Bidding Wars: Couples Battle for Homes

"Nightline Prime" follows couples fighting against high bids in a real estate market that has never been hotter.
2:18 | 04/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bidding Wars: Couples Battle for Homes
And modern day American ground war with the thrill of victory thrilled. -- and the agony of defeat and fortunately at night when did you it's absolutely crazy as a -- -- The battle is being waged across the country this -- is not ready. Everybody's gone crazy this home in Oregon received five bids so forecast price and will sell for 171000. Dollars over list price. This Boston Condo received nine offers and sold for more than 30000 dollars over its -- And if you still real jaw -- in Silicon Valley this two bedroom townhouse got nineteen offers. And sold for almost 200000 dollars over asking price it's become a nightmare scenario for homebuyers everywhere who set their sights on -- home. Only to find it already have multiple offers and if you don't -- -- be left in the dust you better step up your game. -- -- -- -- One family on the front lines of the johnsons of Denver Colorado in the midst of their own hellish home buying process there's just nothing available and -- -- that it is selling our way over market -- -- -- -- -- two times in the coveted album of highlands ranch and are still on the hunt for their dream home. Their price -- the -- 30000 dollars. Some signs. -- higher. These are decisions hopefully the house and now there's nothing left to do but wait -- and evaluating -- Paul Holmgren. -- -- Hiking in the west -- -- next -- you hey hey. I once -- back to you in. Your players. And fortunately we have excellent -- her hands and I don't know. -- at the news you were hoping for dissidents had as a you know. We try to get myself in a position to live the American dream and work really hard and it just seem to be sort of. Snatched out of my -- Sentiment echoed by middle class families nationwide. Simply trying to find a home in a market where the highest bidder. Takes all beyond -- -- ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"\"Nightline Prime\" follows couples fighting against high bids in a real estate market that has never been hotter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23468755","title":"Bidding Wars: Couples Battle for Homes","url":"/Nightline/video/homes-sale-couples-battle-homes-bidding-wars-23468755"}