Chelsea Manning's letter to President Obama that helped win her freedom

Mannings says she learned her sentence was commuted through a prison TV.
5:34 | 06/16/17

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Transcript for Chelsea Manning's letter to President Obama that helped win her freedom
One of the most polarizing prisoners in America boom and Chelsea Manning convicted for leaking the largest batch of government secrets in US history. Do you feel so you own the American public apology. I'd accept their responsibility. I I anything I've done. It's it's me this is me it's on me. But last fall seven years in to a 35 year sentence at a men's military prison. The transgender soldier was growing desperate for a way out. I wrote this letter to Obama despite. If any clemency and it was real and it was rot and was only intended for hand the bottom line at fifth and living through a cycle of anxiety. Anger helplessness locker letter part of the pleas for shorter sentence. As a person and not intend harm interest in states for the road. Quest including letters of support submitted by her legal team consent board and Nancy Hollander. I don't think any of us really thought that there was much of a chance. But then early this year there's a shocker. I got this call from my receptionist. Saying the White House is on the farm. And the voice on the other end said it all in one sentence good afternoon everybody. And the president has commuted your client's sentence and it's going to announce it in two minutes I just scream. I screamed. And I feel very comfortable. That justice has been served and only person in the entire military. Who ever took care of Chelsea was her commander in chief and President Obama. In this new cyber age four gonna have to. Make sure that we continually worked to find the right balance of accountability and openness and transparency that is the hallmark of our democracy. And then I tried to get myself together and said does. Chelsea now. Six security personnel coming around me how it's not like what's going on CNN ticker that President Obama needs tough and sentenced in it's. I'm like okay. I like. Everything in her story her commutation triggered backlash. To commute. Private Manning's sentence was a mistake Jack king rage frustration. And sorrow. When his reaction was what. And then once I read about it a little bit and thought about a little bit that's very I think that she stated that she needs a chance to us are over there with a clean slate. With felt but then finally after said. Ten years behind bars on May seventeenth in the middle of the night and freedom. Taken out myself. I'm given. Change of clothes he had dropped off an all night I don't know where we are and then I see my lawyers for the first time I don't think I'll ever forget the moment when Charles he looked back and ask did you sad hang the first time Chelsea and I hugged each other really touched each other. Was when she got around there is some very very very powerful moving moment for me because at the prison where a lot it was made it real. It was a tactile feeling a three hour. So the next day I was surrounded by nature beauty and people who are beautiful. Because they weren't wearing the same uniform as there are now. For Manning this new found freedom has many meanings she could now begin her life as a free woman tweeting this photo saying Hello World. Haven't spoken to President Obama what would you say to him if you could make you. Units parents. Well Alan it. One intense. That's all I ask for with a chance puts it. This is my chance. But Manning spite is not yet over she still appealing her conviction convinced that her case could have greater implications for assault. This case really is about wider the scope the whistle blower protections for people who possessed national security information. This is a fundamental issue of free speech in this country if we don't have free speech. We don't have a democracy and this gets right to the court that. Yet now a days there's another cause that's become just as dear to her heart you've got thousands of letters many from. Transgender. Children what was their message to you. Pat I need unconditional love they were seeing a need when I was looking for when I was there aids and that's a lot of responsibility. You are logged Chelsea. You are an inspiration to so many of us. Witnessing your courage has given new strength to come out as trance you. What's the emotional reaction when you read lonely that I was and it's their shoes. Once. And it's up hated to have a person do that Sarah and you said you feel a sense of responsibility to them what is that response. Have an area pages I just know there watching. And what would say to them either you are. You have support now if you're struggling don't do what I didn't run away from it. Things are better. At 29 she says she's finally getting comfortable in her own skin you're willing to accept that some people see you. As a traitor. And you know OK you know like I disagree. For someone who broke the laws saying her goal was to spark debate. She certainly not shying away from now isn't that you are still gonna use your voice that you work this is not the last we've heard from Chelsea Manning now. And that lead SP and get him to speak my mind that what that network that is gonna depend on what's important to me at the time and you're giving yourself some time to figure out.

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{"id":48077408,"title":"Chelsea Manning's letter to President Obama that helped win her freedom","duration":"5:34","description":"Mannings says she learned her sentence was commuted through a prison TV.","url":"/Nightline/video/chelsea-mannings-letter-president-obama-helped-win-freedom-48077408","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}