'Love at First Swipe' Show Helps Struggling Online Daters Revamp Profiles

TLC show co-hosts Deyvn Simone and Clinton Kelly explain the do's and don'ts of using online dating apps.
6:18 | 01/19/16

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Transcript for 'Love at First Swipe' Show Helps Struggling Online Daters Revamp Profiles
And then he warned that used to be so much easier than you go to a bar copy shop ask someone out next thing you know your Mary X. Now days your biggest selling point is you're dating app. Tonight how you're online profile can transform your personal brands whatever that means and the tricks of the trade that might help you swipe rights. To find mr. right. Heartthrob then he kids in the beauty competing for his love on this go round of the bachelor makes looking from love. We'll glamorous. And I. The only problem it seems is choosing the wine among so many attractive options. But in real life if you're single and looking for love it's more likely your glued to a stream. Just ask Jessica shipments. It's difficult. Now a days planning. People are so attached to their phones. And they don't like to have phone conversations me concentrate on texting texting texting. She wants and lasting relationship I'm looking for stability and just. A loving. Partnership. But for Jessica and loves seeking singles like Kirk finding a true romance can be daunting amid the explosion a swipe dating have let Tinder hinge and bumble. Where users determine attraction in the blink of a nine. There are good guys out there but it's up to us as women to require them to be good guy. DeVon Simone is the co host of TLC's new dating make over show love at first light. She says the secret sauce to successful at dating is personal branding that's not messing Don guess. Think that you want to say it means to potential suitors I would say blacks. Take a deep breath and decided on what you want. And decide on three things you want to show about your personality that's all you need if you know that your creative and you really like to be funny and he loved to cook. Great now how can we incorporate that in your profile that simple. Yeah really read think. On the show she and co host Clinton Kelley gives drug online gators a make over let's take a look at George dating profile mobile line. Holy smokes. A girl. And face to face. We are in place that whatever I can be an easy something positive thirty intervention is viewed up with one thing in mind. A testing perhaps less quantities but higher quality matches. Of course like dating apps have plenty of critics who say their superficial promoting easy hook ups over real love. But DeVon Simone is a veteran online Gator and says apps can lead to true blood you're on Tinder for two years how many other dating. Thank Robin on the mall RNC. I don't I got a dirty laundry coming up that I've been unmatched. I didn't date someone on. Yeah it was in my field and had. Well it was immediately engaging. A swapped rotten rule of about zero point. Zero tree seconds love it person by a senate within weeks the coupled deleted the apps from their phone. And so what was the deletion ceremony or was that one well like a rose ceremony in reverse right they want uncle rose's he pulled people out here and lose and then it was kind of like all right do you. Take this no longer being on tender and then before we could even finish they inherited immediately press the X button on my phone so they've done. They're now engaged and the rest is Tinder history to entering in and day got a ring. Jessica is hoping for the same happy ending but she's having a hard time mastering the apps as swiping left. And write a test I couldn't to space. What I wanted just looking at a picture so little house a Los Angeles based love guru is coaching Jessica via sky. On how to turn her online matches into real life they. Expectations not an act is an eight ratification so instead of just dismissing hand you eat since he can't. Patient you can. Find a relationship on swipe dating apps. But you have to make sure that you take control of the act. To do that she advises insist on talking not just texting you wanna have a phone call before you go out to the you can talk to them you can get to know them a little bit. Before you meet them in person next perfect your photos this was Devens profile pic when she met Nathan. Basically showed my silhouettes that you could see my figure and it. But the reason light and that is because it with something that would make someone want to look at the rest of the pictures but DeVon says many people don't strike the right balance what would your grandfather say about this. Something along kind of get dressed it's something that she and Clinton tried his rectum to show I never thought dresses look flattering on me. I seem it and being put together a slight slight product I'm trying not to get emotional fight crime does prove think. Believe it or not there are even professional photographers like Tinder head shots dot com school helped put your best face forward. You wanna be the star of your photo so there shouldn't be allowed it animals in front of you. There shouldn't be open terrible harsh low lighting so they can't really see you. And you shouldn't be with twenty different friends that sort of look like you or look better than you because maybe they dressed up that day you are in sweats. Because you want to highlight yourself and once she scored the date be sure you're both looking for the same thing if Alan starts with I love your led to the sexiest let. At had. Yes I know it's is going delete don't even engaged don't even respond to eat. With the help of her coach Jessica is now back content there with a new and improved profile. I wanna relationship. I want to be with somebody who. I can. Live forever I know it sounds very Cinderella but that's what I want to comment on a stable and loving as. Hoping she'll swipe writes for mr. runs. That's love at first wife airing Friday's on TLC.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"TLC show co-hosts Deyvn Simone and Clinton Kelly explain the do's and don'ts of using online dating apps. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"36369618","title":"'Love at First Swipe' Show Helps Struggling Online Daters Revamp Profiles","url":"/Nightline/video/love-swipe-show-helps-struggling-online-daters-revamp-36369618"}