Airport Amenities: Perks of Having a Delayed Flight

From cigars in a nightclub-style lounge to yoga, airports are quickly becoming popular destinations.
4:19 | 06/20/14

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Transcript for Airport Amenities: Perks of Having a Delayed Flight
Just $139 a month. N You may have noticed a lot of the country's airports a look a lot, well, fancier than they used to. Pricey shops, spa treatments, upscale restaurants, all ensuring you have plenty of ways to spend your money, and lots of it, while waiting for that flight. ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has this story. Reporter: Air travel. It's been known to bring out the worst in people. To ease the experience, airports around the country have gone through a major renovation with its new upgrades and amenities, they're cashing in on their captive audience. If you can capitalize on someone that is frazzled and lost and trying to make their way to the gate but still offer something that is going to be enticing for them to purchase, then you've done your job and you've connected with that type of passenger. Reporter: Holly Buckner knows exactly what passengers want in an airport. Airports are one of my favorite places. Reporter: Her company has been tapped with overhauling the airport experience nationwide. Passengers are expecting more out of airports than ever. Reporter: She calls it the golden hour, the time between security and boarding which travelers are forced to sit. Americans spent $1.5 billion at airports, up 14% over the last three years. I can get luxury brands,ky have an experience, and I can fly. Reporter: San Francisco was awarded third best airport in America this year. Behind Denver and Cincinnati. You want to spend some time getting a spa treatment, do a little shopping before we hop on the plane, it's all here. That's part of the plan. Reporter: It's like a trip to the mall. It is. Reporter: Travelers spent more money here than any other terminal in the country. What do you think? Reporter: It was $150 million last year. The Hermes store may have something to do with that. This watch cost about $38,000. It sparkles. Reporter: And just last month, jay zee entered the luxury airport arena. Though music videos like "Excuse me, miss" indicate he's more of the private jet persuasion. ? I don't land at an airport ? Reporter: He wants you to have a taste of the good life, too, at the Atlanta airport. His name will be recognized not only by U.S. But by international folks that want to come through and get the jay zee experience. Reporter: Even the Hudson news stands have rebranded, removing the news and realizing the potential for much bigger profits. Electronics is a category that's tripled for us over the past three years. It's because the needs of the travelers have changed. Reporter: Back in San Francisco, we meet the man behind this enhanced experience. My title is director of guest experience. Reporter: Is that true of every airport? I don't think so. I'm the only one that I know of. Reporter: You're make thing a destination. Absolutely. We want to make sure that people are committed to spending at an airport. Reporter: It's his job to keep those wary passengers calm, so he debuted the wag program. We have a number of certified therapy dogs that walk around the airport engaging with customers. Reporter: Or for some inner peace. People come through security and start doing yoga? They do. Reporter: We have to be quiet. The express spa. A last-minute manicure or massage, they have over 50 locations around the country. A delayed flight giving you plenty of time to play at the butterfly wall. Great for kids and adults. This is fun. After all, that's what travel should be all about. For "Nightline," I'm Rebecca Jarvis, in San Francisco.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"From cigars in a nightclub-style lounge to yoga, airports are quickly becoming popular destinations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"24226044","title":"Airport Amenities: Perks of Having a Delayed Flight","url":"/Nightline/video/airport-amenities-perks-delayed-flight-24226044"}