Atlantis Resort in Bahamas Braces for Hurricane Matthew

Take a look inside the resort as they prepare for massive storm.
2:03 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Atlantis Resort in Bahamas Braces for Hurricane Matthew
You know we've put a plan in place about a week ago we got our outsourcing here are for an hour check you know classic. I think that's hopeless thing with us we're getting ready 5 o'clock tomorrow hands on it. We're ready ready for the storm you hear all time in terms of storms this isn't it. Listen every star is different every storm a serious at this point is that they want. This month's bombing coming gonna pick ups and its name advocates over the ocean so that we can we don't take any storm lightly in this morning. We've we've consolidated all of we have six different powers surveys consolidated our main hotel area. We have all over gas and we have a number of local Bahamian to have been evacuated from where they live. Staying with us as well we're. Extremely sensitive to our local community you know and the Bahamian population so we're doing what we kind of protect everybody's make people's again and our biggest concern. You do have hurricane trackers and followers we don't want people wandering outside and looking out the wonders stay away from clouds. Fans in this jurors so we have people on the ball around and we have will be feeding them there entertaining and there and hopefully keep him after the human. Kinda scary but an exciting to to say that Kate we're a safe place we feel very safe here. But that we're going to be in this and be able academy BC a little bit of it. It's been exciting you know I'm my family's not here they're all back in the states so they're all safe and I think we're safe two so. I just looked at they've got a lot of devastation to the residents think about the lack I don't know why no week they'll say that. I don't we've been talking to a lot of it happened just their families and their homes I hope they get out okay. We are concerned we're trying Dan you know make the best of it they're moving all of us inside that with the hurricane coming through you know we've experienced earthquakes so. This is something completely different we don't really know what to expect. Adding a pack everything happening and it changed our whole vacation has been a concern. Not being able to be in control of over doing but the winds and the rain and I think to be really seen this in the aftermath is going to bring being inside were feeling OK let up against the pats are gonna play out. We're trying to make the best of it.

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{"duration":"2:03","description":"Take a look inside the resort as they prepare for massive storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"42602553","title":"Atlantis Resort in Bahamas Braces for Hurricane Matthew","url":"/International/video/atlantis-resort-bahamas-braces-hurricane-matthew-42602553"}