Estranged husband, girlfriend accused of tampering in missing-mom case

Police say Fotis Dulos was seen on surveillance video throwing out multiple garbage bags on the night Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos disappeared.
7:52 | 06/04/19

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Transcript for Estranged husband, girlfriend accused of tampering in missing-mom case
Where's Jennifer, fotis? Reporter: This morning real estate developer fotis dulos and his girlfriend Michelle troconis appeared at a Connecticut courthouse. Anything you say can be used against you. Reporter: For charges of tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution related to the disappearance of his estranged wife, Jennifer Farber dulos, last seen ten days ago when she dropped off her children at school. We love you and we are doing everything we can to bring you home. Reporter: An intense search stretching across state lines for the mother of five. A small community on edge, searching for answers. And tonight, grisly details coming to light pointing to potential foul play. A police affidavit stating that clothing and sponges stained with what appear to be blood were found in trash receptacles where surveillance cameras captured a man appearing to be fotis dulos discarding more than 30 garbage bags. Fotis's cell phone records showing pings in that area at the time. The blood now confirmed to be that of Jennifer dulos. It was a Friday morning in the wealthy enclave of new Canaan. Jennifer dropped her kids off at school and vanished. Hours later worried friends called the police. Cops immediately start with the timeline and trying to figure out if she left on her own. But then they discover her SUV seemingly abandoned. Reporter: Drones, canines, and a helicopter scouring a 300-acre wooded park near where her vehicle was found. In Hartford authorities looking for clues in a storm drain. They had drones, a helicopter, canines, the whole nine yards. Hannah Dellinger is a local reporter who has been on this case from the beginning. So we are pulling now onto wells lane. This is the neighbors she actually lives in. Right. She was renting a house on this cul-de-sac here for about two years. Reporter: There's actually still a police car up there. Yeah. They're guarding the driveway. And they're actually right near the garage where court documents say they found a lot of blood. Reporter: A police affidavit released today showing that authorities found multiple blood stains on the garage floor, multiple areas of suspected blood splatter, and evidence of attempts to clean the crime scene. Look at the affidavit. It says blood spatter. That's significant. Based on what the police are telling us, you may well have the initial start of this crime at Jennifer's residence. Reporter: That affidavit showing that Jennifer was the suspected victim of a serious physical assault. When somebody disappears you draw that immediate circle around them. Who has the potential at least or has a history of making comments about harming her. So you turn to foetdis, her husband. According to divorce records that are filed, they had a really long, tenuous two-year divorce battle dealing with custody of their five children. Reporter: In court documents Jennifer seeming to fear for her safety, claiming in 2017 "I am afraid of my husband. I know that filing for divorce and filing this motion will enrage him. I know he will retaliate by trying to harm me in some way." In another instance, "I am terrified for my family's safety," writing "My husband has a history of controlling, volatile, and delusional behavior." Fotis dulos strongly denied any threatening behavior, calling his wife incapable of parenting because she allegedly was taking anti-psychotic and anti-anxiety medications. 911, what's the location of your emergency? Yeah. I'm worried about my wife and kids. Reporter: And in 2017 fotis calling 911 on his wife when she took their kids on a planned trip to Manhattan and he couldn't reach them. I've seen it so many times, and every time it's heartbreaking. Jennifer said at the time the split started she was afraid. She was afraid to file for divorce. She was afraid her husband would seek vengeance on her. The FBI was here earlier today searching all in these woods. And now we're seeing lights appear again. A lot of areas to hide something in there. And you see they're focusing really on the street line. So they're trying to pick up any kind of -- I believe they're trying to pick up any kind of human remain smell -- Any scent -- To see -- possibly they're trying to figure out if somebody took her body out of the car. Reporter: Meanwhile, dulos was tight-lipped in a nearby courtroom and remains behind bars. No additional charges have been brought against him. Does your client post bond today? I don't believe that's the case. Reporter: Dulos's girlfriend Michelle troconis posted her $500,000 bond. Do you know what happened to Jennifer? Did you have anything to Do you know where she is? Reporter: Leaving court with a month bracelet, her head hung low beneath the sweater. This potentially the latest in a long line of cases in which what was once a romantic relationship turned violent. Last August police in Colorado were conducting an investigation into the disappearance of shanann watt and her two little daughters. Her husband Chris agreed to take a polygraph exam. Did you physically cause sa Nan's disappearance? No. Chris failed the test. So it's completely clear that you were not honest during the Reporter: Eventually Chris confessed to a horrific truth. Whereabouts is shanann and the girls? Is that for shanann? And where are the girls? Here and here. Spots indicate where he buried his two daughters in separate oil tanks and their pregnant mother shanann in a shallow grave nearby. Last November Watts pleaded guilty to murder in exchange for prosecutors taking the death penalty off the table. Then last December Colorado law enforcement, guns drawn, arrested Patrick Frazee a month after his fiance vanished. 29-year-old Kelsey bereth was a flight instructor who had a one-year-old girl with Frazee. She's grounded and she has a one-year-old child. She wouldn't just leave her. Reporter: On Thanksgiving day this surveillance video inside a woodland park safeway capture the last-known images of bereth shopping with 1-year-old Kaley. But it wasn't until ten days later that her mother, not her fiance, reported her missing. She's not the kind that runs off. Reporter: Frazee and Berreth didn't live together and according to police Frazee told officers he hadn't seen his fiance since Thanksgiving when he met her to pick up their daughter Kaley but he never reported her missing. Frazee has been in custody since his arrest and has pleaded not guilty to to a murder charge. In Connecticut tonight a community still reeling and a family torn apart. Now you've got five little children with no mom, and dad in jail. And over what? The children. Arguing over custody. Now, that's the irony. The fight over the children ends up leaving the children without parents. Our thanks to Eva.

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{"duration":"7:52","description":"Police say Fotis Dulos was seen on surveillance video throwing out multiple garbage bags on the night Connecticut mom Jennifer Dulos disappeared.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"63468988","title":"Estranged husband, girlfriend accused of tampering in missing-mom case","url":"/Nightline/video/estranged-husband-girlfriend-accused-tampering-missing-mom-case-63468988"}