Coffee Meets Bagel, the Dating App that Turned Down 'Shark Tank' Offer

The Kang sisters say their formula is different and they have no regrets turning down Mark Cuban's record-setting offer.
6:07 | 07/28/15

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Transcript for Coffee Meets Bagel, the Dating App that Turned Down 'Shark Tank' Offer
You are about to meet young entrepreneurs who say the selections on their dating app are better than the rest. In fact they call it anti-tinder. What's the secret? Tonight we put coffee meets bagel to the test. Juju Chang meets women looking for modern love. Reporter: These three sisters are about to make the biggest financial decision of their lives. If I offered you $30 million for the company would you take it? No. Mark Cuban making a record setting offer on ABC's shark tank seeing huge potential in their dating app, coffee meets bagel. He offered you $30 million and you didn't even flinch. Reporter: The sisters walked away from all of that cash more than six months ago. This baby is going to explode. Reporter: When you said no to $30 million, did people think you were crazy? We got so many e-mails from people. Are you crazy? You sisters are so crazy. What are you thinking? Reporter: They think coffee meets bagel is worth a whole lot more. After all the popular dating app tinder is worth roughly $1.5 billion. The sisters market their service as an alternative for those fed up with the other apps which they said leads to aggressive oversexualized dates. Their matches focusing on quality not quantity. We look to call ourselves the anti-tinder. Any woman who have used tinder probably has at least one or many stories of, the kind of behavior that you see men exhibit on tinder. It's not the greatest experience. And it just doesn't feel, it feels creepy. Reporter: Tinder told us women make up nearly half of tinder's user base. And that it is creating meaningful and lasting connections around the world. When you are first talking to someone. Don't know if I should text them. Reporter: 24-year-old Jamie miller just moved to San Francisco and has had plenty of online dating horror stories. Dating in San Francisco is a little hard. When you come here from a small town in Ohio. And then you are moved off to a big city. Reporter: She is putting coffee meets bagels match making recipe to the test. Here's how it works. Each day at noon a user is given one bagel, a potential match carefully generated by the company formula, a computer algorithm, stalks your face book page, interest, experiences, combing through Facebook friends to match you with friends of friends with similar profiles. Users get 24 hours to swipe yes to a match, if you Beth agree, the couple can privately chat to set up a date. Tonight I am going on a date with a guy that I met on coffee meets bagel. Exciting. I know. What's his name? Zach. Getting ready for my date. Got to look pretty. Reporter: Coffee meets bagel, faces competition, apps, the hinge, bumble and the league are all going after the $2 billion pie. There are so many online dating apps out there. Why do we need another one? The vast majority are optimized for men. Men want quantity. They really enjoy browsing photos of men. Women that doesn't really work. Because we don't like to waste time. Reporter: Tonight Jamie is hoping Zach is Mr. Right. A 26-year-old doing business development for a startup. Cheers. First up, swanky cocktails. I ran cross-country in college and track. Oh, cool. I did cross-country in middle school. Then I, a runner ever since. Reporter: Of course these two have tons in common not fate. A computer generated match. One of the really important factors is your social graph. Who do you share in common with other matches? Reporter: Hopefully it will spark romance. Things are going really good so far. We have had good conversation. We have a lot in common. Reporter: As the sun sets over San Francisco, Jamie and her date head next door for dinner. I do like how what I appreciate is that everyone is so different. Yeah. Just nice. Everyone is so nice. Everyone is so nice. Reporter: Things seem to go okay. But was it love in the making? It was great. I was excited to day. And going well. We had really good conversation the whole time. We actually found out even more than we had in common than, than from just talking on the app. That was really cool. Are you ready? Yeah. Whether or not this bagel turns out to be the everything bagel, the sisters are confident their app has the what it takes. They both more than 20,000 relationships. More than doubling its user base since shark tank. This is the shark, named mark. We've got him by his tail. Take that, mark Cuban. Exactly. Take that and swim away. You were called greedy. You were called arrogant. You were called a lot of nasty names for turning down $30 million. Yeah, yeah it was rough. But you know at the end of the day we know we made the right decision. Reporter: One could are gau there was a tinge of sexism to it? Yeah, have to wonder being called greedy, golddigger, all these things would we have been called those names if we were not women? I think if we were men we probably would have been called bold, visionary for, and brave for rejecting the $30 million. But, but of course, we weren't called that. Reporter: But their brave, bold vision could in fact come true just as long as bagels like Zach and Jamie continue to meet haply F happily for coffee. For "Nightline," juju Chang in San Francisco. Bye. Have you had any memorable match ups with a dating app. Keep it clean. Head to our "Nightline" Facebook page and tell us your stories.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"The Kang sisters say their formula is different and they have no regrets turning down Mark Cuban's record-setting offer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"32725517","title":"Coffee Meets Bagel, the Dating App that Turned Down 'Shark Tank' Offer","url":"/Nightline/video/coffee-meets-bagel-dating-app-turned-shark-tank-32725517"}