Kyrgyzstan's Golden Eagle Hunters

In the arid mountains of Asia, men young and old tame wild eagles for hunting partners.
3:00 | 03/21/13

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Transcript for Kyrgyzstan's Golden Eagle Hunters
Commanding in -- and fierce in nature it's -- in a marvel at the golden eagle but for the people and the Rolling Hills of the nation of -- understand. These birds of prey are not meant to be admired from -- their place is right at home. -- adopted as members of the family -- and expert hunters and loyal friends here's ABC's glory Revere. From the sky the golden eagle is one of the most lethal hunters on the planet. On the ground in his right corner of queued to stand. It seemed like every one lean back from grown men -- young boys that are raptor on his arm and -- The Eagles -- patents and their partners -- these men have been hunting with Golden Eagles in the east hills for untold generations. To date trying to find a real eagle insurance still able to use the -- so when it was harder than we thought -- I journey beginning Don several days -- Those guys did that though -- hunter genius is our guy he's driving us into the foothills of the -- and Shannon mountain region. This is golden -- country. We step that doesn't help that our city -- Jeep -- seen. Better times. So we set -- on foot -- honestly just through an area and landscape. It's so dry the last thing we expected to find was oh my god. Palestinian candidacy his candidacy wild wild and that son -- -- so we pressed further. But the first Eagles we see up -- aren't there posing with paying customers it seems Golden Eagles are doing more photo ops -- hunting these days they're a big tourist attraction. -- -- John King is in his friends and try to show us what -- Eagles can do. They don't do much. Apologetic genius tells us we could try to find his idol held our. Hunters hunter and tomorrow -- ultimate eagle. Unfortunately he doesn't live close -- it takes is another full dating yet there. In -- and sign -- at home with his family not a tourist insight. This is his beloved Tim -- The pair had been hunting together for nine years -- -- -- is obvious. When she's not hunting she often wears a small leather cap to cover rise that tell their -- -- -- by averaging almost. -- and we're in luck because they're heading out this morning. Together with his young son tell -- hikes into the hills. Only stopping at the perfect vantage point far below them as a sacrificial -- -- -- guard takes off tomorrow's leather cap and she knows nothing dishonorable. -- With the running -- in her talents tomorrow weeks patiently. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Her skills help feed his family all winter. But some aren't it was wild ones like isn't illegal back -- -- is still tents around people spektr's bristling. A sign he still doesn't fully -- how -- As -- -- is. There. In a split second eagle attack. -- its talents drawing blood. This England's. Not police came to an adult. Men and one quick reading it and see that happen so fast and it turns out even Amos -- -- has hovering -- She cleans his cut the -- his way with a shot of vodka. But what is surprised soon eagle eating out how good these animals are picky survive on fresh meat. Letting teller -- is a big breakthrough. Held -- news this -- isn't ready to her. Opposing or -- support entire communities and their -- here is Stanley's. How close is the relationship between you and eat with them. -- them anyway. You -- -- an annualized yet equipment and I don't know anyway. Despite the love Eagles here are transported by questionable means -- -- that can exactly that he. Everyone says the only way to get in nineteen here that aren't -- -- to hold. Even the world is -- is trained service. But soon we both relax. This is a strong animal. Feels like and very -- -- on these talons through this thick leather glove. You can still feel them that. An eagle's wingspan can be seven and a half feet -- -- an NBA player -- -- -- their talents are strong enough to kill mobile phone. That's a shark this isn't the night that's -- In these Rolling Hills here is policing Eagles grow up together. Harry Eagles and falcons on their shoulders as young sixers ahead again and -- scared they're still little. He says of course I'm not scared -- trainer all by myself. That little -- could be the next how -- Once to more escaped -- -- search the skies that she was gone. Days later she flew back to -- on her own she stayed ever six. -- sold approved Sweeney -- this pair is the real thing. For Nightline -- -- ABC news QB Stan.

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{"id":18786910,"title":"Kyrgyzstan's Golden Eagle Hunters","duration":"3:00","description":"In the arid mountains of Asia, men young and old tame wild eagles for hunting partners.","url":"/Nightline/video/kyrgyzstans-golden-eagle-hunters-18786910","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}