AstraZenca pauses rollout of COVID-19 vaccine in Europe

AstraZeneca paused the rollout amid reports of blood clots in patients.
5:32 | 03/16/21

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Transcript for AstraZenca pauses rollout of COVID-19 vaccine in Europe
Epidemiologist ABC news medical can sure your doctor John Brownstein for more on this. In Trenton this is it's a big confusing to be honest because as James explained this concern about blood clots. When you look at the number of people who actually were affected by blood clots I got the vaccine vs just people in the general population who get blood clots because people get blood clot some diet rich. They're doesn't. Appear to be at least two to an amateur I a correlation there are so how would just how do you find countries and and bodies at. Other experts now stopping the vaccination are you surprised you miss reaction. She's quite surprised there's been a lot of tension in a row this scene there's been a lot of. Issuer and CD certain issues. Which is seen just because the race. That is meeting notes I results generally whose English is Martin's board. But overall its has pressures and send me the causes of course are important because more investment boards signals coach reasonable but there's really no reason to be in every concerned associations are bare. As we heard the numbers are esprit has what we in the general population. Border men are remembered what are you white. In their prior range of conditions and didn't. Injuries cancer genetic. And beat because always remember where it is a large portion of the older I. Truth is the greatest risk of blood clotting and so this is why you don't. This real concern about residents in Britain and forced you wanted to investigate all potential. Rings in this vaccine but the agency should just as important as W insurers pushing. For those agents need use of this vaccine. Did you really worried there's a surged in. In Europe and Italy and other arts. The European Union if we don't get does seem to raid work this commentaries that are Boldin many arts. I was in the news this is a real concerned and our break now more than that in itself. Now the World Health Organization. Is calling this a routine high as saying that it shows a surveillance system is working but as you mentioned it's also pushing for the continued use of the vaccine that feels like a conflicting message can you explain that. Yeah I mean was seen that you know he knows these issues are raised a red flag in your odds. You are allowed in certain that they walks. Further investigation and some are descendants as hard as you can place which needs a little eight you do warrants Stabile should get some potential reality is hard batting says. So be your his agency is doing an end Dave Roberts on Thursday. Hopefully. We short aren't just from what did the data cash and her brings us the as. Of course when you shouldn't our proposal published every indeed examines. And concern is that your vision for start this. It is being treated me there might be just an issue in people who are seen anything but they're trying to do is what they are and answer bring back his that I read like. The negative stacked on the back to rule out. And so for anyone who either has already received the AstraZeneca vaccine or people were thinking wait what about the vaccine that I got to have to worry about that you know what is stated people who might be concerned now. There is so boring no evidence Souter served or are in right now worst there's investigations. Are members advanced. There's no it is important association there is no real experts are curse of this exist. And here remember Robbie Stevens you're in you is there's no C signals as in those scenes so those are calling every day. You're allowed these these to get her bore me but it would broaden it out all vaccines and are marked danger being these. And I want a new trial and children because Madeira announced that they're gonna star vaccine trial on children as young as. Six months what's your respect his seat from that and when you can we might start seeing. Kids get backs needed. Well this is really exciting of course many parents some this year is if you know tunes are surgeons and orange. Version of her new news and human error as steady on oh. An age start. Programs so let seniors all. Seems they're mixing speeds due to expiration which essentially starting from been seen in younger and younger age groups. But they're also. Escalation what we're doing things. I was this all goes as and then gradually increasing and they would a mouse looks pretty guards and seek to signals being incredibly. Are or how these are investigated. In the art gyms. These children are used all of answering years and loves orange in either community but also see issues. It's important. And least she's you know to the sea and but it's really exciting we also know that of course the descendants you're already in a trial. We see those children in the box as a younger Rangers are zooming by scoring one star to superstar. Is urged C does scenes are really were allowed and in the younger age groups aren't doctor Brownstein has always great to have you thank you don't.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"AstraZeneca paused the rollout amid reports of blood clots in patients. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"76489778","title":"AstraZenca pauses rollout of COVID-19 vaccine in Europe ","url":"/International/video/astrazenca-pauses-rollout-covid-19-vaccine-europe-76489778"}