Man attempts to have conversation with 10,000 people

Rob Lawless of Robs10kFriends discusses his mission to have a 1-hour conversation with 10,000 people.
5:27 | 10/14/19

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Transcript for Man attempts to have conversation with 10,000 people
All right guys before we go if you were on Twitter yesterday you may have seen. The meltdown that was spawned by the fort night the blackout if you play for tonight on the announced they were launching a new season. And instead of launching immediately. The entire game got sucked into a black hole at 2 PM so this calls people to resort to things. Other things to fill their time like late dictionary. Spend time with their kids. Be president so. That's why want to bring in our next guest who is essentially. He's gone amiss in the to be present his name is rob a lot lists he he's the man behind. Robs 101000 friends and he joins us now he's actually. Been sitting in the studio to hold times I didn't of one and around how are you in is simple goal here is to meet at 101000 strangers that's one on one. For an hour each N I'm stranger number. 2920. Something yes just over twenty. They have a little bit of a ways to go yes yes OK I do I love this idea so much because you are doing what none of us do most of us are on our own shirt and you're actually meeting all these people in her life. So I have so many questions the first how did you decide to Davis. So I graduated from Penn State and when I was a student there as involved in a lot of different clubs and activities and so I grew like this really. Family oriented network very quickly. And whenever I was walking to class I was always running into like by people on the way to class so. When I graduated. I really miss that sense of community and I studied finance I went into consulting for Deloitte. And despite having a good salary they're gonna pick me get my NBA just wasn't fulfilling and I had my energy in entrepreneurship. So I thought if I could try to make a living out of meeting people. That would be a closely for me to go through life and also I'm just a lover of meeting new people so it's it's something that I enjoyed doing it every day that is medicis and this is your job. Yes if your full time job yes I started this November of 2015. I took it full time in July 20 sixteenths I had left a little eight. Gone to a tax on they were bought out. I was laid off he's I just push this forward as far as I could and just recently assigned to pick up with press and I've taken on partnerships with different friends. Right now I have a partnership with we where where I'm meeting people other locations. One day out of every week and they're all about community and entrepreneurship so. Just partnering with brands his values align with my project. OK so here we are 6926. So how does lyric you spend an hour you you've been at the shows that's like half an hour served in so what happens is there are their questions are there is their an agenda. Like what what happens during this hour. So no agenda I always say it's just two people touching up like old friends who just haven't met yet so for me it's more about just establishing that relationship. Than anything else and I like learning about peoples lives where they'd came from where they are now where they wanna go and I'm happy to tell them about my life to so. I typically start out by asking people are you from here originally does that kind of use use. A starting point for their story and that in my mind that kind of knocked it out like a timeline and I fill in the gaps of questions. How frequent do you meet with these people in this like every day connecting exhausting. And do you maintain the French answered it is letting go. As it just make it organic he questioned so. Attorney for people every day here were people every day the New York area yes. Typically ten news tuned for. Read a little bit about what I learn from them percent to incidents I always do that in between then and then as far as getting in touch with people. It's crazy I did so last week I net I ran into this guy Dan who I had met in LA at the time he was riding his bike across the country. And we met for my project and so a lot of times I'm running into these people. I say let out in the wild and just out and about. Or keep in touch with them through is a grim. Or some people have turned into real good friends. That's so awesome. What have you learned about yourself in this process because you're talking to all walks of life I think. Yes yes yes I'm Linda have a lot to be grateful for I come from a family my pants are still together. I'm the youngest of three siblings all three of us are college educated through Penn State so we're all doing well in. I've learned how much of a luxury that is and where I kind of fit on the spectrum of human life past and I think for a lot of us. The spectrum is much larger than we think it is if you think about it. We go through life with our own path or the people that we know closest to us. But once you step outside that you're exposed to people who had a better than you'd people who've had it worse than you. And so for me. I now place most of the value that I see in life on relationships it's like the fact that. I can sit and have tea with my mom after dinner and some night Sawyer I can see my brother I saw him this morning before coming here and so. For me I'm grateful for those types of movements have absolutely love it so. Asked dared this is finished as we're about to wrap now show you got to take a picture right yes this is one of the pictures smile. Okay and then you ready caption yes okay cool.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Rob Lawless of Robs10kFriends discusses his mission to have a 1-hour conversation with 10,000 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Lifestyle","id":"66265315","title":"Man attempts to have conversation with 10,000 people","url":"/Lifestyle/video/man-attempts-conversation-10000-people-66265315"}