Author of controversial “dossier” had connection to Ivanka Trump

Chris Steele described their relationship as “personal” in the inspector general’s report.
3:00 | 12/10/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Author of controversial “dossier” had connection to Ivanka Trump
All that thick soup yesterday that shouldn't be lost amid the impeachment hearing in the release of the inspector general report the former. British intelligence officer behind the controversial dossier that alleged links between the truck campaign and Russia. Now he met a pocket copy years before the Russia scandal. Riot how is this. 4 AM plot twist all the way by kick in the 2007. When Christopher Steele was still an active duty intelligence office. For the British intelligence secrets of us and mice six action and as. SI yes he meant the president's daughter Yvonne could trump added den in London the two exchanged contact information and they stayed in touch. David being is. And in 2010. Christa this still be or if all of the Russian dossier he was invited to trump tower in New York to have a meeting with Avon could trump here was the vice president of the Trump Organization. To discuss possible whack that he continue. For the company now Avon co was in charge of a number of put finance consenting real estate not a business ventures abroad embassies. As issue was thinking of topping up could still not what to try and do some due diligence on some potential business pond has that they were getting to guarantee. Now they did not she gets and of getting into business together but in the inspector general's report that was released yesterday. Did Jay investigate his read that Steele told them dots. But despite allegations that he was biased against president China from the stock if anything. He was favorably display used to be positive towards the trunks. Because of his friendship with Yvonne because so much so that he Sydney revealed that he had given her a gift. Some finally toss in from Scotland a few years again. Just fascinating act Canada this jewel in the fact that this still dossier has been really. At the center of all those that the Russian investigation for the past what tier three years now. And we've been reporting on it and now this bit I think is a crucial and critical do you tell is just now coming out. Obviously you are able to uncover this find out this confirm it. But at this point at this time I mean why are we learning about this now. Well I mean it he's a former intelligence office you can expect that he is pretty good at keeping secrets but what's been really interesting is that you bomb could trump has never once mentioned. That she actually no there is this my eye on who caused a huge amount. Couldn't control missy for her father for the president. I'm still himself has been a target of attacks by the president by the president's allies he's been referred to as a failed spy if any spy. The dinky crucify one presidential to me few months ago. We have I have to say we have this year if the White House the Trump Organization. You bombed his attendees all of them for comment they have not provided us with a comment yet we've also lost steals attending and a representative for his businessman to comment on a story but there'll assisting paid mom.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Chris Steele described their relationship as “personal” in the inspector general’s report.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67621315","title":"Author of controversial “dossier” had connection to Ivanka Trump","url":"/International/video/author-controversial-dossier-connection-ivanka-trump-67621315"}