London high-rise fire kills at least 6

ABC News' Molly Hunter reports from Grenfell Tower, where at least 6 people have died and more than 70 have been hospitalized.
8:53 | 06/14/17

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Transcript for London high-rise fire kills at least 6
Good afternoon I'm Molly kinder and it is ABC news did you know when west blinded and this of course is granted without power where we spent all day we're just more than twelve. Hours after that deadly fire started and before I even give you an update I just want you to zoom in and take a good. Look at what that building looks like now. Completely charred absolutely smoldering and up until just a couple hours ago there were still flames shooting out of that building. Fire man. Just in time recently have been. Pouring water in that building but it looks like they just recently stopped. And it's now actually just smoldering and calming down still smoke everywhere still debris everywhere which will show you. But we do want to give you the latest on what we know how that fire started. What we know that injuries and fatalities and what the police are saying now. They've even seen it off of that building. Exactly coming there was. A moment a couple hours ago we're actually thought that building was tilting we thought it might actually collapse engineers showed up and actually this stability of the building was. Not in question but of course it's incredibly unstable which means that firemen couldn't get out. Into the floor as they needed you for search and rescue. The mayor of London said they weren't even in the recovery phase I think seven or eight hours after that it still looking for survivors. And then most extraordinary. Thing that I and a couple hours ago. With a single elderly man after everyone had been evacuated after many people write off those upper floors. As a lost hope there is a single elderly aunt. Waving in the wind on an eleventh floor building we saw him on his own needs desperately trying to wave a flag tried to get attention. Anyway he possibly could and we don't have an update on him right now but we will definitely back when we do thank you want to shave Jeff. This scene around it so we've been here since about two A and that fire started just before 1 AM local police got the call. Minutes later that. The most answered I think not that I was that it spread from the fourth floor to the 24 story. Under thirty minute fill in the last few able to get out. I immediately. You didn't make it not I'm just handed you over here. We spoke with so many residents so many eyewitness it could pull that. They took twenty to forty minutes for the fire alarms didn't even go up we spoke with one in his head he actually just love that because he's confident now. He thought maybe his computer with everything making it left something in the prior. I in the Avant sorry that it caught fire. He will cut saw this smoke sprinted out of the building and by the time he was coming out of the building that's when a fire alarm went off and we now know. And he wasn't even able to bring his father out his father is one of this six confirmed dead now police have said there are six fatalities. That number is almost certain to rise authorities say we know that more than seventy people have been hospitalized. Of those seventy at least one year critic when I'm gonna live it out of red. What happened in my so many people didn't evacuate authorities say. Is that when that fire happened. The fire cut and that building like many apartment buildings both here and back in the states is it if the fires on your floor in the fire is in your apartment. Yet out of back to it immediately but if the fire is any different part of the building the fires in different corner. Much lower much higher you're told to state so many of the people on the top of that building. We're actually told his eight it. Senior apartment and of course by the hind. They actually started evacuating it was too late. Now ranked kind of on the main drag in its neighbor had. You've got a lot of vines here is. Either. The kept saying over there. But immediately this community rallied immediately London rally and people have been showing up all day with clothes with water with anything. Help these people they've raised at tens of thousands of pounds already if you haven't even been pushing a 100000 pounds. For release. For these people of course who lost everything we downloads and thirty minute. And when we first got here again just after about two yet to lay out at local time the fire been praying for a couple of hours. The flames were rapidly. Engulfing the building debris falling off and we were asking residents why we've got that spread so quickly that it wasn't just didn't need. I think that one apartment big plane coming hubby. This external plastic that event and off. Put on the building in over her basement last here this building underwent had thirteen million dollar replenishment a factor with bill back in the seventieth. I just signed here all of this happening was cut out. On the outside its planning if that's not hiding it but they both for installation bet I'll suffer aesthetic. And exactly acts exactly this but it isn't exactly. This seemed tight out of power have been burned last night. Now that Manning resident they caught fire immediately as soon as soon as. Some of the pudding pot buyer and the fourth floor it just shot up and within half an hour residents say they heard us green and that was the resounding. Memory that everyone had was this screams of people wanting to be let out. One in kit I get the attention of rescuers one Manning Kennedy told us a story of a family of four on the 24 floor in the corner. Waving their children out the window waving flags waving anything to get its pension Nelson heard eyewitnesses talk about. Throwing children out there when Katherine Beattie the minute nodding sheets. Including those over the wind out now here is an. As I said some of the tables and detonation. Tons of volunteers today. You trying to help those resident. These CA en route as a thief a lot of people. In this area in our wearing face masks that smell of burning plastic is just pervasive it's been really really smoking as the wind picks up. I've got snow continues to just with Brad of course the whole area of course the whole city. Be big questions are being talked to a lot of residents who now they never. Some of the diocese settled out of date and got their bearing slightly after the war after the shock of that initial fire. They are the area actually hello I'm Eric. Everybody this is a very much and I made me. We just not come by ambulances go by as well. And here you can see the police right we're so completely cordoned off. This in his lungs kidney and possibly guarantee that nothing and I really loud not talk back. If ever had in choppers have been over had all day. Hundreds and hundreds of firefighters. Have been fighting the fire they are still over their police are still walking down the perimeter. But lots of really big question for me to not only are residents furious and they understand why there weren't sprinklers and everywhere there went up by airline that went on immediately. There's a lot of mixed. Information about why he didn't care about even possible routes an evacuation. And I helicopters hovering but I am agreeing on every evening banner year. I'm not only does he really feed these demons. Atkins got. The U. Feed off. Whole thing pack. When he sports story. And now while so many of those people were evacuated. Especially on those lower floors. So many people want and are now unaccounted for or mixing many loved ones family members in the early hours and don't now aren't. Asking questions going to hospitals trying to find their friends and relatives and their families now must have a plan in his tightening community and headline news online. Affecting another top program had. But authorities will have to have. Big conversations big clashes apparently even residents of this building had talked about safety at complained about safety to the landlords or so by airlines. Sprinklers stairway as lots of huge questions coming. We'll certainly get a lot more from authorities as the day goes on and that death tolls six people confirmed that bad apples almost certain to rise. But the fire brigade and the police we'll continue to update and we'll be right back here when they do things get for joining me on ABC news did jump I'm Molly Pitcher in London.

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{"id":48033117,"title":"London high-rise fire kills at least 6","duration":"8:53","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter reports from Grenfell Tower, where at least 6 people have died and more than 70 have been hospitalized.","url":"/International/video/london-high-rise-fire-kills-48033117","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}