Meet the Mall of America's 1st Black Santa

Maybe it's the twinkle in his eye or his jolly voice — when you meet Santa Larry, he's easy to believe.
1:46 | 12/07/16

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Transcript for Meet the Mall of America's 1st Black Santa
Aren't. It could be to twinkle in his time very. Or his jolly Boyce. But when you meats and a weary so it's easy to believe. And I go up up up up does enjoy being Santa Claus. Brings a lot of joy to me they surmised Larry Jefferson calls north Texas home but now he's known nationwide. Just back from Mall of America in Minnesota. Where he was their first ever African Americans Santa. Chosen after a national search and here right now that he met hundreds of families some flew in from across the country just to meet him I'm Santa Claus this happened to look like now and they can relate to that. In a flash the story went viral a clatter of comments most positive but reports of some backlash they are deathly own knowledge they'll get some cold he has a message to anyone who might think Santa can only be played by someone who's white to get over it. You know I'm just Santa Claus. I'm dis Larry a person's portraying a character. You know. To help with the spears in the holiday season this Santa is at thirty year army veteran first put on the suit in 1999 with a helper beard the place and after his nephews saw Santa suit and Wal-Mart for twin on 99. What about us and them come motels how some surprise. Now during the holidays he please see it's a full time. We view of new recruits have been upgraded suit and a very real beard you wish Mary Chris. A getting ready and happy new year for a holiday party for Wilbert drivers. Charming kids in grown ups the sentence is a jolly spirit but it's also what's in your heart. There's magic in back. And.

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{"id":44033328,"title":"Meet the Mall of America's 1st Black Santa","duration":"1:46","description":"Maybe it's the twinkle in his eye or his jolly voice — when you meet Santa Larry, he's easy to believe.","url":"/Lifestyle/video/meet-mall-americas-black-santa-44033328","section":"Lifestyle","mediaType":"default"}