How an ABC News reporter became Thailand's 'Mr. Pineapple'

James Longman shares the story of how he became "Mr. Pineapple," the "Pineapple Prince" and at times the "Pineapple King" of Thailand.
2:47 | 09/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How an ABC News reporter became Thailand's 'Mr. Pineapple'
I've come down to the world famous placing market and buying caught. To say good hill's story about all reporting. Because basically during the whole time I've been here in Hainan have become nine as miss the pineapple pineapple mind. Or even sometimes pineapple prince. And Athens is basically because when you asked me cave. We Austin moved down from the cave when they began to rescue the boys into a pineapple drive me ended up that I held up. A pineapple the slightest I was stood in a pineapple growth and and I think if by some with the divisive me. In the Cayman name and then it was sad when Byron in Thailand and I've given interviews about it I've been on the national news about it. I'm people still need just about everywhere these guys to author of photograph. But the pineapple mind. And it's full seven of the judge because. Of the number of things they deal with pineapple and just how much pineapple we'd be anything. It's always wanted to say the kind of thing they did you have three examples of us motto we got surprising team but it looks good. Is pineapple fried rice today tell a pineapple and half and they fitting width. Four rice to consider chives that onions. And then they are the pineapples on the top as lucky because. I find popular delicious. And in tight on their and it nosedived varieties. And the reason why we loved so much in Chiang Rai northern Thailand because as a special quality to it layers of my salty as well as sweet I'm. It is some of the most it is on a book about. The other thing they do it pineapple. Is pineapple curry if you wouldn't believe it. Sighs this is basically there's some squid that they have chicken or pool. Based that in like Coca not rock and cannot know with Basil leaves on top. Another other kind of how despises this is quite spicy on for an opening trying to them they don't buy if they'd been the best thing they do with. Pineapple in my opinion in this country and it's not recently and in Bangkok we had to get especially. They did in Chiang Rai in the north is pineapple ice coffee. Because he thinks upon a commendable and that we actually had it when they put a big slice downs down inside and then you finish a company the pineapple. And it does taste delicious is basically having said Emmett has got like pineapple taste as well. It's really good in Mike Huckabee wins. I think it's great site. That's the bit of a fun story about time in Thailand. And all the wonderful pineapples that we have anything.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"James Longman shares the story of how he became \"Mr. Pineapple,\" the \"Pineapple Prince\" and at times the \"Pineapple King\" of Thailand. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"57674066","title":"How an ABC News reporter became Thailand's 'Mr. Pineapple'","url":"/International/video/abc-news-reporter-thailands-mr-pineapple-57674066"}