'Harlem Shake': Why Won't It Die?

From shakes on a plane to the Miami Heat, why is the world still obsessed with the viral craze?
2:59 | 03/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Harlem Shake': Why Won't It Die?
Will love it or hate it you've probably seen it the compulsive dance -- setting the Internet -- blaze called the Harlem shake. And it's inspired thousands of YouTube videos but the strangest part of it all. It shows no sign of slowing down here's ABC's John Donvan. -- Wait wasn't this supposed to be dead. Weeks ago. This -- Harlem shake -- mean viral video things. Should. It was showing signs of looming definitely times -- three weeks ago killed -- the Daily -- around the same time. Played out said at age. -- reviews of some smarty pants -- apparently. It was only today when we -- YouTube told us this past weekend quote search interest in the Harlem shake was at the highest it has been. -- -- And that -- high indeed. Should. Like the version does by the Miami -- thirty million views so far looming definitely well but -- -- -- lingering. It's been a month and we're we're ready for it to be done but if you are correct. That's Whitney Jefferson of buzz -- which by the way -- its -- Harlem shake and they still haven't taken down yet. It just hit a million views this week. And the darn thing just keeps making news the story of the students who made one in flight and provoked an FAA probe into whether they've broken any laws. They had not it was decided. For the Australian miners who lost their six figure -- this week fired because they did this underground with shirts off. Apparently a safety code violation the -- around a -- began this winter when these guys were goofing around should. The scenario then repeated in trendy office spaces and -- even when it. -- -- but he did not stop. Now people are doing the Harlem shake jumping out of airplanes. Here's the Harlem shake sexy version and a random fat guy -- Here's a washing machine doing. Something makes all these people move it was true a month ago and it's still true now. I think it's easy -- -- -- and his act like an idiot for thirty seconds. -- -- -- -- By now YouTube says videos with the term Harlem shake have been viewed 700 million times that is closing in on a billion. Of course some of these are backlash videos the ones that say enough with the Harlem shake which some say isn't even be authentic dance move -- that name. But look this isn't all backlash guys -- themselves on FaceBook. They're just not part of that belief that thinks this is incredibly dumb no they think it's fun because sometimes -- it's fun. Even of the Smart. John Donvan ABC news -- it.

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{"id":18663418,"title":"'Harlem Shake': Why Won't It Die?","duration":"2:59","description":"From shakes on a plane to the Miami Heat, why is the world still obsessed with the viral craze?","url":"/Nightline/video/harlem-shake-shake-18663418","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}