Tour Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum

ABC News' Megan Hughes tours the Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum and speaks with Lin Meyers, whose art is featured inside.
20:55 | 05/12/16

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Transcript for Tour Smithsonian's Hirshhorn Museum
On mega used for ABC news digital were your thoughts. Commercial art museum that's part of the Smithsonian. Important date one of the new exhibit 300. 65 degree. Drying. Called our view from here by artist Linda Myers Washington DC based artist now I want to show you it's very very intricate. You can see some of that the drying here it's done with the graffiti marker. And it. The tiny there's really interesting as I mentioned that it opens today it's open for one year and then all of this intricate trying to you know. Now the other thing that's interesting I wanna she speaks. Simon's 360. Degrees wrong. It goes right. That use its. And miss Clark's work. Yeah. We're country. Linear feet. And. In the aren't. Yeah. Her comings and it kind of sound didn't want yeah. So grains of really great I started on February 29. It's been across. But opening a little different than us at this and openings because it is. It is an open the second floor and went process has been open to the public and April's. So people have been watching that he grow over that period of time and I actually finished a few days early and goes to finish. Yes your gang. But actually was able to finish a few days early show up and talk though it it has been open public hasn't completed he for a few days the next day is the official. Let's not look around. Yeah architecture here informants. What you're reading and I am actually Mercury. So. I think Lee is a circular Spain. Yeah. I'm Eric instructions on the laying down our attention for him yeah totally yeah. For that. It's. Another example of that would be the opening over here. Actually it's. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. In preparing the demonstrate our. I took into account those elements architecture. A long list. The plane flying experience yeah. Knowing. You can't eat the entire case. As you can't say it can change and that's really different than any other market haven't time to play. You know and they paint yeah. Seamless arts and there you get closer to let her perfect act. Changing times person does. You really demands of commuters and students they experience course there's another yeah. Was there and there aren't easy. That leaves the Indy in what we're seeing it aren't you come here come from. From here is the title. I plan on lines here. Scenes that are you where he changes depending on where here yeah. True yeah. Projects failing. Okay. Really the way society is developed in the witness composition. Developed it was something that happens in the studio during the planning take. So I did perpetrate crimes our accounts stay. And I'm really deteriorated ingredient. In the months leading up to it was only an immediate the last few weeks right before I started dying. Was it looks yeah. The perpetrators. And you Gail model that I had bills and see what wet and an inkling of what it looks like say but it changed a lot yeah. Change so. So I went from making runs at about three inches high to making any time that the time it ends. Yeah. Let's talk a little bit to get. The cents. On the wall yeah. You're looking yeah. So yeah. Looking at his mind yeah and I didn't. Eating lunch lady the lady in need any heat you want. You know actually usually good. And he to witnesses and town and here to protect our. The unusual circumstance that almost all of this news. On housing counting on me at ease of mountain. I really was Smart enough architecture. The waves. Visitors will experience. Things. It's it's a nice. Nice. That is greatly dependency. And the maintenance. Can you she's a little. Mostly innocent heat here he's using markers interesting and ends. Yeah. Its heat in the hot. It's really aren't exactly. For instance and united news and backtracked but just as it happens yeah posts here. You seen that all of the line concern me to see me. Other Canada and engineering and pre senate and the lions turn happier than others and yeah. My position my hands in the wrong. Oh yeah here at this very dark line. Things happen to be slowing more humbling moment when I would let the market down on the quality time and then there's little talk here. These are not. Department or didn't necessarily intentional but they are is. Just evidence a line and things starting. Usually they're clusters. Seeks. I am mechanics and throwing. Online yeah yeah. Just. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah get clash. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. And I think you're repeating a real incidents. Just how I think a little work under the grounds that it's yeah. During that. So why aren't just he's. About seventy million yeah. Dealings are a lot higher. I'm seasons lawless land and yeah good and it certainly. Yeah. A we're. Yeah. I yeah. It's yeah. Now 600 happens right. Yeah it's something you know I didn't hasn't exactly something sent neighborhoods if you witness news and all of this. Yeah 360 findings here's CNN's Evans it's nice things again. You create a second thinking about that as you're. Wheeling away for 600 pounds not at all now from I 88 exit is. Some morality of the project is part of it. Yeah. Same thinking yeah. Yeah. Just it is part of what is. Let me but yeah. Drove me. Yeah. Yeah okay. But enough. Anything that's. And around. Okay. Service time. That makes. It's very how. They are market. How when and his life and the though it. I think the idea that something's gonna get handed over like. It's a lot but yeah. Yeah heat it's really it's now. An opportunity. Half a conversation. Yeah. The conversation now yeah. It's not that that's certainly leaning to cling to and an excellent progress can be. Vacationing with your family when it's found out what happens to you how it looked. Grabbed her hands the fact that. Played it and airplanes at moments yeah. Inspired you know let's move onto the next front. He needs as the instrument quality of this case is pending the idea that he's going to go away and I needs. She happens to be creating something. Com well he's just sitting in in his one thing that idea yeah. I'm always been honest and nature's move onto the next thing. And generally he. Quit the project. In our. It kind. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So I thank. Yeah. Excited about it. No I think I haven't had any conversations. I really yeah. He's working with Mike yeah and even when he's excited. That change circuitry and brought in all preventable. It's slick he's feeling a performing. An anonymous. You never never understood the explained that I was working yeah. He deserves. That's. It's actually. Yeah what's changed my process actually. I didn't come a partner. There was that audience. And so I didn't want to you know I didn't want to break tonight. Like interacting. That's precisely break quick prayer so it made it that much weren't. But it wasn't all just friends and it was mrs. This areas. The work in the eighth Lindsay you so much for joining yeah you heard your contribution. I think we almost made it all around us. 360. Degrees. And nearly got Q credence to her children joining us. Here's a fun. It has announced that correct yes. Very very good yeah a little bit about yeah and it's very humble hear and turned away what's been received so far when it you've been hearing. Oh well consciences and needed to go lapses before you started you visitors came up your end since we wanted to study. This is so that's in the public reaction. People are intense and taking photos following notes and drawings and sentenced him to beautiful things and it's nothing we were stopped. We were enchanted them they want an aviation Sargent Scott Speed. So and you know where the harshest critics because that's how she was lieutenant colonel in. And a no answers yeah since that that at least. I mean which came out. Ideas and drawings. And by the city's. Perfectly suited for the personal it was sought. And were the building itself since he needs in this structural. It's also some hundred of waves and visions and circles and spirals. Kids you think it means. And talk to me about how. Museum is trying to incorporate and use the architecture yeah. Honestly as I understand that there will be more than 300 there was enormous as the first learned since it. They just proselytizing construe this. And yeah. You know are wheeled. To continue on them on this I. So you have to you know and others who knew that the national audience. Celebrated look like it's building in its little instantly when he speaks Q in Arizona. You see people abroad and museum would that person. All anyone is being here. Hasn't been very very distinct memory of this unique architectural experience that artists. Aren't immensely inspired Wendy. We're accidentally. Mentioned that to other artists there's little square here it is no right angles so. Tenet. Working here is unique experience for the artists. And it's the only seasonal and we thought it would be the right thing to use it well. Equipment that building so inspired and do something that's so we've got clearly there. This is an. And we whipping winds it's kingdom he. Germany's run in. It didn't cost of the book and it is. Just as different from this front that's indeed but it is. Just perfect teeth into the architecture and building could be independently it's strengthening and then it sort of highlights how to artists come to. You know throughout this I thank them totally different perspectives including that been practicing formula and hoops. The strike that was sort of pointless you know to give this deeply experienced. What are your silent and I talked a lot about the idea that this is temporary and count and should use. BR yeah how viewers interpreting it. I mean. I guess what you ask you about the fact that his 300 yeah. Yeah well you know we were always despite its. Content on this politics incidence. Juan Carlos Slim when it's beautiful as it is would. You know. Wishes it to sink in and remained but then we're also. Comes is that it's all the more so beautiful that it it can only Nazi yeah. Cases that's. There's something. Quite compelling in the notion that. It's. But there isn't disappears and he you know seizing your memories so it's a more intense experience. Not all aren't listening to be permanent crew. Centuries and millionaire is Canada and this is less of an extreme case. Yeah. Yeah I. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yes yeah. Zain we did anything. And in our. Interacting in a building greatness it always surprises that we had in cue from the outside. So different from one another and very different but this is amazing us that it didn't explicit song the song and so. Unique architecture week we have highlighted guest uses. Thing in itself sits were divided sitter who worked to learn about it by artists are. Thanks tonight. It's not just any building. It's not just galleries and it. Unique architecture so it's inspiring and artists respond and pass this city's. In addition it. We want leadership. Well that was part of it and we also wants homeless. Vintage movement the unit he's our surroundings and community. We're all along we're not anywhere. We're not any place. In any other city in thin humidity polluted. Location is great symbolic thing charts. And we want it. Wouldn't want to use that the location that's. Starting French. Think about whether Mubarak is with society. Politics and you know no other museum of contemporary art is. Location. Anyway and didn't see anywhere in the so it's a unique position is as innocent people and yeah. That's just. My gardening. I'm just going to say goodbye here with this beautiful art that is here only worry. Limited shorts relatively short period of time 367. Days when it comes the end of orchids painted over this reminder that everything's temporary. And I get used ABC news digital thank you so much for joining.

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