Why Bette Midler says she returned to 'Hello, Dolly!'

"The experience of doing this show changed my life," the actress said of her Tony-winning role in the Broadway show.
6:37 | 08/10/18

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Transcript for Why Bette Midler says she returned to 'Hello, Dolly!'
the most fun she ever had on screen. You make happy. The times, these very strange Ty I think I sort as the kind of a I'm normal.I'm kindno. I rent a kind O a happiness and joy THA they felt often, rather than Alm Reporter: An iconic career THA haspanned or lf a century. Dler has done it all. ??? Happy happy birthdanny Y rps her most morable aracter, C.C. Bloom in"beaches You took away you frids without discussing it with me. That friendsp more impoanto me than anything. "Bes" haseached. It still mes us ugly cry. Aww.u're very sweet. Why do yoink, after its time, such a Tims piece? Uched a chord in lot of women had best friends. Their bestends drifted or things happen. Howife is, it gets in the way of all the fun. Ant to go. You everw that you'r my hero ??? reporter:t that movie thatdergrammy award-winning smash hit "Wind beneath mygs." ??? You are the wind beneat wis ??? ??? god is watg us reporter:nd a year later gave her charing "From a once." ??? G is watching us from a distance ter: On T of that, bee has earned herself four go globes, three mys, two tonys. Judheoscar. Not ever G to get that I've made my peace. Whatre Ty going to write for ad woman Calle when youet it, you know? ?????? Reporter: Now the legry ac returned to her toning role in lo, O close out the show's way run this month. Playing the ssy, charming, mischioully, a ilor-made R Ed the audience saw you, ovation.is it being back? It's been a real thrill. I have to I lef in Y. Ayear's run. Did240 performans. I was very,ve, very, V tired. I literally crawled out,wledoff the stage, left the performance. But I H a months to cover, andt's brilliash the casts brant. I eed T come back. Crowds and iissed R. I missed dolly. Shwonderful infection, ly is. Whatroack sixnths later? I tell you, going to close.d I just wante a chance to sendoff that it deserved. 'S amican. It's the American they know theyno it or not, whether they've seener not,he know it, they know the music. Hadn't bn on Broadway in a show, a booked sho over 50 years. Reporter: Mad Broadway debut in 1967 indler on the rf." Matchmmatchmak ??? Reporter: A performance so highlyeghe perfo it at the tonys. In a mar byo many memorabl performance she says ING dolly has been life-changing. For to return in something Ast ass was deal. A very, very Dea me. Yd it is one of the greaes our . T F highlights of M life.I've H M highlights. Been , verylucky. I'mot --ouknow, I don't I don't -- you know, I'm Fu ther nouestion THA I'm Funn I'm not the most beaufu but'm raucous and have- I give people a good time. I thin T piece of americana ghtingale. That's my mission. Reporter: Her versatility is unmad. ??? You don O me Reporter: She made us all wantrevelaying T scorned wife in "The first wives club." ??? Quote you what to ??? I put a spell Repr: She put us under a spell as 300-year-old witch in "Hocus poc ??? I'm notoing T stop the things I do ??? noticeidn't do the business that anyonexpected us to do. And the fact that ite this cult favorite and that I plays regularly every Halloween, I mean, I have very young fans. The wit I Because ofwinnie, becauf "Hocus pocus." I'm grateful for it. As also the most fun I on screen. Reporter: But even after such arated career, this seasedtill had thing to lrn. Have you learneding new aboutrself wit T experience coming back and dolly again? I'm gon raiseof??? it gave a lot of Tim T work THA had never hhe opportuty to do. I amot trained person. Because had never nced, real you couave saido long solong ago ??? I learnedertain K of vocal projecon, irned a certain K of E experience of Doi this changed my really. Change M intellel life, anged my physical . And I CN't -- Ian't say enough. I should have paid them. Just don't tell them Reporter: For Bette, eve day is an oni to grow. Yoju have to be open to it. You have to find in the life, in the work you do, you have to find what'sting about it. What's rivg about . I think it keeps you young-is notice I say ung-ish. I young, Yo. I thin Borom is the thing in thehole world. Think apathy, lethargy I ink THAs psibly trust way you your life. Because the planet is so full of magic. And you must find . Find magic.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"\"The experience of doing this show changed my life,\" the actress said of her Tony-winning role in the Broadway show. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57129993","title":"Why Bette Midler says she returned to 'Hello, Dolly!'","url":"/Nightline/video/bette-midler-returned-dolly-57129993"}