'Lady Bird' stars, director on mom-daughter relationships, what they hope to inspire

Oscar-nominated stars Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metclafe and Oscar-nominated director Greta Gerwig discuss their film "Lady Bird."
6:34 | 02/21/18

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Transcript for 'Lady Bird' stars, director on mom-daughter relationships, what they hope to inspire
I wanna go where culture is like a mile recent press ahead it's a love hate relationship nearly everyone can relate team. Yeah she's at City College you know with your work ethic just at city college and then to jail with brutally honest portrayal of herself off and not expect everybody. They bury the critically acclaimed dark comedy leading earn explores that often fraught mother daughter bond earning a bevy of Oscar nods for a female centric movie. Just as women in Hollywood are raising their artistic choices. In an industry long dominated by men. If you tyrants and not tie. Just couldn't tell because you were dragging your. As we're watching it from the campsite ducking and nearing its Tokyo understands. Both sides some of the arguments you know this is just a little sliver of the time that we're seeing down you get there by idea. Irish American actors sir Sean Ronan ease lady bird and veteran actress Laurie Metcalf her long suffering mother. As a mom I was cringing surpassed that Catholic I heard myself. In in the movie crash the system isn't such a way that it's made both of them very relayed to vote is hasn't honesty at its core that Greta crafted specifically to have a fight to balance between the mother in the daughter that it. Felt like I'll listen this thing that it imagined was living in front of me be your gift of having us Smart actor and a great actor is they give you so much more big deep and it. At just 23 Ronan already has three Oscar nominations under her belt. Giving a nuanced performance a body all the complexities of ugly family dramas juxtaposed with tender ones. Please it. Talk city Metcalf is the Tony and Emmy winning actress best known as Roseanne's sister or. This tooth pain. Once again flashing her comic timing in lady bird. The film. A fundamentally is love story between a mother and daughter in what way do you think. The film sort of demonstrates that love you know that their relationship is not always been this way and won't. Always be this way does just that the moment when there but what we're seeing them. And I think that you. Watch down at trigger each other and you root for it not to happen that you identify when it science. And I want it you. 34 year old actress Greta Gurley wrote and directed lady bird inspired but not based on her childhood in Sacramento. Turning well that's what it always hopes that this move you made. Connect people back to their own family is and their own hometowns the film striking a chord for so many. Nominated for five Oscars at all including best actress best supporting actress best pictures screenplay and the elusive best director distinction for garlic. Only the fifth woman ever nominated in that category you can police say a cool of course. You that this thing that matters is doing the work and and making films. But I would be lying if I set this didn't mean a great deal to me and it always has listen. Love an awards show as the meat to time's up movements stirs the shift in Hollywood. Women are taking a stand against sexism. While Ronan and Metcalf both earned Golden Globe nominations. Natalie Portman couldn't help. But point out that something was missing from the best director category and here are the young man Alan nominee. You know Natalie Portman made a very pointed comments it's 88 booked here reacts and hot it is not. I had not maintained and I was like it's gone actually so the idea that you know it's women directors aren't as recognized in Hollywood and a male directors or are given as many opportunities or do you think that's the case. Yangon is the case stand for char lady bird yeah. When Kathryn Bigelow one and it you know I I think it. Matters seeing seeing it and and and hearing their names and just didn't mean so much to me to be nominated as a director and a screenwriter Ronan says watching their weight behind the scenes was a light bulb moment. I don't read that you for the first time thought I hope I could be directed to when you soft female director doing three it wasn't until I walked scrap this week about her experience and get in the senate may need to and has she started. And crafted this Diane that she had to battle stuff I kind of went like oh she's a great director she's not just. And actor turned director it. Growing says she hopes to be an inspiration for aspiring female directors of all leads. Women in their forties and fifties and sixties I want ethical make their movies maybe they got it locked inside and they haven't done it yet this debt depressed. While lady bird centers around an abrasive mother daughter relationship. First sir show and her mother life does not imitate art. We're very very lucky like I mean they also understand why this kind of dynamic what should happen between a mother and daughter implement them and I never. Hot laps. My my mom's unsafe time over there and she was on face time at the Golden Globe his own thanks I'm proud because she sets me but far and she says you know Hussein's. Things have drawn I want to be in the room he accolades aside the film appears to be strongly resonating with moms and daughters across the country I'm so sorry I didn't mean to you. Fans of the movie flooding social media with very personal reactions. I saw a lady bird with my mom last night and it was exactly what we needed Sheehan I have been having a rough time lately we've been bumping heads a lot but that movie really helped me. And we had such a good time I'm so happy about summer release and went and saw lady bird. With the parental units and as the credits rolled I was thinking pretty good and then I looked over at Melissa stopping. And then in the car hits ice started saw the mom and the feels are real but this is the kind of sort of spontaneous. Reaction. Youth teams and you know those are remarkable that's the magic of bad movie. What what makes emotional about it. Just good if it makes people a surprisingly. Connected they don't commit Ers just like an overwhelming hopeful feeling that you need to win you know. These are going to be okay and see that pain on the screen and realize I'm not doing one thing he works chilling story stopped. Not yeah. Hole its current to stop it for Nightline I'm juju Chang in New York.

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{"duration":"6:34","description":"Oscar-nominated stars Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metclafe and Oscar-nominated director Greta Gerwig discuss their film \"Lady Bird.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"53237193","title":"'Lady Bird' stars, director on mom-daughter relationships, what they hope to inspire","url":"/Nightline/video/lady-bird-stars-director-mom-daughter-relationships-hope-53237193"}