Childhood abduction survivor Alicia Kozakiewicz tells her story of recovery

Kozakiewicz, like Jayme Closs, was 13 when she was abducted. Seventeen years later, she's sharing her experience overcoming her trauma.
7:19 | 01/15/19

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Transcript for Childhood abduction survivor Alicia Kozakiewicz tells her story of recovery
I was missing for four days and I was forward. He was going to kill me on the day that I was rescued. Lisa cozy cabbage was just thirteen years old when she was alert over the Internet. Didn't kidnapped by a predator on New Year's Day in 2002. It was really the start of the Internet even our homes and any message from an attack him who I thought was a boy around the age. And he immediately began to clear me and grooming is very simple. Her abuse light streamed online would eventually lead the FBI to her captors doorstep. A stunning rescue after four agonizing days of torture. She's one of the very few children kidnapped by strangers who have been recovered a life. I wanted to my innocence and I wanted to be me again and just finding that encourage you who you Wear in carrying that forward. Because this is not to find you and I hope that Jamie no site. Now the world knows Jamie clocks just discovered last week after 88 harrowing days in captivity. Like the stories of Elizabeth Smart she has indeed been found alive JC due car. And ash. And women held captive in Cleveland's house of horrors three women that vanished had been found alive Jamie's story has captivated the nation. This is all the outcome we like to have when a child goes. Missing this is a little grow this is a real person and this isn't just the story it's not an epic series it's not that this is real life. And this little girl have to live her life every day for the rest of us. Despite the happy reunions. Could not believe it I absolutely could not believe it. For many of the young women in the tough road to recovery only just begins after they. I'm home and I can't and then how I kept it together are you know and I must have been checked out in Allen a different level. You know president but not present for her in on some of it because. It's it's terrifying night it's. Own JC due guard was kidnapped when she was eleven years. Old I don't think there's anything inside me that isn't in any but he Allison has taken a lot of time imminent hasn't. Hasn't come overnight you know you have to put in the hard work can cry in. For sure laugh about everything that you can. And some women who have shared this awful experience of captivity. Now show extraordinary. Strength in their messages of survival. Never give up because you will making. Your fan we ain't your friends the night came up so you don't give up. A leash and other survivors have come together to offer support and words of advice. Into sizing the importance of the community's reaction around change. The community. Rallied. Or heard they searched for her and they've put up signs and may never gave up hope. The children her school and sang songs and they had events and the school would never give up hope her friends never give up hope. And that's going to want to be shared but you have to give her. Her time. Hearse. With due guard stating the importance of giving the family space in order to heal and Smart appearing on Good Morning America. To let Jamie know that it's possible to move. Past states this could be a part of her life and certainly yes it has changed her life. But it doesn't have to define it ultimately comes down the decisions and the choices that you make. That define who you are victims like this often times do very well with the support of other victims so. Folks that have to small group but people who have been through similar things. Often to rival why. Support from speaking to someone else who's understood their experience. Kidnappings committed by strangers are still rare. A study done by the Department of Justice in 2011 shows that 105. Children are abducted year leak nationwide. But the psychological hold at these kidnappings can have. Is in measurable. And how they choose to move forward I deeply personal experience. Many of them become advocates maybe he can give people a purpose and meaning in their life and it can help people to make sense and I completely. Horrific. Kind of experience that does not make sense in any other context. Like a leash out who has turned her trauma into action. By standing up for other potential victims. And for the benefit of those of you who don't now don't remember that headline. I and that thirteen year old girl was led by an Internet predator. Addressing congress about the importance of Internet safety for children. Her fight with the organization protect making a leash as law a reality in eleven states. Funding task forces that investigate cyber crimes against children. At because he was one of the things that really helped heal me that I took this horrible awful thing that happened to me. And I gave it to purpose and I gave it a reason and that's not the route for everybody. Her legacy living on in unexpected places like Wisconsin's department of justice's special agent co Zack. Seen here in his WT in. The yellow Labrador named after a leash a he was just recently out searching for Jaime clocks for Jamie who lost her parents the recovery process may be different. In some ways it's sort of like Hugo from one prison. To another. They said it's now difficult for her to go outside without people coming up her and you're thrown into the sort of celebrity. That. You didn't ask for and why you didn't want and that something that's really hard to navigate. Often times people sucking cast themselves when they've been through an experience like this if there was something they could have done differently. In order to prevent. Being abducted or in order to. Do something to friend to you know with regard to how they related to there a doctor an important thing I think is that people who survived. What ever it is addicted to survive. Was the right thing to do for them and and there is no right or wrong thing. Despite the inevitable hurdles they faced their recovery is still a symbol of hope. What's one piece of advice that you would give her if you were able to get on the phone with her right now. Something that maybe you haven't touched on yet where only you could really give her that word having been through something so some. If she feels like she wants to celebrate the holidays can ask them she actually send you benefits. January 27 it doesn't matter out of the trees singer song open a present and that's what she wants to do you do what ever you feel. It's necessary. To do whatever makes you feel. Happy as long as it's healthy coping mechanism Jamie as a beacon of hope hope that's the one thing. That can never be taken from us we have to be strong enough to carry the hope for these children. For Nightline. I'm Adrian banker it.

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"Kozakiewicz, like Jayme Closs, was 13 when she was abducted. Seventeen years later, she's sharing her experience overcoming her trauma.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"60383255","title":"Childhood abduction survivor Alicia Kozakiewicz tells her story of recovery","url":"/Nightline/video/childhood-abduction-survivor-alicia-kozakiewicz-tells-story-recovery-60383255"}