Drug lord El Chapo gets life in prison

Mexican drug lord, Joaquí­n "El Chapo" Guzmán was given a life sentence in U.S. prison.
2:25 | 07/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drug lord El Chapo gets life in prison
Move on to breaking news on Al chop O on the cartel boss boss was sentenced today to life. In prison without parole in this comes after a jury found him guilty back in February on all counts of smuggling tons. Of drugs into the US so Aaron Qatar ski is outside. The courtroom in Brooklyn with more. Aaron I find it very interesting because held top boasts actually spoke book. Or his sentencing today. He did he did not testify at trial but it was an extraordinary moment when the judge announced that help shop all had intended to make a statement. He did not stand but he sat at the defense table wearing a gray suit and dark tie and through a translator. Complained about the verdict and complained about the terms of his incarceration which she called portal torture. He said he had no fresh air no sunlight. Thanks city was forced to drink tainted water and he called the conditions and in the jail here cool. And inhumane although he said the guards did treat him nicely. He also took aim at his conviction which he says came from jurors who violated the judge's orders by. Consuming media accounts of the trial that was a report in place news and even though the judge said it really didn't amount to much. Not Joaquin Guzman said that there was no justice here. And Aaron you know you are in the courtroom obviously what were your other big takeaways from witnessing this today. You know I thought I was stunned. Not only end at whose month's statement in which he said his case was stained by the conduct of the jurors and and the defense. Talk about that but but also just how how ordinary a defendant he looked far from the mythic figure. That he was made out to be over his. Thirty year criminal career and a wildly successful. Drug trafficking career. Which prosecutors say anything about twelve point six billion dollars. He really is is a diminished demand and he was taken into custody after the sentencing hearing. With a quick wave to his wife come on corn Alex pearl who was in court. Flew her to kiss it appeared. And then he disappeared and even out cutoff chop up conceded in his brief statement to the court that he would be taken to a prison where he would never be heard from again. Bahrain thank you Aaron Qatar stay right there outside the courtroom in Brooklyn with the details we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Mexican drug lord, Joaquí­n \"El Chapo\" Guzmán was given a life sentence in U.S. prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64393879","title":"Drug lord El Chapo gets life in prison ","url":"/International/video/drug-lord-el-chapo-life-prison-64393879"}