Pope, bishops address sexual abuse crisis at summit

Pope Francis said at a sex abuse prevention summit in Vatican City to "listen to the cry of the young people who want justice."
3:18 | 02/21/19

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Transcript for Pope, bishops address sexual abuse crisis at summit
And staying overseas forbid Pope Francis is now demanding the end to child sex abuse in the Catholic Church. He told religious leaders they must quote listen to the cry of the young who want justice. And this all came at a sex abuse prevention summit in Vatican City our own David Wright is there and David you know we've heard. These kinds of messages before what was different about the pope's message this time. Well what was different Diane is that this time it came at the beginning. What's really the Vatican's first ever worldwide summit on this than the Pope has summoned. Bishops from around the world a 109 B church leaders from all across the globe. To get them on the same page on this issue he says the time for. Platitudes and promises is gone it's now time for concrete action that is what people expect. And that's true it is what people expect but a lot of survivors are also wondering why this kind of meeting than they have in years ago. And David if he's calling for concrete action any specifics on what that concrete action will be. Well there's a number of things that survivors would like to see happen we've talked to a couple of survivors who were among. A dozen or so people who were invited to chat with the organizers of this conference. Before it began among them. Phil savvy on the he's one of the original. Boston Globe's spotlight. Victims survivors. He went in there and I am among the items and he talked about are the need for a complete transparency a lists. Of names priests who've been credibly accused so that and people can. Protect themselves against those folks a after they have been moved around there's also accountability accountability for bishops. In his case he said the priest who molested him when he was eleven years old. Was then transferred to four different states where he put other children in jeopardy until he was finally apprehended. Tried and sent to jail for more than 200 years. So they wanna see bishops held accountable to folks that turned a blind eyes that swept it under the carpet that transferred priests from one parish to another. Now it remains to be seen whether the church is open to those kinds of measures some wanted it to go even further but this is the test of this four day conference. And even any visiting going on a long time it's been roughly what fifteen years since the spotlight crew unveiled. Those decades of abuse covered up stemming from Boston but since then even since that big story came out. We have heard of a number of other accusations of sexual abuse in the church and subsequent cover up so is there a sense that there might be real change on the horizon this time. I think there's a real sense of urgency now because we have seen in the past few months a new wave of allegations. And law enforcement. Is in particular trying to take this very seriously is on that Pennsylvania Granger report that implicated more than 300 priests. More than a thousand victims in Pennsylvania alone. Now state after state is following that example. And the there's an explosion of attention to this issue worldwide. Prince of the church recognizes this is a serious threat. To its moral authority its credibility and they need to deal with it in order to keep pace. David Wright. From the Vatican bank David.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Pope Francis said at a sex abuse prevention summit in Vatican City to \"listen to the cry of the young people who want justice.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61216259","title":"Pope, bishops address sexual abuse crisis at summit","url":"/International/video/pope-bishops-address-sexual-abuse-crisis-summit-61216259"}