Thai soccer team discusses cave rescue in exclusive interview

The boys join their soccer coach in discussing life since the rescue with ABC News' James Longman.
43:07 | 08/24/18

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Transcript for Thai soccer team discusses cave rescue in exclusive interview
Thanks for joining us somewhere Johnson in New York welcome to a special edition of ABC news lie. We're taking an in depth look at the feel good story of the year but while Boortz soccer team rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand today. Marks exactly two months since those boys first wandered inside that K. Our James long man spoke with the boys all twelve of them and their soccer coach in an exclusive interview. You'll hear their stories firsthand and we'll speak with James in just a moment but first let's take a look back. At their harrowing journey. It was a drama the whole world watched unfold. Now in an exclusive interview the team has come together to describe that hiring ordeal before we get to the rest of my time with them testicular act that Gianni. They all your. Very. Clear. Here but they. Twelve school boys aged eleven to sixteen and S soccer coach. Found alive on their tenth day in a bloody hike came. Many people look nothing. Then people we. Many people come. Risky flashlights breaking their long darkness deploys. With no idea how long they been underground. What they did. What. About you happy. A field goal. The thought. Strong in spirit but physically there week some are able to stand. Thank you thank you deploys repeats. Outside the word spread quickly apparent that sat waiting to cave entrance the day now that the search is over the complicated rescue mission begins. Divers carrying the heavy equipment through twisting tunnels. You can hit and struggling to catch their breath. Won't today next jagged rocks the heads that critical mission moving forward. Above ground the first signs of success an ambulance racing down through these green hills. When I was seven it's pretty faithful. Now for any thoughts but don't stop hospital. One by one it cost us along the winding road. The boys and lifted to receive medical cat. Volunteers rejoicing at the news the coach. Weaker than those toys evacuated. Just behind me now the flashing lights that is it police as school waiting for the lost ambulance. This rescue Foster than the others. These navy seal divers and medic. Waiting to meet until everyone was safe once unthinkable. Now a miraculous reality. And us diamonds arriving at the hospital after eighteen days jubilation in the streets. We passed so many on the road exhausted. That's mining trucks of Navy SEALs driving away to cheers and those nearby. Their mission complete. And James long mid joining us now from Thailand and James thanks so much for walking us through this interview and all of the incredible moments. First don't want to ask you this is the interview that everyone wanted to sit down with these boys you were able to get it. Face to face but it wasn't easy tell us how this all came together. The and it was not easy it was a long long route a lot of people were involved. In this whole process you know that infinity forty of us any one time from ABC news here in times in this. Story Bissell down to you to expert reduces spending time with the Thai government. It's going for a process an official process. Along with child psychologists. To make still that the boy's well being was that was that was being looked often because of course. People they're really worried about the boys who want to make sure they're okay say. We had to go through full process of applying. And they wanted to see that we had their best intentions but also they look bucket of blood and you know I sat opposite. Some Thai officials from the local government hand and they said yeah well you know ABC did. Fifty full stories on on the Thai rescue and that was more than anyone else so they could see. On dedication so I think all of those things really came together for them to see that we really hot the best interest of the boy's heart we told this story with caution. Announce why in the end they decided that they would never lost 800 news organizations. Wanted to to to do this and ABC was the one it says. I made him Iraqis scrutinizing your reporting. Of course all of this very. Fresh in the boy's mind the trauma that they went through how sensitive did you have to be in speaking with them about. Their whole ordeal. Both united not pretty we would be sensitive. In any case you know the youngest boy is eleven years old but their roles that conditions on the into you happening and told there was certain issues that. We just sold agreed that we weren't going to cut it down and with a child psychologist so boldly agreed that we weren't going to talk about the death of the navy seal. That was something that we we felt that you know could trigger feedings of guilt in the boys they have no reason to feel that way that that was something that we stayed there are off. He'd be the idea that some of the mosques may not have fitted properly as the boys when it out of the cave because that was obviously it would have been. Possibly traumatic for them or that we understand. That they whacks at dated on it was by issue as well the sedation. Now the boys the the idea that they would have had to have injections he's issued that we stayed well clear of the whole idea of this into the laws two if you like. To tie up on the whole story. But it goes to the Thai boys justice to say these the boys. The happy that healthy and boy when a healthy and happy I mean to seat and that was as a greedy and joy an exciting to see them. Just kind of smiling and laughing and in front of us and that was the whole point of this incident to celebrate. That rescue. This remarkable rescue all round let's take a look at the first segment of the interview here when you talk to the boys about what life is like now that they are out of the cave. And back home. So who. I suppose the first question is how all you. On my tie I don't speak any time I can say so what he copped. Called couldn't cup still soup. I you enjoying school who is the most who's the best in school. If anything anything movement and human. He didn't he's like our idea. And who is the best in English and I. I don't like none and an on line at. And so. Today you will but what in school today. And how has what how has life been. Of the last few weeks since he left the K. Quality and Pennsylvania. Mean yeah good. Get it. Do you like school is good yes who it is English are best sums subject yes I night. Inbox view also speaks creating this. And 101010. Passes and and Colin Dixon and its own. He like English. I'm interested about this place the mole mystery is why is the mall mystery important. And helping this rumor glad I'm just so norm and no my holy communion make us with enough room to know. And they would come to meet with you off to school they come to me you cut check. And I live victim lives. So you economy him because he's that I today him to comfort him. Why is the more mystery important what did you nine when you weigh in them honest people get. That crippling accident today but he left hand. Who's coming on and if you cannot sing like pat so long running. And. What needs what did you'll land in the monastery built view what did you done when Ewing's game while I was the most important field. An Indian woman. But doesn't. Did you conduct come from can't let me. I made him. He proclaimed king will sentinel could. And say you spoke about love. Who as anyone have a girlfriend. Known. Thought I had one once someone has ago. Fifty he gave me. It's clear now. Being. You and you're looking. I mean you know being me he didn't mean leave. Yeah well Arafat and I think she needs me. So how is life we do if nominees is some life back to normal again. Up the line. Again the does everyone want to take pictures with you. Sydney console market did you a pop fly. Do people stop you in the street and take a photograph yeah. And you have basic ground. Who has many. Thousands of followers on. You mountains where if you got McCain and developing. They don't need my dad. I mean really how that need hootie and AT. It's obscene call one. If he doesn't think about it and go out and 300000. Followers on his stick around something. Love. L. Feel very famous. If this thought what was this like. What do you like doing off to school. Problem a lot. We'll poignant moment. Mom. Soccer practice. And then you'll say I think you like to rigel by aches and go on excursions on trips. And jade you spent so much time with these boys how are they adjusting to the celebrity aspect of all of that. Well I think K it's it's funny that had that kind of embracing a lot of the social media are aspects of the whole thing. United over the boys audience aground accounts that out. Thousands of followers so I think they're enjoying it that parents are trying to make sure the authorities are trying to make so that you know their able to get on with their lives until that unable. Two two got back to doing full soccer practice yet the typical catch up policies. To guide theories by then. You know I think that that claimed doing some of the spotlight over the and kind of followed me Earnest Graham who's done but he adds years at that was quite sweet. I'm so very much just kind of I think they're in doing it. And James we know that talking about the time inside the cave was sensitive and difficult how hard was it for you to get them. To open up about that. What it would it wasn't. Easy I mean to begin with the boys were quite and you know there there were quiet they don't sit and 102 words. We directed a lot of questions to kites bank can and what did was then kind of prompt. The other boys to starts to salt willing to speak and particularly when it came to the story about the coach Lang not right. And then at trying trying trying to make sure that that they could try and find a way out. And so what you did is he dived in and there was a right and and he said if I opponent twice that it means on stock and but it pulling you can fall in the all those sorts of to suit chime in as well and or site at the moment plan the boys see that divers for the first time. And it was a lovely exchange. About says about about how I dole was the first to go down and and he spoke to the first diver Niles the boys of who which one that he was translating. Another void be used in X until he put his hand up and he said I tried to translate that they was so shocked. Seeing pit dive that they didn't translate enough into English and to tie from English. And so the coach for some shouting or could someone please translate these knotted speak any. English so that was a fun diamond and eight days dame they take their lead from coach and then when he felt comfortable to speak I think they want to and. Amazing and speaking of some of those moments you highlighted there in this next portion of the interview the boys take us inside the cave and talk about. The moment when they realized they couldn't get out on there well let's watch. What is it about the caves and us exciting fool expansions. Are opportunistic but thanking me goodbye and how I am wrong. Film you have a Bonn embassy filthy your. I'm. In which ones never went before to decay if it's. You guys went biffle. On another mistake I check of everyone else it was the first time it was exciting. And I about it later just tell me about what that day was light attack. Clues on May have found many cases black and saw mom. Some fun I guess I must say taxes are likely to happen happened in the twin can turn going to be hot hand. And it happened thank you can. Indicate press conference he spoke about. Hit in city. Can you describe this hidden city. Clues. On gun and I have come and they could find it could be hidden but Jimmy bought the Nat Hamilton evil and dipping to think to have been thank Pompeo. The magic in them it could have I think we'll given them by the in men after day how warm or. Have you all you have enough not to need help I don't know commend me and I met Nike gap they went. So this cave is a place where you would it was excite saying. On excursions just for fun but then the war to came fuel on your way to the hidden city. And then you fill I'm stuck I need to find a way to get everyone out and you Hudson wrote. What was a plan. And Cummins who can happen that the dog and con man. That they run the whom blue and black I think you can. This compliment me and I can rat -- passed an animal by collate the able all of them to Tunisia. Me thinks I need personal. And could if you can't buy if I'm I'll let on he helped by an epic evening hand him. Thank you they keep it can. Clues to run and a human Yunnan inland and happens April minute include ask. Asked how to act alone looked only the last time accurately that my past Hannah who that I got to Oakland. Nana include. Chia Obama by doing it coming up on the tight Philippine all. Paying only a newly no I don't eat frequently she'll light had the constant promoters Jeff. Welcome local Eilat having axles and now and castle Indiana couple cheerful kind pagan pagan got my food and I think lack. They AM ED not an autopsy can make haul and day. Hackett many critical chip in America less than a lap up and I helped with the Oakland Mikey got ultimate irony. That was good clever thinking. Bank have a thinking. When you work inside. You do you may show that everyone was very calm. Can you explain. What you would do when full meditation. And they win happened at Tallulah become. Come with a ten buses kindness the PM as a peacock massive. AM local mall. PM on announces may not let us become. Well Cadillac they need to move would cost of a man that animal but that deal cannot I cannot you've got up at all my. Currently Yan who blew him and often it may be an attack on any give apple memo by a lack dump the pound. Have multiple. No not defective back. Filet AM you'll go to new life is a young punishable with comeback you know that all my given half a look back and. Was there a Pratt that you would use when you are praying because every night I think you pray before you see. What was the Pratt. He home some of intensive. Don't think human feet in the second map why couldn't my neck my back and have an I don't know how my monkey man conclude. Gone wrong because additional amount that might have someone come on food Japan a Cadillac not some I couldn't. They keep medium through. Who is the best in the group to do this with the aid. Casablanca you know he had you know he he enjoys praying why do you enjoy praying. Sunday. Jay and Bob tomb. Kohl sought among newstalk. And I think nick said. Keep fighting Sioux so is that right which one he said this does so so. That it intends to demonstrate can come and also math class and they're not happen when and call you principe de camp to don't know much about what they Suva sizzling heat yet beautiful happening in and. And in a press conference he spoke about I think it was T. He spoke about who had the idea to drink the water from the stock tights is that right when they liquidate. A copy who have decided yeah. Coach Jack Posey all right dates being Hispanic titled. They had a look at aidid's. The British divers came and you could Hayden. In the war. You didn't know what it was. And so someone went down to the warts. And then there was a lot of confusion with speaking English and speaking Thai. Can you tell me about that moment who went down to the war to thoughts. I don't know. Tell me. You went down to the warts and then what did you say. I'm so so happy in happy. There was translating view you were translating say you went down and you sold the dive. We had been behind you look behind at. And tight exit to you translate. Well everybody by USA surprised. He didn't translate. Some some sort of notice and pay president and society is isn't it. In unison and what did you say. A lot from Italian state income there. It's thought paycheck was saying come on translate translate one tonight but I'm on the. Not under uncle concept and that got. A man happily enough to put them on lap to cope with a night to put them on we gonna benefit. Well have you made daily on paid at Uga. McMahon but they don't pay adequate to console hole and haven't and you donate the amount paid it but I keep my sanity in. It's been that funny moments. And if you didn't even mind what happens to eat and die candy giant replica that lack. A doggy yet we will cope quarterly. Many Teddy well I laws because I was outside. And I was down with some of the dive is. Not very far. And when we had that you had been found. And was it. PH out and we will draw two. The K outside the K and the whole loveless celebrating and say I'd like to talk about when he was spending time with. The Navy SEALs. Because in the press conference he said that he used to pay check since he's to play games he played a game with the Navy SEALs. All everyone play games not content. At. You don't like games. You fill the navy's they would beat you in the game. So you Aggies stones to pay. Chest is that right taking had a lot of email soil soil. To play the game. And who beat the navy seal. And everybody lost. Iowa and but this time was good because it made you happy and it was you connected. With the Navy SEALs. Yet she'd that. But Cedeno global mean I don't got many non he can't fill out. Hobbies who Hamas. Cut law that. I don't know neither did he added that called up got me guided me. Compliment not to go but musical went GDP. Played to an end of play that then I'm had that has UVP that. Capone and AMP has you're not. Tom. And then with a funny story about who decided to. How you decided who would fifth us. By the glass to have it all on have to. Pat makes you. Do not have held my quote homeland that the attack and that let dial up all gone Democrat Iraqi Latin winning the last. Have a pinatubo last hate it but that he died today a different that he direct. Definitely an accident that you have. You commit like I picked up on a few. But then it was about someone getting on that bike and going all the way. A man. The gunman in army who laughed and not. And the Oakland and that way you when you connect me cooking heat get you collapse the Cornet pop up at book and puppet for clues. They out again and they add. Face is called dean you know Colin and I can cut back and you won't see Christmas sweets. And I was such a great moment with the boys there's a little snack break were reminded Jamie just how young these boys are and how they were. Thrust into this extraordinary circumstance. After you took that break though the boys were able to relax a little bit and I know that. One of those boys really opened up to you tell us about that breakthrough. Yes two I went to sit down on the on the floor of the temple with them as they kind of broke out thanked -- connect tips. And don't came full it. And we shot the little bit and his English is good but in front of the others they think he he really have the confidence that with me one on one we sat there and he was. He was festival showing me a trait called the dead a challenge which is. An English Coppola who always does this when he finishes when he schools' adult I think I still can't do it now is trying to do it. He was trying to show me how to do it kept punching myself in the face which he found quite funny Arafat and and then we cut if study testing a little bit about and when he wanted to do when he was old that the idea he might wanna play to get tolerant. And and of course the professional football that was that was a really really special mime and and I think he being that. On the full when it was is that it will relax that gave him the sense that you know he couldn't and applicable. Let's take a look now at that conversation and a one on one moment rejects. Me. Okay yeah. But it comes with them in the night. We. This is inside. It and guillotine Liverpool and Manchester United. And Chelsea house enough arsenal. I'm very crowded but cool off buried gotten hey I'm very content of those who. In America they say Soka. Soft. So iPad has been. Evil and we just beat yes yes you know it is I don't and then spent timing and it's non I'm English you understand me. I lived there until death good pay you the best political play here you can tell you the best. You bet. In the focal team are you the best. They no you know. Mid eighties yeah. Which is the best plan. I don't know how you. Yeah. Atlanta he's famous would be the best. It's to go and king is best at global head the you haven't Seagram yes. How many photos he. It 98000. 98000. Balloons those guys. You what is the gun. Yeah the credit. Nelson. And night maybe 8000. While you have so many blues. I only have a hundred and Saddam and his three times bigger than me. James such as special conversation and moment between the two view but I do want to take every one. Back inside to came at a fascinating story about how the boys would decide who was going to leave the cave first. Help with set that up. Yes so once all the boys are ready to make that died out there'll huddled up inside that cable that. Way inside the network. And the coach was lost by the Navy SEALs while media thinks it go fast. I'm his initial thought was well indicated its furthest away obviously city can go antennas parents. That day. And then we can they can going to help basically. It was but a funny kind of really natural reaction because it hailed as he was clear. That he and the boys had no light day just how many people waiting outside the boy it is for other ways that can get is by and tennis parents. It was such an innocent. Kind of reason him going. Not to mention the millions of people who were watching all of this play out from around the world. Let's go ahead and watch that next part of the interview the boys take it back inside the cave but worst they also have a little fun with Jane. So you did this trip video thing gets an economist sending. Yeah. Clearly doing each and every last day together. But. But again. And that. Yeah. That's simple thing and many. Punishing myself in the face and happening to him as he does this mean does this what what is this from head that he. Yeah Danny that he says is your favorite is your favorite soccer player yes. And you will all indicate supporting. Before the K England yes. You are looking. And game but then that dependency on us and I could. Like I can't keep the law and the united front seat he eats yes I'd eat ala yeah Orleans yet. You pay patty Sheehan fancy pageant queens yet they're basically saying that he didn't and so he's the globe on grounds did Iran like it. Airports yet. He supported. And EUI com. I'm not around ninety typically Seattle doesn't it unsolved horn that she place yet CBS I know men don't play some maintenance. No not myself and be perfectly happy. Guns and hand out billions. It I'm not wrong man I'm not running huge Yankee yankees yankees cannot dynamic if you're a deep. Couldn't beans also wouldn't honey delay when teach you place yet he had an end to compete and that's very. It's a truthful I Oscar's neck about the K you let him do all the speaking. Bucks. I'd like to hear more from. What you thinking. Well. We are it and I. It I think it was. The thing. We'll stay ahead of the. You'll you'll you'll have a seat name. It's been caught sight hit by pumpkin inevitably. I'm Pamela and with it. I can say quiet. They end up god says young cup. People. Gondola and under the. Yeah. Go become wet Kabul a couple. This of that definitely gets really got two young black. And I'm giving up from London Obama did need a little bit out of when it needs to come in mind culmination. He's like damn was it to date you had stones and you would thinking. You're hopeful and how long did you do this. Feel elected him a society here. I just wanted to hit from you just. What it was like when you sold the richest guy is in the want to out what was the what was that like feed to see. That. Doesn't work. The diet to Jack up phone keep that. So one of my one on all night long one could along to Atlanta they lack the man who come Mikey Mikey no. Don't die about it. Been done die here but now I'm between. The day everything is finished. You met your family's what was it like to seal found these types and tell me what it was like. For you to see your family out that will this time. And then he went when you in the hospital. You could see them through the playoffs. Is that right. This don't want may be dumb PG when you're in hospitals did you see. You'll found me outside and what was that line. Continue until when you. Some have taken a couple when a Magee and you. And the market to come her moment percent. Visiting here we need an agonizing. Today it today Napoli. It was a high mindedness and nothing happened because he was happy. How do you cry because you are happy why do you think. The love with senator intercity in this story coming. Booth yeah and that's it and got leg will alive I can't comment. Relief isn't die 200. I'm not that we Yang man that went home and a bonus it got. Well yanking big and video cup. Culminate at eleven that Diana like doomsday coming to a not a quirk. And James one of the things that we see in watching this interview is just how much like these boys haven't had a there's still so young. You have the opportunity to ask them about their futures what was that conversation why. Yes I mean I met a bucket a press conference when some of the boys while possibly want it to be and basically all of them I dissent. And navy seal off Opel plant. But it seems that in the time this policy they've had a bit of a think about and yes of another ounces was similar but. Well boy said he wants to be an architect and on the boy said he wants to be a mechanic. But that the theme basically was that they wanted to help people we wanted to give back and an a till the kind of best English speak at itself. The plane kind of spokesperson for the group he wanted to say that he. He just he wanted to give thanks to everybody's gonna dedicate his life for eighty cities to to kind of doing good and and and and he was just so moved by. All that evolve and the outpouring. That he's seen since. He left the K it was the really a moment that you've got the sense that these boys but truly thankful and they had renewed hope in their own futures. I made it let's go ahead and watch this portion of the interview when they tell us about their dreams at a message they have. For the world. Would. T big plans feel future. And get one mile an aunt Linda and I think I'm ahead of them. And an important name to penalize. AM thing. Long. It's. Tapping. Sounds. Things just to come get me to come in mind. I don't. Don't know enough of bonds they have been good handle it may he comfort from fund that you want to place oval unpaid gets. Montevideo. An amazing enough this son. My so. And team every month this and I want to meet her and don't mix C and haven't completed. You want to meet Rinaldo and messy yes allow. For now that messy Palestinian economy. I feel that it is live they see you Wednesday Navy SEALs and you haven't been back. It doesn't mean can't even easier because even though companies ice. Its. Willingness you know. Eight dean his. About me is full will pay a navy sale. It. Don't and up and offered Monday. Nothing. Went to pop a bundle up. Haven't you already have adopted Floridians to ground game is one double right. You know. Guidance and anecdotes from some. The play up enough bond. Yeah I think. He should not look into. Him. Intact. The guys. He wouldn't like to go to the UK. Fire in old opal blew up the client and me not to let the becomes glorious. And definitely up there in the federal income well. My grandfather was an architect Michael cook political yeah. It's is big enough not sending it to those who have been enough when prices apparently. It's it doesn't belong. Who wants to attack Opel in the and it. Eighties it sank and then an island and I definitely still some some well. In the bottom of the unit accidentally upon. So we have safe are we have a mechanic and an architect and everyone else in the volatile man guys. Do you have a message for every one. In the world watching finalists the rescue teams in the volunteers. Consultant Clinton for the Oakland. A Wendy do when Matt pulled pulled from not to Oakland and cut. This is that. When Manilow people may have been phenomenal last couple isn't as that he. Hectic due to colon. Yeah Copeland of diet. Going on vending that the media and Elliott had to clinic in my diet. You know when you have making fun you dad and up. Spending Dino to mean Clinton can do Clinton when he opened an open. Him open to the core and elective AME that he went up. Thank you coping. And jabbed at likely get some final thoughts from new you covered this story from the very beginning two months ago when many people frankly. Thought there would not be a happy ending in all of this and yet here we are now we're seeing their smiling faces were hearing their story first and and you have the opportunity to fit right in front of them. What was that like for you. Well I was just pure joy I think united. Nike said when when we all got case the foreign Dennis at least there was the sense of cynicism you know how could these boys ever. He found and if they all found that how could they be found alive and then the moment they were found and while they were in such good health in good spirits. This has been a real Jenny and that the need to meet them face to face it was ready opportunity to the to meet the individuals rather than it while bullets team which we've been reporting on sold these weeks and to kind of get a sense of the individual personalities that was nick who's sitting as a opposite me news kind of getting side eye to his friends. A dole who the really wanted to be the ones that cool cat titan aid. And united likes to go against the grain and it'll date he's. He's kind of pretty boisterous and I think to see all those different personalities rather than just one group of people have a uniform I think that was really special. And also just to kind of the sense that. These employees who all all at once very very special. But also just can't agree normal and regular and looking forward. To getting on with the rest of their lives and when we are the K that Thai people would come up to us and they would say. Keep fighting keep fighting and I never knew what the actual phrase in tight laws but the boys told me and it was so soon. And everytime I said it may repeat it back and keep fighting was the message that they had from the very beginning. And inside that cave you know there that's how they felt. And they just had this. This deep sense that they would be found and I think it's really hard not to sit in front of them. To sit in front of them and not be inspired by dot it was it was quite amendment to me and ominously it. Amazing and it's really was an emotional roller coaster for everyone who is watching this play out over the course. Many weeks. Com but overall. We need to remember that these boys went through a lot of trauma they still have a long road to recovery what's your take on how the boys are doing today. And what are your hopes for them in the future. But they just seemed like normal happy kids you want to get on with the rest of their lives I could see you know I can see myself and them almost if I had to go through. A 45 minute one hour interview that age 1213. That is what it to go out and play in and I know that parents of very keen to be able to speak as well about what they've been through and child psychologists who we've been speaking to about this seemed to be quite clear they they think that to speak. Gives these boys the powerful may need to continue to heal. Obviously need to know if that they and huge trauma is that a mate and somehow that a going to be treated later in life. But for the moment they dent scene. That two to be really badly affected by old at these things I think it was the two weeks. They spent to the monastery which gave them that time away at a time a pot that time that deep. Reflection and recollection. That they could really just have spent time together as a group. And he'll like about I think that's probably what's given in this this really is sold it. Foundation moving forward and they remain very place with the coach sat on that they have with him. Is just extraordinary they go back every night to see him because he's spending more time in the ministry now. As a month cited and yeah I just think as long as they stay together. They can probably face anything and I think authority to lessen. That they've learned from this and tiled deals site. To meet them to see them to seat up onto the coach he was very special and I think it's united that that definitely gonna have a bright future. Fantastic games lobbying we truly appreciate your reporting all the time you spent Thailand thank you for bringing this interview an amazing conversation we appreciate it. Thanks so much that. And of course all those twelve boys and their soccer coach making out of that came alive there home safe truly a remarkable story of survival. This once again as a special edition of ABC news lie about what Johnson in New York we leave you now with a look at some of the incredible images the world won't soon forget.

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