Kids Go Hollywood Glam for a Shot a Fame turns little models, hoping to be discovered, into celebrity mini-mes.
3:00 | 03/15/14

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Transcript for Kids Go Hollywood Glam for a Shot a Fame
You may have heard about celebrity lookalikes, booking gigs thanks to uncanny resemblance to the Hollywood elite. Now kids, even toddlers are doing it, too. And from the crazy outfits to the wild makeup, there is city of competition to come miniature versions of the celebs but are they taking it too far. Reporter: Do you ever wonder what Lupita might have looked like as an 8-year-old or Jennifer as a school girl or Meryl or pharrell for that matter? If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, these a-list mini mes ass are going extremes. Stage kids 2.0, in the celebrity soaked world, the children are bombarded with the message that fame is everything. My own children say to me all of the time now, can we be on youtube and I said absolutely not. But they get it from their friends and they get it from the friends looking at things and they're constantly seeking attention. And sometimes not so healthy I was. Reporter: So, they're chasing stardom, younger than ever. How does it feel? It feels good. Reporter: Yeah? How young is too young, too soon? Is it just harmless dress-up? Or something more troubling? When everyone seems convinced that fame is just a selfie away. Why do you think so many kids want to be stars these days? They want to be famous. Reporter: Do you want to be famous? Yeah. Reporter: Why? Do you think? I want people to know me. Reporter: But first they have to get notch is why they do it for free. Even if it's a longshot at fame. It's called toddlewood, the brain child the photographer tris Tricia messeroux. Her images off the gone viral on buzz feed or access Hollywood. I started modeling at age 2 1/2. Reporter: This aspiring actor drove four hours from Washington for one audition. I think of it as like acting, like getting to know your character. Reporter: You take this very seriously. Yeah, do I. Reporter: These trips are a weekly routine for this third graders in the hopes of landing that one BIGS role. I think we're very close to our destination. To the audition. Reporter: His mom tries to support his ambition, even if she finds it at times baffling. And you're not vicariously living through your child? No, I'm actually a very shy person and I never had any interest in acting or anything surrounding acting. Reporter: No gig is worth turning away because fame could be just around the corner, why J.P. Thinks toddlewood could be his big break. He's competing against 4 that other K -- 425 other kids to sparkle. Try tryst sh they gather to watch the awards show. We're looking at the Wolff fame and choosing kids we match with the celebrities we choose. Reporter: The photos hang on the wall for this kafth call. A little chunkier. Taylor is really slim. Reporter: One of 12 coveted spots. I'm learning toward this girl. I think she's going to be great. Reporter: You've seen the show where families seem to be willing to do anything for the spotlight, like "Dance moms,". Out of my face. Girls out the room. Out of the room. All of you. Out of the room. Reporter: But this is less about stage moms, these are stage kids. It seems that the moms are living vicariously through the kids. Yeah. My daughter is the one that's surprising me. Reporter: Logan is a parenting expert and therapist. How do you stop a kid who says this is my burning desire, this is my one thing? I would ask is it because of the kids want to do this or they see is partaking in it on our screens, our pdas that we're looking at these things and teaching them that these images have value. Reporter: It's been a big year Erin. I would never get up on my stage by myself and do a solo. I would. You would? You're not afraid. Reporter: She's practicing for her first solo performance in an upcoming recital. Erin is about to find out if she made the cut for toddlewood. Calling the parents. Waking some of them up. Reporter: It's tough to tell who is more excited, the parents or the kids. Hi, heather, this is Tricia. My heart is beating right now. We would like Erin to join us for a toddlewood adventure. Oh, my god. Erin will be playing the role of the fabulous and gorgeous Katy Perry. Oh, my gosh! I know. Reporter: With the cast set, time to create the red carpet glam. In New York's fashion district. We're shopping for fabric here, hoping they have the exact thing we saw last night. Reporter: It's a race against the clock to fashion together a dozen outfits. Both jnk.p. And Erin made the cut. With the overthe top makeovers to strut like a pop star. She's about to transform into Cyndi lauper. That hair looks like a hat. Tricia sees her photographs imitating art. But she rejects outfits that are risque. I don't want anything that implies the kids are sexy or anything like that. It needs to stay cute. Reporter: But are these stage kids sacrificing a carefree childhood in the rush to be famous? What's wrong with posing for red carpet pictures? What is wrong with a 6-year-old doing this? There is nothing wrong with kids doing any of this unless it becomes their sort of reason for living where they need to be out there and they need to be seen by others and they need the makeup and the hair. That's sad. We want kids to be kids. When you look in the mirror, what do you think? I think I look messed up. Reporter: What do you mean, messed up? My lips are all messed up. Reporter: You're right, they're a little bit messed up. It's Erin's moment to roar. And grandma is all choked with emotion. I see you watching your granddaughter and you're getting emotional. What is making you emotional? It's something that she loves do. She's a performer. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm juju Chang in New York.

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{"id":22923372,"title":"Kids Go Hollywood Glam for a Shot a Fame","duration":"3:00","description":" turns little models, hoping to be discovered, into celebrity mini-mes.","url":"/Nightline/video/kids-hollywood-glam-shot-fame-22923372","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}