Coach, kids rescued from Thai cave on the moment they were found: Part 1

The 12 boys and their coach were trapped by rain and rising water flooding the cave they had ventured into.
9:10 | 08/24/18

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Transcript for Coach, kids rescued from Thai cave on the moment they were found: Part 1
Reporter: Hhey are. Those boys F thaild who just two ag many thoughtfaced almost certain death. Today justeing boys. Laughing. What do all now wt to do the future? Nslator: I want to be a soccer player likealdond Messi, my dream. Reporter: Meeting them in thisnning temple in Thailand is truly incredible for me. Sae. Reporter: After two months O covering the journey of this soccer team nicknamhe wild boars. Eople com from all over the country to do what then to help, such a the story gripped people'simaginations. Rescue contio pump billions ofallonsf water out of THA cave. Look at where we are.e run all the way of military rations divers a swimming into the cave give to the .eve the first B from at cav are in that ambulance. Repor a news arranged an interview withe wild boars through the Thai government on E conditionopics be reviewed by child psychologists and other specialists caring for the team in order to protect their -being. They stunned held in this video illuminated by aiver emerging from the wat in that Ave. There thewere, 12 th coach huddled together. How many of you? 13? Bril yeah, yea Trator: Well, I thought -- like surprised. Ithought, one they must co. We've been waiting, hopi Y day. But that nigy really came. So I wasurprised. I was overwhel and didn't knoat to expect. I was happy. Reporter: It kicff weeks of anticipation a concern on the outside as to if and H a rescue would happen. A daring race ag mother nature culminating in a life-or-ath effort to dive them out from deep inside those caverns, under saicase,hile the world watched and Wai June 23rd the story began in most oary of ways,n this St field where the wild Bos soccer teampracticed. The boys and their coach thenmade the fateful decision to visihe cam ade. Tell me about what that day was like, coach. Translator: We had soccer practicehe beginning. Afteheoccer practin our way ck, we convinced each other to V the cave and inside Tave. Repr: Some of the boys as young as 11, agile young hletes, tho small on their bikes T headed toward the cav situated UND this mountain, Moun of the sleeping lady." Local legend says the spirit of a mythical ps iabits it. Some say Y can see her ping in its shape. Es never wbefore to the cave? Ah. It was exit Translator: At the beginning. Translator: , It was my first me, S itike, let's go for I thing. Because I'm a soccer player, I wanted to get a new experience in mylife. Reporter: Little did they as they ventured deeper side the cave, it B T pour with rain outside. It was theinningf Thailand's wet seas and the chambers B to ood. 25-year- coach understood how dangerous son could become. He described te the moment they knew they weretuck in cavern called the hidden C Tla first of all, got aholdf myself. I tried Noto makehem freak T. If I'd told them wee stuck in the cave, they would hked out. Then you thought, I'm uck, I need to find a way to get everyone out, and you had some rope. Was your plan out if we could go through. If I could go through,rybody would be safe at the mom we used the rope that I gh so I three hold the rope. I told theoys I I signaled by pullgope twice, it meant they had P me because I did not have Eno oxygen. Reporter: Parts of cave becamesubmd withhe team trapped on higher ground. So when you in inside, you made surehat everyone was very calm? Translatoo I tried to keep them CD and tell them in a positive W that we wld make it out soon. Reporn the outs as friends and family gather at the mouth of th cave, shing for signs of life, the Thai governme leapt into ac Moren 1,000 of thenation's military were deployed in the arch effort, riding 17 members of the royal Thai Navy A.L.S. Is is a massive operation, L me show Yo little bit about where are, thisat jungle has been totally transformed. There were rcuers and volunteers everywhere you lo if you look up there you see ygen tanks being stacked up outsiderance to E cave. Those are for the divers. Reporter: Other nations offered their help too. The boys had no idea the world had raliearound to find them, holing out hope they were still alive. Instead, they were see an escape. He fourth they began digging with rocks they found de. D ten days after they disappeared, weak, surviving on R dg fromtalactites in the cave, there a surprise in the darkness. How many of you?13? Brilliant. Yeah, yeah. Wo the WATE first? Translator: Well, I felt, , surprised. I thought one day the must come, we've beenti hoping every day. Reporr: Now recalling a funny M of mistanding. Who was translating? Tto right T adult talking to the rs. Evody was trying to figure out what they were say I toldim to translate he didn't. So W adult was talking to divers I shouted, who knows some English? Pl translate for me. Reporter: On the outside, R relief. Absoluteelation, followed quwith, Wai a second, now we've G to get these kidsout. Orter: The divers who found the boys, John ntin and Rick stn, and fellow DI, belong anlite British cave diving team with unique rescue skil in and these volunteers come to known a the awesome foursome. I never had to think for a second aboutther ild go. Ink it's humanure to know if you've got inability, then of course you will. We alwayw we couldem out. Reporter: Medic experts examine the boys still trapped in cave. Rprisingly, they were in relatively good health. Translator: Mylth I good. Reporter: One boy flashed "V" for victory.but they hadt weight. Aupf thaiavy S.E.A.L.S stay the boys, bringing supplies to help regain their strength. Translator: They stayed overght with us I felt warm. Had broth taking care of us and giving ae how to protect ourselves and survive in the cave. Reporter: The B bonded with theirrescuers. Who played the game W the Navy S.E.A.L.S? Everyone played games? Eporter: U soil and stones to players. Who beat the Navy s.e.a.l.?everybody St? Eporter: The boys ote for their favorite foods. Adul a for fried chic but up in the rescue village, anxiety was si. More rain was foreca adding to the pressure to actfast. We' all anxiously watching C rescue in thailan -- race aga time to save a coach and his young play- epor the group remained E of J how precarious theiuation was. Like other soccer fans, their focus was on the world. Youpoatia? Or but then things turned tragi on day . Former Thai Navy S.E.A.L. Saman N was foundonus on one of his diveer died. Tralator: Sergeant Sam's mouthpiece fell F. He was tryin to G I but he couldn't find it. He was trying to take T spare one, but due to the coxity of the cave there was no air to bre. Very sad. The W world collapsed. Reporter: What stood between the boys and dght they hadn't seen in two weeks was about a mile and aalf underground obstacle coursf rocky chambers, half-flooded canals, and fully submerge iothe longest of those 350eters, the length of S olympic swimming pools, filled with water somu it was like swimming in coffee. Physically could not see your hand in front of fac no matter how close you put it to surface. Reporter: The boys prepared for thexitrom the cave, notnowing just how risky that missuld be. comingup, on day 16 the boys prepare for the exit from the cave. Not knowing how truisky their rescue would be. Heir life since emerging

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{"duration":"9:10","description":"The 12 boys and their coach were trapped by rain and rising water flooding the cave they had ventured into.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57373849","title":"Coach, kids rescued from Thai cave on the moment they were found: Part 1","url":"/Nightline/video/coach-kids-rescued-thai-cave-moment-found-part-57373849"}