Three New York Men Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Join ISIS

Suspects tried to fly to Turkey and Syria to allegedly join terror group.
4:25 | 02/25/15

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Transcript for Three New York Men Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Join ISIS
Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York three men arrested in New York charged with. I did join I fifth and give material help to the terror group. Three men ages 1924. And thirty were citizens of Uzbekistan posits that living in Brooklyn. Are trying to plot to Turkey and eventually get to Syria to allegedly joined the militant group. For the latest on this breaking story let's bring an ABC's Aaron pictures key in New York Aaron what more can you tell us about these rafts. Well these three men all who were living in Brooklyn seem to know each other from a eighty mobile phone kiosk repair business that one of them operated and they allegedly plotted. To join Aysu says he saved by. Flying first to Turkey and then the hope was to Syria but if they couldn't get there. At least two of the defendants according to court records tie said that they would be willing to carry out attacks here in the United States rather disturbing attacks and that one said. According to court records that he would be willing to kill the president of the United States if ice has ordered him to. Two of the other men were also prepared the court record said to. Suited FBI agents or police officers again if they couldn't travel to Syria to join the primary fight and crisis is mission. And it appears as if they were well on their way in terms of their travel plans one suspect was. Allegedly rested trying to board a plane at JFK. A JFK airport he was arrested overnight apparently without. Any particular incident but he was a going to fly to Istanbul. And then on the Syria prosecutors believe another of the defendants. Was planning to fly to Istanbul next month for the same route into into Syria and the third man was apparently according to the FBI. The guy behind the money who who was funding this entire operation and he was arrested down in Jacksonville Florida. Tell us a little bit more about their background they're not American citizens is that correct. Notes to lose Becky men and a Koznick and they had been citizens of those countries but living here in Brooklyn we haven't had the chance yet to dig into their exact backgrounds when they arrived under what circumstances. But they first became. Caught the attention of law enforcement officials. Last summer when they had taken to the Internet court records said. To express their support for ices and what my sis was trying to do establish that Islamic how to fit across Syria. And Iraq and that's when a confidential informant working with the FBI seem to get involved and that's also when the FBI started to track these men. Finally taking them down as one was about to board a plane to Turkey. And as they seem to be coalescing around their plans to to carry out attacks on behalf of crisis. What. What charges are they looking at at this point obviously this appear to be in the early stages of planning these are simply things they had written on line. Were they facing now that there in the justice system. Oh really it's just could conspiracy charge two to provide material support to vices but this has been the case. With a number of defendants in the in recent months and and in in the last couple of years says ice has has become. That the dominant terror group that counterterrorism officials here have been concerned with along with a al-Qaeda. And al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula also Bob. But prices has a unique ability to to provide some really good propaganda good meeting slickly produced. The ability to recruit in fact the FBI director just this morning as as these court papers were being drawn up here tie. The FBI director James Conley was speaking in Washington about that the growing. Spread out of the ice this message in this country he said there are now active FBI investigations. Of homegrown violent extremists. Who've taken inspiration from ice this on line in every single state. That is chilling. Indeed in ABC's Eric Peters and thank you again for bringing us more deep tells into these arrests. Three men living in Brooklyn arrested and charged. For providing material support. Crisis I'm tie Hernandez in New York thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"4:25","description":"Suspects tried to fly to Turkey and Syria to allegedly join terror group.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"29222102","title":"Three New York Men Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Join ISIS","url":"/International/video/york-men-arrested-allegedly-join-isis-29222102"}