Edward Snowden Granted Asylum

The NSA leaker has officially entered Russia.
10:39 | 08/01/13

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Transcript for Edward Snowden Granted Asylum
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm -- -- new -- this ABC news digital special report after 39 days stuck in the Moscow airport Edwards -- The intelligence analysts turned leaker of classified NSA spy secrets. Is on the move he's been granted temporary asylum leaving for what his lawyer calls a safe and secret location. Now here at the first images of Snowden leaving that plays -- he spent his thirtieth birthday. But he's called home for more than five weeks and this this is the Russian document that securities transit out of the airport's transit area is -- for one year expires. Next July 31. And in Washington certainly reactions to those developments white house Press Secretary Jay Carney has been speaking to reporters and at this Tuesday. The Russian federal migration service has confirmed publicly that they have issued mr. Snowden. Temporary asylum for one year and allowed him to leave the airport. We are extremely disappointed that the Russian government would take this step despite our very clear and lawful requests in public and in private. To have mr. Snowden Snowden expelled to the United States to face the charges against him. So the big question is what does it do to the US Russian relations after that statement of extreme disappointment I want to bring in ABC's -- Sean Walsh. To talk about some of their -- from this an issue Russian ice mixed messages -- received from the White House which is gone back and forth from president Obama's more relaxed tone. Obviously to -- -- -- the Press Secretary -- -- more serious declarations. What's the calculus now. We'll. It did concede that Jay Carney at its serious -- and I also pray that came -- he said is that there is going to be a reevaluation. Of this summit next month they're supposed to be there is scheduled a summit between. Pres Obama and present trend in Moscow ahead of the G-20 meeting -- -- -- Petersburg. And Jay Carney said that there is no scheduling announcement that make it clear that they are reevaluating whether that meeting will still go on and so badly that -- rang out. Does the president just. Still go to that meeting before the G-20 or not and that's where when the decision is right now. But what's also interesting to take -- -- is the ABC news poll that came out this week that shows there isn't. A lot of and enthusiasm in this country or support for punishing Russia over this -- That's very interesting you know there's been a lot of public debate as far as whether or not stone was justified in doing -- -- in releasing those documents. -- -- other government goes about. -- -- -- gathering information. But WikiLeaks -- of the publisher of that information they release a statement earlier today and in it with they say is a statement from -- what what does he say. We'll -- released this statement through which at least it was very critical. The Obama administration it said. Over the past eight weeks we've seen the Obama administration show no respect for international or domestic law but in the and the -- winning. And I yet -- goes it goes on to say I think. I think the Russian federation for granting asylum in -- for those laws and international obligations. Now is that's something that still had to say in order to get that kind of asylum four year. It's an interesting question and we won't know that but in the staff -- a question that is out there and it as if -- was part of the deal in order for him to get out of that -- -- that he's been. And get this temporary sound for a year. August let me ask you this -- what's changed then for improvement in the -- sense of -- because just a couple of weeks ago he was saying he wanted no part of this. I and -- it changing from -- to a one year asylum -- a -- is significant about face. Absolutely and it's really interesting also we just learned a few moments ago really that. The State Department didn't -- -- even given a heads up about today's development -- is a big change you saw as you mentioned Dan that. President Clinton did come out and say that he doesn't want any more of stones lead to do any damage to the -- -- so this is a change what's. Also important to note is that from President Clinton side of things he wouldn't want this. Summit with the president to be canceled it would not be in his contrast. The -- -- today that in fact president would like to meet with lawmakers and do what they called quote NSA critics. About these five programs that stone had exposed -- do we know who would potentially be in that meeting. Well one of the people that we do know that is in the meaning is democratic senator Ron white and who has been a critic. He said that he appreciated that he was able to meet with the president over -- about this and appreciate the opportunity so we'll see what comes out of that. The timing and obviously words would seem so anyway due to this latest developments. -- -- just how the NSA can access. The email of millions of Americans with just a couple of keystrokes. Wentz. Is the latest development that on that front. Well there has been -- Confusion or or whether that's even true obviously be genetic and receive -- had said that that he -- what he was able to do. And then you see people in the administration saying that that is not true -- People that testified and cut from the Capitol Hill that's not true so. That end it as we also know. -- -- has said that there is still more leaks have possibly could come out and some might find more information -- I want -- look one last question before we let you go shares because it -- general Eric Holder has said that he would not seek the death penalty if in fact Russian to turn over -- to the United States. -- is there -- concerted effort to get the same message out from the White House from the DOJ. Obviously is a unified front and I want to Russia to the rest of the world. Well I mean is it's an important consideration and but as you saw today's developments I think really do -- change that. Jay Carney just had a -- -- ago that still that they demand. -- -- and be sent back can't see it as soon as possible so I think that. That message is already been sent. That they will not pursue the death penalty. -- -- Hampshire is heard it and so has Russia so I I think that it was -- part of their consideration but -- still saw that these developments today. John Walsh at our bureau in Washington DC -- thank you so much for that I want -- of the State Department now ABC's Danny Hughes is standing by at their we've heard from the White House now. -- -- Russian officials downplaying this decision so what's the word over -- at the State Department they obviously can't be too was surprised by this right. Well actually -- what they're saying is that they were not given a heads up about this. You know for the last few months since the snowed in. The scandal happened. The State Department has been in Constant Contact with Russian officials. And it looks like it's been more or less a one way conversation. -- continued to say as as Jay Carney also pointed out. Did we do what that the United States want -- -- back. That he is not a whistle blower that he is eight that he's been accused -- serious felonies. And that he needs to be returned back to the United States it appears that Brescia. Is it really listening to that. And that -- is the next question I wanted to ask you about because the level of engagement. That Vladimir Putin has put into this is certainly fluctuated what he's not out and fishing trips he said at first he wanted nothing to do with that and now obviously a very heavy hand on this we as secretary of state John Kerry has been obviously focus in on the mideast peace talks so who from the State Department has been doing with. Moscow. Well I think -- asked to State Department they would say that they've been very involved and engaged in this and the ambassador and Russia has been extremely involved ambassador -- follow. -- has been you know dealing with. It's Russian counter parts. And in fact the State Department confirmed today that it's an ambassador Paul. Who's been talking to everyone about this and what about Russia's response now to the US response to Russia's decision to grant that when -- asylum. If I mean it's got to change the dynamics of the relationship. Well both the United States and Russia continue to say that they don't want this to negatively impact the bilateral relationship. That the country's share. That said the United States has been really -- that this is not a positive development and in fact. The State Department announced that just like the White House they are currently -- evaluating. Wet their dads. Scheduled meeting that was supposed to happen between secretary Kerry and secretary Cagle and -- counterparts still will happen. Now that doesn't mean that they're going to stop talking State Department officials say it just means that right now they're currently evaluating whether. This is the right time and the right place to do so. If you're just joining us Edwards snow in the man that spent held at -- at Moscow's airport for almost forty days now has been branded a one -- asylum. By Moscow of course he is the NSA -- that published. Hundreds of thousands of documents to Wiki leaks and certainly in a lot of attention domestically and around the world. For the government's programs. For the NSA and Dana I want to ask you about this to the folks at the State Department that they think given that one -- time. That's known has been granted asylum is this gonna cool off or is there a sense that -- -- could be more documents that might eventually come out. -- It's it's been very clear and careful not to try to get into the -- of Edwards noted. But what they have been saying is that. Regardless of whether. More information comes out where -- more information doesn't come out. He's already committed crimes and the United States wants him back. To answer for the crimes he's committed and I think you heard Jay Carney actually say. That he -- continue to pose a threat that that they United States believes that Snowden continues to grow pose a threat. Two US national security and it's yet another reason why they want him back in the United States to face trial. All right ABC's David Hughes at the State Department Dana thank you that we appreciate that. Of course a complete write up an abcnews.com. Edwards snowed in the NSA leaker has been granted a one year asylum in Moscow after spending more than a month. In the airport unable to leave one particular area of a building -- now and what his lawyers call a safe. And protective location. I'm Dan clips -- New -- -- this has been an ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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