Austrian hotel helps refugees gain work experience

Vienna's Magdas Hotel offers a training program for its staff of refugees hailing from 16 countries.
11:12 | 10/19/17

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Transcript for Austrian hotel helps refugees gain work experience
EE news I mean yeah not Austria had not done. Hotel and as a senior moment this may look like your average into the hotel. A Clinton for an answer great location next to the positive part. But it's much more than I. It is run by twenty former refugees and tying three professional. And Hughes talks a little bit more stringent conflict is the hotel manager writes that cutie. So they feel. Yeah. More concerned concept. Not this time. We're. Eighties. He. You should he. Runs the opportunity to it was at this time Nathan gets an opportunity to earth. And now so we eat and train them. Become profession whose independent as. Thanks. This in Austria. Always needs employees. Or. Training eaten so that's Wii in mind. Refugees have to change his mind. It's okay. An important. So that they really want to lose it because it's the Ecstasy wagering who could so it will not work occasion we have to kind. We want to its and then we wouldn't give them. Opportunity fringe issue. This thing just. Like its facility which is trained and wouldn't well. Do you heard this is set to receive the us until they. From his profession Adams. And then it. Encourage. Offers to fly. Some. In another look at. Or visit us and become trained us when you. It's. Blue we're just in. He had. The area immediately Johnson. This time. Eating area here. Pain I understand. We have our kids learning. But maybe the time I understand a lot of the furniture ways up cycle that was yes meet with the hope that. And the local architecture and yes right. Late night. She yet. Use. You kind of. An area. I'm them. The shaft yet sensible. It. It not now. Immediately and I. Yeah. What is your names and tadic and hear from where you felt. And pray and how long you've been working here what do you happen. And it's going well. It. I always angry you edit check before did you work and then tourism industry in Syria. Which hands. History. Look. And then you. Him. Okay you're in Lebanon ten chances. He placed so I thought previously. Sent about you and OK there's just underneath us and energy efficient and now here he should. She writes well thank you we'll let you get back to work thanks very chatting. Execute him kind of cute during that breakfast. Tons of paper if you. So Martina analysts. Walked into the U. But where's the reception area hear it. And through you much. One thing I want to ask you yes. Sometimes is difficult quarter refugees to get access to. He. Kind of. The work market Q can you. Why why is that. When I mean one thing is of course the language. To speed can determine at this. In order to. Good to chuck. It depends of course need. What kind of job prism solutions. And she Truman. I think. For every. Kind of groups. It's have been incidents. And then. Isn't. That's it. Point. OK because there may be why and they might be just. Creative and people from another country that they're not familiar it lowered its. I don't think. It's the case because in those who he. Maybe employees. Beauty European Union and gay area. A lot of media and and to do. Us troops you could. So I don't let me Alex it's a student maybe maybe a different culture so maybe that can. That means the death of his team the practices keeps him no good sample. Two other companies. Analysts and they've seen I him. Groups is victory one he. Do. Want to lose and so on. Thank you can quote. Just snapped and really win. And so I think here's yeah accompanies him to the pretense and it's one. Great. Getting an agreement. Can't post again and yet. We also have another. Staff member what is your name my name you fear that a debt that it weary from. From C Evan Stan and when did you and start working here at the hotel. Run years. Throwing him. I was there when you. As a volunteer what and what are you doing now in the hotel. And what kind of work very much book in housekeeping and if the wrong. You know. Reception and inception. Howard didn't city. Don't. And I need. And pointed in a hotel again and then a month. And and howry finding it in. The so far. How do you what's how it's your experience you. Yeah. I want to mind. I wish. It's yet you watch your language does. In Germany and yeah its. He. Movement in the end here. Denton what did not leave my a lot of people. Yet in. There. Are you here meet the employee. And since peaking again doing it to chairman agrees yeah. German language that's an eight. I mean it's hard. Language isn't it the typical English. Yet you're here. We'll let me Ecstasy serious he proved his terms. Much this one year we. We expect. Congratulations that they are difficult and if they did so much think you will continue arts market. Think and I think we're just looking here he Kynan. And. You have restaurant area right through this and we call its decision OK OK. And I was huge thing seem pretty active a lot of people kind of hanging out exactly thing innings getting me hanging today the yes the man. I'll do. You sense it is this man owns events. Within I think Simon at him and say hey he comes from them to English. He he capped its news interview comes from Northern Iraq Hughes produce. And he's not Libya since their lives. Thinks he's great he's doing an. Accident. Written in this. Not just let's who have views than his two how how do you like I'm that house going here with us. In this. That that's in Newton. Students with. Yeah right he feels very home he let all. Colleagues and everyone. Here. And do not think they very much get back to work sign turn bothering him. And I think people just end this right here you so you. Once again thinking Martina urging that we're I'm. Make it easy and finding out I'm not just hotel in Austria and you know it.

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{"id":50596283,"title":"Austrian hotel helps refugees gain work experience","duration":"11:12","description":"Vienna's Magdas Hotel offers a training program for its staff of refugees hailing from 16 countries.","url":"/International/video/austrian-hotel-helps-refugees-gain-work-experience-50596283","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}