Across The Pond: Hundreds of thousands protest in Hong Kong

Plus: Race to replace U.K. PM Theresa May roiled by drug revelations, and $300 flea market painting may be a genuine Picasso worth millions.
6:32 | 06/10/19

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Transcript for Across The Pond: Hundreds of thousands protest in Hong Kong
Well let's go across the pond now to London. And we checked out this cool time lapse on air balloons going past the London IA. And there. And foreign correspondent James Longman joins us now from the London bureau fresh off vacation. Where you return up there's the Graham James and I was there for all of it we are the line. Yeah I mean I can't especially from the sphere and I went to have a time by the time in his. And relatively speaking know who yet but. We'll take care of the hands over it and make it. Yeah. Eight and so it over to some serious news when Hong Kong you've been following some of those huge protests there. I'm hundreds of thousands taking to the streets there are so what are these protests all about. Yeah that's. Right guys so you 250000. People in the street if you believe the police a million if you believe you denies is. But either way the largest number protest as the Hong Kong is seen and its streets since independence in 1997 since the since the British. Sorry returned Hong Kong to. The Chinese in 1997. We still pretty violent picks is on that Sunday night riot police clashing with at protest is there a lot of injuries some Janice rule cited. Involved that that basically this is all have to do with Chinese perceived Chinese meddling in Hong Kong offense when the British returned Hong Kong. The I date was that they would be one country in China but two systems. The Hong Kong and Hong Kong without its own political and economic autonomy. But for little Hong ponies that's not the sense they get close slowly but surely the Chinese are trying to take back control. All of of Hong Kong and this particular practice they've been has been about a loophole. Which Idaho local authorities are trying to introduce which would allow extradition all of Chinese. Criminals and people who wanted in mainland China from Hong Kong back to the mainland protestors and rights groups assaying while house they're good because we can't trust. The Chinese. With that kind of brutal rule human rights and cited they don't want these things to happen the Chinese a mile around on the authorities in Hong Kong as saying we can't allow Hong Kong. To be a refuge for people fleeing the little. In mainland China coney lamb who's the leader of Hong Kong she is seen as someone who is kind of pro Beijing she says that this is connect go ahead she's been speaking today in fact. And it's going to be a second reading of this bill on Wednesday so they could be more process than. We'll see and James those images were startlingly know an estimated one in seven people in Hong Kong were out there are so incredible numbers but. Turning closer to home for you last week we saw president trump in the UK as. Prime minister trees may prepare to step down but now the attention is turning to who might replace sir and some revelations about past drug use that's causing us sir. Yeah that's right I mean this is kind of been an enormous story here because it's been quite funny a pol from anything else to see all these up until now pretty serious politicians come out to try to out cool one and ala. I mean it's a reason may famously when she was awful the craziest thing she'd evident laws it was Charles who was running in fields of wheat cited laughed at wasn't really about fund. So I think what we've seen now from the contend as the Tory party trying to become prime minister is the kind of sense but this is all. Being kicked off Brady by Michael guide of who admitted over the weekend to having taken cocaine when he was a generalist. This then prompted although Torre contend is to say what they had done. People like Jeremy on the current foreign secretary. Two admitted to having drunk it kind of is Selassie when he was hiking in. In India when he was small economists milk straightening sounds disgusting. But I think for Rooney to top mobile Rory Stuart saying that he had smoked opium from a pipe and Afghanistan. When that when he was in the country that so all of them trying to kind of I think personalized themselves that there is a I think of serious point eight because. Unit middle class drug use fuels crime in pool areas as the case here in the UK is the case. The way you lot in the US and for these members of the Tory party people like Boris Johnson is famously at the trumps favorites become. Primacy hate to admit to Canada's Cecil to cocaine use and then to joke about it. Strike flow of people here as hypocrisy because. These are people who have been overseeing pretty draconian rules in the UK full cloth say Truckee site. A funny story but also a serious when we've goal all along. Not much wrong with the guy or all of this that Torre contest is gonna go until the end of July until we get a prime minister say. They could be a lot more admissions going forward in us. Yeah you're right about that serious point because as you mentioned here in the US are done with that hope UA crisis. And I would say there are some of us who are old enough to remember when. Former President Bill Clinton in the ninety's said he didn't inhale and then that was a big deal that he didn't inhale marijuana but. So many people think that he actually did try it right but now you've got over there across the pond people who are literally trying to outdo themselves the talk about. You know they're drug use since Sissy who's the cool with so that is. That's that's pretty interesting it is very Saddam there's also interest in James a man who bought a 300 dollar paying may have had made Hughes discovery. Else writes he went down to a free market I'm thrift store I think you've you call it boat there's still this paintings he thought he was actually. Paying too much for 300 Dele. Fake Picasso or so he fuel. He kept all kept holder for a few months and then decided to head down to an auction house and just check out the Providence see if perhaps it was something. That he didn't pay too much pool. They took the frame off. They found underneath the signature all of Picasso and on the spot a private message that the cast that would have written to a friend to his belief that given this painting today found out the picture. Was real. I'm now left. Possibly a million dollars say well from a 300 dollar thing to million dollars possibly more because the cost is gonna for a lot will not. But the plot thickens because the original owner of this pick painting has come full it to say. He never meant to sell the thing in the first place. I'm so now you have these sort of competing ideas but luckily I think the previous and it's gonna say he's gonna all not. This man finished Stapleton is claim because people to in good faith. So immunized he could be making a million dollars he making a lot more mount will say I'm gonna have. Doctors and definitely an idea how hot wait you don't have you don't know at a flea market is definitely a market. Yeah I mean there's ours did not cool them flea markets and it really. Those elements we have flea market yeah and when I learn something everyday. About about us Americans. We appreciate you joining us James have a good run no problem see him.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"Plus: Race to replace U.K. PM Theresa May roiled by drug revelations, and $300 flea market painting may be a genuine Picasso worth millions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63602992","title":"Across The Pond: Hundreds of thousands protest in Hong Kong","url":"/International/video/pond-hundreds-thousands-protest-hong-kong-63602992"}