Charles Manson and the followers who killed for him

Charles Manson incited the August 1969 murderous rampage that left seven people dead, including actress Sharon Tate.
8:36 | 03/18/17

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Transcript for Charles Manson and the followers who killed for him
It's been decades since he inspired her richter murderous spree that included a Hollywood starlet. Yet Charles Manson still holds a grip on part of the American psyche. Tonight a new look at exclusive footage of Manson indeed tales of his life behind bars in his own words. You know we've been and Fallujah. His is a face of evil seared in the minds of many. Those whose lives he rents and those to be convinced to commit murder Charles immense some name not easily forgotten. Hello. He's never before aired outtakes from in 1993 prison interview are in stark contrast to the brutal murders he is responsible for yourself from it. Yeah achievements. There have mirrors road map. I really think you'd ever see yourself where yeah they got a little fun little thing she could prove to you. He's given how you do them. This figure who walks into the room to talk to Diane Sawyer who looks like he's been. You worn out and hung up wet for so long do not confuse that guy with the Manson of the late sixties. We carriers. Human secure reliable and hesitates Lang's the incredible brutality of the savage nightmarish murders here was trying to be living murder all my life. Behind the gruesome killings a cult leader Charles Manson. So are you often New Yorkers some passion LA right. It was the summer of love. Climate right from Manson to the simplest group of adoring. Well it's. Soon to be called the Manson fans. Man things used drugs. So he could suggest things to people in state of altered consciousness. That might seem real at that moment he draws these people to him. And he tells them they're beautiful they're wonderful. Among them Tex Watson in Patricia krenwinkle. He asked us constantly each one of us will you die for me. Will you be my finger on hand after I started taking answer him I believe that he had some kind of ultimate source of power it. But power was enough for Manson he wanted to become our rock star. Manson deliberately sent out the women in the family. To go around control. Four famous musicians to of the women in the family or hitch hiking and fancy car pulls up beside them and it's Dennis Wilson the drummer of the beach ball. Despite his squeaky clean image as a member of the beach. This Wilson was attracted to and from his California girls. Even moved into Wilson's house you know initially for Dennis Wilson it was great it was curls drugs then Sampson could supply boat. He was definitely under Charlie's influence at that point in time. Beach Boys co-founder and singer Mike Long met Manson as well. We're invited by Dennis to come to dinner at their word and group sex kind of situation and it wasn't my cup fifties so. I've been excused myself to take a shower. No sooner than I got in the shower door opens fifty Charlie Manson's stood there and looked up at me and said. You can leave the group. And the communities. Wide eyes and kind of maniacal look. Behind those times a desperate even on this desire for faith may answer wrote a song which caught Wilson's attention. Wilson broke the song to the Beach Boys but with a new name never learned not to love and change lyrics so. With a song appeared in the Al. It was credit to Dennis Wilson the others never knew the origin of the song. Manson was furious when Manson goes looking for Wilson afterwards and at one point leaves a bullet. And tells Wilson that I know where you live I know where your children are you know what this means. Mention new Wilson was very close to music producer Terry Meltzer who lived in this Benedict canyon mansion. On CLO drive he believed that relationship was his ticket to stardom. He tells Manson your music is good but I wouldn't know what to do we view. And act that moment. Charlie Manson's life turns completely. The dream of being a rock star. He's not going to happen for Manson the house on C a low drive comes to represent all he wants to achieve and hasn't been able to. Charles Manson has dispatched some of his most slavishly devoted followers to go to that house and kill everyone inside. Whoever they. Not sure it already moved out Manson knew that. They didn't know that the houses new residents were director Roman Polanski and his pregnant wife actress Sharon Tate what their new home. But target remains at this point. I'm in ninth important state Manson goes out and takes three of his women. Susan Atkins. Patricia krenwinkle and when did you see me. Charlie came in woke me up. He sent to get out. Collection because it's so ideas and he said it killed everything protects us. Manson's instructions to Tex Watson RD's you know we're the house is up unsealed go kill everybody there. Polanski was away. Charity case these friends who were staying when she recently stages of pregnancy. Win the four killers break into the house. They cut through a screen window into begin that way. Didn't Texas. We're going to kill you. Everyone else at that point BC it was getting really frightened and scared I knew. This is pure madness there killing spree that would take the lives of four began and I looked around. I knew was swollen. Hands on the matter what went anywhere and turning plus innings. Susan second stab Sharon Tate to death and told her she was going to do it. Susan Atkins who had given birth herself to a child ten months earlier. To the media about killing sharing. Hey I felt not. Perhaps the most important. Which today. I live him. Are they. One word. Is written on the door. At Seattle. Susan Atkins. Is national and put her finger in their blood so she did to towel in the blood. And writes Pete on the door. I sit if you're gonna do something. At least something witchy and he decided to let the world know that she was there. Havoc. The next night more bloodshed. Last night a middle aged couple would stabbed to death. Mention again instructs krenwinkle and Watson to carry out another round of murder this time they're joined by fellow follow where Leslie then how. Targets of the unknown assassins this time were wholesale grocer Leno labianca and his wife Rosemary. I sent mrs. labianca and lower back. Sixteen times. Following Charlie's ordered. Words are written in blood including helter skelter. On the refrigerator. They were just savage crimes savage murders in the bizarre circus like trial. Mastermind Manson Atkins krenwinkle and van help were found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to death. But their citizens were reduced to life in prison after California changed its stance in the death penalty. The safety in who drove the car to both murders was given immunity in exchange for testimony. Decades later the Manson family homicides continue to fascinate the American public. And it continues to shock the conscience. Both because of the brutality of the murders and because of this eerie cult like control. That minutes ahead of risk followed. This past January the 82 year old criminal made headlines once again when he was briefly hospitalized. He's now back in prison serving the remainder of his license. Age and incarceration have left him a diminished figure. Awaiting his inevitable in.

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{"id":46219978,"title":"Charles Manson and the followers who killed for him","duration":"8:36","description":"Charles Manson incited the August 1969 murderous rampage that left seven people dead, including actress Sharon Tate.","url":"/Nightline/video/charles-manson-followers-killed-46219978","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}