IDF Soldier Captured by Hamas

Fighting erupts only a few hours after cease-fire was established.
9:26 | 08/01/14

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Transcript for IDF Soldier Captured by Hamas
-- -- My Ohio was supposed to be -- -- carrying Gaza collapsed overnight. Just hours after it began now more deadly violence and fears of further escalation. After forty people were killed in Gaza and an Israeli soldier was captured by Palestinian militants. Right now the international hot -- Israel and Gaza. Hello I'm Gloria Riviera in New York Israel has resumed full operations in the Gaza Strip. Following the breakdown of the cease fire the White House calling reports of hamas' actions a quote rather -- barbaric violation of the cease fire agreement. Straight to Gaza now in the BBC's Jon Donna -- who watched a cease fire come together and -- crumble John. It didn't last long narrow it was ever really. -- -- sooner than it had begun this morning we could head the sound of heavy Israeli shelling. A number -- strikes we sole Palestinian rockets being -- In the other direction and of course the usual he said she said. About two broke the cease spy it was meant to coming to -- at -- to talk at this this morning. That -- a brief moments of quiet. And a bit of optimism at least at the stuff to the -- This morning at last some hope in Gaza. Core group and its born on the eve of a suppose it cease fire. Mohammed yet seen yet here I'm not. Combined to wait seven -- us. They're exhausted mother recount tells me she went through five he is a failed -- IVF treatment. And that's at last in these difficult times she has some happy news. We hope we hope that -- -- -- -- Did this because this is trying to Palestinian because we we vehicle you have to think terrorists. Ford for these myself -- -- and this gives us an in Gaza Strip. But what kind of life awaits these children. One day old pulled into a world that and this is what's left -- -- when he writes on the boundary with Israel. It's been pounded for more than three weeks. By mid morning -- would of the cease fire spread. It could spring back to life. The UN says more than a -- Gaza's population has been displaced. Food water and power are in short supply. People are using this brief lull in the -- taking. To return to that home to many are finding them completely flat and I just picking up. What -- they -- and heading to seek shelter and all the wild Larry is the stench. I'm dead bodies still trapped. Underneath the rubble. But the cease fire was almost as soon as it started. More Israeli airstrikes and Palestinian rockets. And then from reference in the south of Gaza the news that could see this -- escalate still further. An Israeli soldier suspected to have been captured by Hamas fighters after they crossed the border through a tunnel. Hamas will see this as a huge result. It's still smoldering -- EPA's for Israel to free the last soldier captured in Gaza get a mention the -- Israel will undoubtedly respond. With massive -- Gaza awaits with trepidation. So we saw that the streets were -- a -- people. Paul hurrying home now that the news is spreading updates. Captured Israeli soldier and I think there is a sentence that tonight in Gaza. Could be an extremely difficult one. The BBC's Jon -- -- thank you and we are joined now from Jerusalem by ABC's David Wright. David you covered this region for so long now big picture first -- cease fire was meant to create an opening for dialogue and potentially a longer term deal. Where does that process stand now. It seems to be dead in the water for now Gloria. It it already seemed like both parties were being dragged kicking and screaming to Cairo to sort out their differences because of humanitarian crisis that is developing in Gaza and also because of plethora of civilian casualties. But now with the cease fire just about the moment the cease fire is supposed to happen Hamas -- this brazen attack on an Israeli outpost. Capturing an Israeli soldier Hamas would argue that the capture of a soldier in uniform is fair game. However here in Israel to take a very different view here in Israel any captured soldier. Is seen almost immediately as a son or daughter of Israel as you know everybody can relate they all have kids that are serving in the military. Doing their duty for this country. And all of them think there but for the grace of god go -- so it is a national event. The secrets of events really never really getting off the ground it's easy to agreed to a cease fire more difficult to enforce it how much did the people on the ground -- and Hamas. Really seem to want this to both sides have total control of their forces. That's hard to say one never knows what in one would suspect that the Israeli forces have very good command and control who knows with Hamas but. You know it does seem that they have in their statements that they put out. That they are careful to point out that this raid. It they -- took place before the cease fire. Even if it had been completed before the cease fire however it is very unlikely that Israel would proceed -- to Cairo. To sit down and negotiate with them when one of their soldiers is being held captive in Gaza. Right we're going to take a look at some video right out of the west spate of Palestinian day air rage following morning prayers what's the situation there -- David -- -- with all of this is going on with. This day air rage how is that like to. Affect the situation. Well as you can imagine it's a tinderbox here and the Israeli authorities braced for. What could be an outpouring of love anger of passion today. I was walking over by the old city -- earlier in the troops were already out before of Friday prayers were -- to take place anticipating. At least the possibility of trouble wanting to be prepared for it. In the West Bank however it appears that one of protesters. Early reports suggest that one of the protesters was killed. When he was a set upon. And it's a situation that again could spiral out of control. Giving you -- -- -- time and again covering the Middle East crisis over the years I'm curious to know what you think has changed this time specifically in terms of shifting alliances. In the region how much stronger. Is Hamas how much stronger as Israel. Well sadly not much has changed in terms of the entrenched differences between these two sides. What has changed in a wider sense is that the entire Arab world now is in flux because of the Arab Spring and the upheaval that that has brought. Because of Thurmond Dorian reaction if you want to call it that in Egypt -- The new government taking. Taking power there all the way over to Iraq. And Syria of course so. There's a moment of huge upheaval here. And you know that the same old fight might play very differently in that new environment. And finally -- before we let you -- I also love your take on. How in the US is seen this time around this. Time in terms of being able to sway either cider and those other areas in the region. To get together to get something done whereas the US right now. I think the US is seen as having less authority here than it has in the past and you -- the other day with of the attack on the UN school that was serving as a refugee camp in Somalia. The Obama administration condemning that attack without calling out Israel. In particular and -- the very next day the Defense Department confirming that it it approved new mortars and grenades to be signed over to Israel. Presumably to be used in this fight. That does not play well on the Arab street and that could come back to haunt us. -- -- it -- any sign of what happens next any sign of efforts to get back to the table on the part of Hamas or Israel or or the other power players in the region. Hope springs eternal glory but don't hold your breath. ABC's David Wright from Jerusalem thanks so much -- it. You can keep up with story in real time by downloading the ABC news happens starring this story for exclusive updates on the go you've been watching international hot spot I'm Gloria Riviera in New York thanks for joining us.

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{"id":24807170,"title":"IDF Soldier Captured by Hamas","duration":"9:26","description":"Fighting erupts only a few hours after cease-fire was established.","url":"/International/video/idf-soldier-captured-hamas-24807170","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}