Across the Pond: Fight against ISIS and a Russian warning

Plus, Beyonce and Jay-Z's message to Meghan Markle at the Brit Awards.
3:48 | 02/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Fight against ISIS and a Russian warning
Welcome back let's go across the pond now to ABC news is on the bureau where Fred Jennifer act posted its keeping an eye and the biggest international news Jennifer good morning you've been following. The battle for crisis is then they're last foothold in Syria what is the latest. Good morning guys dad these are important developments which could signal a possible end to the standoff. As you say in that last ice to stronghold about glues in Syria. Dozens of trucks carrying civilians have left that embattled town US backed forces there confirmed the trucks are heading to safer territory. So who's still inside that is well it's not there are several hundred ice is fighters. But also civilians possibly being used. As human shields now this battle to free the city is expected any gain now. And the followed bag news would declare the territorial. Defeat. Nicest who once held large areas of both sea area and Iraq so we shall wait and see. And also earlier radar for these are watching Russian president driver prudent and he's in the news again. But the hangings. He's hitting out at America daring a State of the Union Address. Let me Britain warned that if the US deploys missiles in Europe rush out well target not only those missiles but also cites in America act. Gooden said Russia would never be the first to deploy missiles but if Washington deployed them in Europe. Must there would be forced to react now this fiery rhetoric follows the truck administration's. Withdrawal from a Cold War air arms control pact. Blaming Russian persistent violations of that tritons. Right and Britain had a big awards show last night the Brit awards and top. Thrifty in London last night. They would plan and there is glitter and thanks to beyoncé and Jay-Z a bit a royal pomp and wishful thinking. That's painting that Carter is accepted the prize for the best international group but the Brit awards he struck out please get. I have a look. You so much in the Brit awards. He's got have always been so notorious. Everything and left pinky. Yeah I was a re creation of that music video where they were hanging down from of the Mona Lisa. At the Louvre Museum UB SA Rodin and stick your hand that this skit was an honor a Black History Month and wish to Maggie N and her prince. Much still joy during their pregnancy. You know guys it's all about the love wraps. Yet you are older than they didn't know did you did you US Jennifer Glick who came out on top will love with a on top hey hey hey. And I love as a crowd I didn't I am curious though who do you missiles some type of message they the carters were sitting here because. Com mega Markel getting hit hard in the tabloids over there. Yeah she is and you saw a lot of her friends you know not celebrity's would also celebrities come out in support of her saying that. You know there's always a lot it's of attention in the tabloids about a new member of the royal family Aaron member of the rural family for that matter but Megan is. Certainly been the target. Of a lot of unpleasant. Articles. According to her friends. So maybe yeah Ivan it's another way to put the spotlight on my nice American girl living in Britain who really shouldn't be treated gets directly at the queen and king of hip hop giving the royal treatment and then the duchess of the ducks of the ethics. Jennifer has any idea felt my saying senator according.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"Plus, Beyonce and Jay-Z's message to Meghan Markle at the Brit Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61208827","title":"Across the Pond: Fight against ISIS and a Russian warning","url":"/International/video/pond-fight-isis-russian-warning-61208827"}