the world said. The interest was huge and so we can to an agreement with the Thai government to make sure that we with two talking property with. Child psychologists. To make sure that their well being was constantly being that author and when. The Thai authorities felt comfortable enough for the proposal and have seen the work we date because. You know like you say we behave in the beginning they counted the number of pieces we actually data such across to the minute meeting and they said. While ABC the it is fifty full pieces during. The Thai rescue operation so this has been more than any other news organizations nothing that was part of that. Calculation but I think they could we'll say see that we had. And we were committed to ten in historical place. That was a long process for the color and then we were committed and you told their story beautifully James M Shannon was another reason why they chose you. For this interview and a one of the big questions that's been surrounding this from the beginning it. Why did they go into that cave to begin with where they have a tell you anything about that. Yes I do and we did else can the coach that question because I think it's fair to say lot of people. United have criticized him when I've been back home and stuff people stopped on the street and I liked. Well we saw this story it's incredible why would a coach take. Boy is in these young has got into a cave which was obviously. As dangerous overcame is dangerous for the simple on saves. That these are caves visited by thousands of people every year to tourist attraction. And the boys were inch to two guy says a sign outside decay which talks about the hidden city the underwater city. As it is occasionally nine as a man the warts it comes in. And all the boys said we just wanted to see what it was like I actually off the molested beyond up if you've been to the cave full. And only two of them dead none of them really most of them sorry hadn't been out of school and so. There was a sense of excitement it was something that they would do off soccer practice to go on it and excursions and on this occasion the excursion was to the K six. They the plan was any really to be that for an hour that if anyone watching has ever spent any time in. A place like northern Thailand with a climate is so unpredictable especially this time it did. When the rain comes it comes hot and particularly off to the dry season beginning of the wet season. And that rain hits the tri. Not cave filled up so quickly I think more quickly than anyone could've possibly imagined in the courage. With repeated his apologies. He said it in an activity sent out to parents. The parents themselves relative to him when he was in the case if Marvin this thing. We deal and a new tool and meeting them seeing the bond between the kites and the kids there's no sense of Blaine. That's just not and it's just a bond which these guys these kids in that case but can now have a thing for the rest of their lives. It's so great to hear it you know James it when we sat there watching and hearing one by one. More and more of these boys and then the coach were rescued it really was. A miracle the way that they meted out and that's a testament not just to the seals but also to the boys and the codes. Give a sense now you know then that there's something special about this group that made them specially equipped to be able to complete this mission. That's funny because he took about these boys as being normal kids and they off but that also extraordinary the same time that's special and not special and meeting them sitting across from them. United you snooze you presented with twelve normal kids who like to do different things of different in stressed. You have to so long we were here talking about the wall bulls team and we never go to Chelsea to talk. About the individual personalities but for the first time. I southern front of the men was able to kind of see you have. And Nikki sat. Just in the middle on the fuel the front he's a bit of a trouble maker could see him doing kind of side dive to his friends you have until in the middle of the but very good English speaker. To really season self is that as the as the kind of spokesperson for the group. I have tights and hey who likes to kind of got against the grain. And that a bubble electing the scents like goat was. That these boys have learned something about community about relationships. About how special. Bond can be to have a group like not. For the rest of their lives and I think I think that that the main takeaways to me was how these boys. Just knew the whole time that they would be okay there was a sense that yeah I was stuck in this case but we're gonna get out they spoke about it being a little bit frightening but. And yeah that was definitely an inspiration. And that's that level of teamwork will likely influenced them for the rest of their lives it'll probably make them a stronger force in the soccer field Q. And my guess James is if the Navy SEALs get a rematch in checkers the results will probably be a bit different next time around. Yeah I mean denies these these kids these kids are good in them to win just about anything. Act up.

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