Japan Tunnel Collapse: 9 People Dead

Investigators believe a rusted bolt may be to blame for the fatal collapse.
1:13 | 12/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Japan Tunnel Collapse: 9 People Dead
Investigators in Japan think they may have found the -- of a deadly tunnel collapse they say a bolt that was holding concrete panels to the tunnel ceiling. May have rusted through at least nine people died five of the victims were found in their crushed -- and now there is an emergency inspection of dozens of other similar tunnels all across Japan. Here's ABC's -- -- for Gina. Grainy surveillance video inside the tunnel -- the frantic efforts to save those trapped. Japanese police say these large concrete ceiling panels as many as a hundred in fifty came crashing down. Sparking a fire on this major highway connecting Tokyo to central Japan. Witnesses described a scene of chaos as people ran to safety. Flames and smoke billowing through the three mile long tunnel one truck driver trapped under the rubble called for help. But there was so much smoke firefighters had to -- rescue efforts fearing another collapse. Late Sunday rescue crews pulled the charred remains of several bodies including -- truck driver investigators say the tunnel had just passed a routine inspection in September. A -- Fujita ABC news Tokyo.

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{"id":17867295,"title":"Japan Tunnel Collapse: 9 People Dead","duration":"1:13","description":"Investigators believe a rusted bolt may be to blame for the fatal collapse.","url":"/International/video/japan-tunnel-collapse-people-dead-17867295","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}