Effects of conflict on families and children in Syria

Amjad Yamin of "Save the Children" talks about displaced children in the region and what they are experiencing during the conflict.
3:37 | 10/17/19

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Transcript for Effects of conflict on families and children in Syria
And as there is no doubt that the decision that the president has made in regards to Syria has severe consequences if you remove the politics of it all. You'll find real cities with real people. Families and children affected. An unimaginable ways a death and displacement creating a full blown humanitarian crisis I want to bring in John yeah I mean. With the organization save the children on thank you for joining us today I. I really want to talk about on the level of displacement for the children in this region. Here's our northeast India was higher than 10 lead equals C. East lead to parents. You sit them down are now. He won only beauty of all and good access into obesity. In announcing he's wrong that. Not only. 170. Army aren't even in addition who don't twenty million who are in need of assistance. Indices Saturday June reading of the military stationed there we. And I agree and now he's pretty currency. Our mistakes in the states. These are the artery in ordinary. The that it Inglett concerns. As there are he's there. And schools are now in our case is want cruel lot who will be OCC a local artists from the power. They dean asks as he can we two schools. Adams producers are now. Includes they can significantly colder yet we all Lowell aren't you need. Cool winds that would issue about black little. Anybody at all to see an actual prejudice and the children then and only is when we ask you yapping at. Who our greatest time that any sense of humans. To do we want celebrities. On the ground or based. Would Kennedy as well today some of them sounds I RCA this would be two weeks ago Melissa didn't know. And that ought. While. It's it's kind of unbelievable to imagine an. Of course there would be a mental health. Consequences to experiencing all of this what are the children actually experiencing with this being their reality. Younger people are. I'm are being equal ears. Our homework. The long harassing me Google wouldn't your children. The who all I want you are younger I'd never live it senior they are. We shouldn't need they need to be accepted any arms. It is easy these schools who it is made it quite low as equals X. It's also wouldn't abuse we lose our injuries works and disputes are British. On our. In movies here about CBO. Was. Who Harris shot wounds and want to connect. Not to see full loans which is not immediately in new today. These are so. Even the chief who sit the end and a critics say the work. Well there it is defeating oh very cool. Com and its. Own death that won't cute. Yes semi tragic situation and so many ways I'm I want to thank on the job you mean with save the children right there. In Jordan thank you for that.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Amjad Yamin of \"Save the Children\" talks about displaced children in the region and what they are experiencing during the conflict.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66348697","title":"Effects of conflict on families and children in Syria","url":"/International/video/effects-conflict-families-children-syria-66348697"}