The Case of the Hypoallergenic Cat

Part 1: Experts test whether hypoallergenic claims are the real deal in selected cats.
11:21 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for The Case of the Hypoallergenic Cat
I can hear you. Tonight on abc's "the lookout." Cats, this guy simon is selling us a kitten for 7 grand. He says it's hypoallergenic. He says it's a scientific break through. That even within the rem of possibility? Why does this kitty breeder say it ain't so? We actually had many of your cats tested and they are no more hypoallergenic than a cat you can get for free. Full bloom. Ever wonder if the flowers you see p online are the same as what gets sent. He said I'm paying $89.99. If you ordered this, how would you feel if you got this. What you see isn't always what you get. It's a lookout experiment and what you see might leave you seeing red. We're not talking about the roses. He made a bundle selling cars to unsuspecting customers but that's not all. Get the out of here. Kidnapping, extortion? Now he's trying to take us for a ride. How has this alleged mobster been able to stay in business? I'm just smarter than you and that's it. Oh, yeah, wait until you see who comes calling here next. Before you spend anything we'll do whatever it takes to help you get more out of your money. Seems like everybody is trying to sell you something these days. Which is why tonight we're on "the lookout" for you. Abc's "the lookout" is about to get busy and how. First up. Hype cat. We are taking out a small veterinariany office in west london. We've flown 3500 miles and spent six months to get to this moment. We are waiting for a man with a $7,000 cat. This is him. Simon brody. And this is what he says is the world's first scientifically proven hypoallergenic cat. It all started back in 2006 when the idea took hold with all the furry gust oh, of a viral cat video. His company and its spokes people got serious air time on nbc, cbs, even abc news "nightline." This pricey feline even made time magazine's best inventions of the year. Today some people claim they sent him thousands of dollars and never even received a cat. We wired simon $4,000 in october of 2008 and he scheduled delivery date one or two weeks later and the cat did not arrive. He scheduled another date and the cat did not arrive. Other people tell us they did, in fact, receive their alleged lie hypoallergenic cat. But as was the case with the others, they still made their owners wheeze and itch. With this company rubbing so many people the wrong way, our cat-like curiosity has been fully peeked. We decide to leap into action. Item number one, learning everything we can about the man behind these cats. Our sluthing reveals that brody, a british national, has a long string of shall we say interesting businesses here in america, including forever pet, a futuristic cloning outfit, a company that claims to make the world's most expensive skis and a business that was trying to keep the roads safe by creating glow in the dark deer. We wanted to look into his claims of hypoallergenic cat. So we take it to this lab. The people here are renown experts in allergy. They say they can test his claims but they need something from us first. Send us a sample taken from the hair, hair clippings and saliva. We collect samples from these cats. Their owners say they bought them from simon and they cause less itching and sneezing. We need other cats to compare so we decided to test cats nobody would accuse of having any sort of scientific pedigree at all, these scrappy, street wise strays. We've come to the experts at the aspca. This is the kitten room, janet and LaToya. What's up, ladies? How are we doing? Look at this, nature's perfect killing machine. Here's something interesting. The main reason cats trigger some people's allergies is not just their fur but a protein found in their skin and saliva called cell d 1. They claim to have one less likely to provoke all that itching and sneezing. This guy is selling his cats saying they're hypoallergenic. Is that within the realm of possibility given your understanding? Not to my knowledge. To find out for sure, the lab tells us they're going to expose the samples to what essentially amounts to an allergic person in a test tube. The bluer the sample, the stronger the allergy. We received the lab results and I can't understand a word but for clarity we brought in an expert, eva king from indoor biotechnologies who is going to explain everything to us. These are not hypoallergenic cats? No. They all produce the allergin. Despite their claims that their cats are less likely to trigger allergies, all the cats we tested had similar reaction levels. Based on the studies you've done would you recommend people plunk down thousands of dollars for these cats? I personally wouldn't. If they're pretty maybe you want to do it for prettiness sake. We have damming evidence but one big thing we do not have, simon brody. By the way, thatat he's holding is the super size option which goes for 28 grand. Remember this guy? He started a blog and found other people looking for simon brody. People wrote in about where they thought he was. There are a lot of people who feel cheated by him. Several customers have lodged complaints with the district attorney's office. A prosecutor there tells us we would have a, quote unquote, very strong case against him, involving $100,000 in claims and at least 25 complaints. Why hasn't he sued brody? He says he doesn't know where he is. That's why we launched an elaborate game of cat and mouse. We find no sign of him in san diego. We learned that he has moved across the country, changed his name and then we lose the trail. That is until a source sends us these pictures. Can you spot simon? There he is, nowhere near california but here, in london. London, however, is a big town, so we start searching for him under his new last name and find a simon care dan has invented a device to add elegance to screw top wine bottles. We hit the streets and check all of his most recent addresses but there is no sign of the dude. That's when we decide to try an expensive gamut. We would put in an order for a cat ourselves. Paulo would be the buyer. Our hope is that simon would show up in person for a local delivery. Sewer enough a sales rep named simon answers our e-mail and says he would be happy to accept our money, $6,000 upfront through a wire transfer through a bank account in dubai. My producer jackie comes to my office one week prior. Hi, we have the pictures. Do we know anything about this cat? He sent me these and I was wondering a lot of times picture are taking pictures. The means you take on your cell phone could be giving away your exact location. It can tell you everything about this picture. It can do this with any picture on your phone? If you have the locator on. It will actually show you on the map. Where is this? The uk a little bit outside of london. I searched for cats for sale in the zip code basically. Look what I found. Jackie was able to match the pictures of the allerca kittens to a kitten for sale on a pet website. That's our cat. Wow, that's the same and there's also a map. It's the same place. The asking price? You can see this cat is listed for 260 u.S. Dollars. We paid 7 grand. Quite a markup, huh. This cat is not advertised as hypoallergenic by his breeder. A few days later we hop a plane for london. Simon promised to drop off the cat at this veterinarian office. Hours beforehand I am pacing the joint. We have a time and place for the meeting but we're still a bit nervous. We don't know whether simon will deliver the cat himself. He can't keep running. But then right on time simon rounds the corner with a loudly meowing kitten. Simon, hi, had you are you doing? We find simon and the vet examining the nervous little guy. How many of these do you sell? About 700. That would mean the company has made millions. It's time to end this game of cat and mouse and tell simon who we really e.

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{"duration":"11:21","description":"Part 1: Experts test whether hypoallergenic claims are the real deal in selected cats. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19695208","title":"The Case of the Hypoallergenic Cat","url":"/Nightline/video/case-hypoallergenic-cat-19695208"}