Media frenzy that surrounded Jodi Arias’ trial for murder of Travis Alexander: Part 2

Arias’ story about what happened the day of Alexander’s murder changed multiple times. Arias continues to fight her conviction and has appealed her case.
8:06 | 02/15/20

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Transcript for Media frenzy that surrounded Jodi Arias’ trial for murder of Travis Alexander: Part 2
It's June, 2008, and in Mesa, Arizona, police are baffled by a violent murder. Travis Alexander, shot and stabbed to death in his own home. The motive and the killer still unknown. I'm a really good friend of Travis'. Hundreds of miles away, his ex-girlfriend, Jodi Arias reached out to the police. What have you heard so far? I heard that he passed away. That there was a lot of blood. I'm sorry. Her name is coming up. She was an ex-girlfriend. She wouldn't leave Travis alone. Reporter: Jodi first told police she hadn't seen Travis in months. She revealed they were secretly still having sex. Jodi talks herself to the top of the list of potential suspects. Reporter: But she volunteered to help police any way she could. She had her fingerprints done and I got a DNA sample. Reporter: They already discovered what was on that digital camera. I said oh, my goodness, that's Jodi Arias. She lied to me. She was there. They find photos of both Travis and Jodi, in sexually provocative positions. Reporter: But that wasn't all. Later photos may have captured Travis' final moments. The camera accidently somehow fell and took a couple shots during the course of the unbelievable. One of the photos is of the back of Travis' head, with blood running down it. And in the foreground is a leg and a foot, wearing blue pants. Reporter: Within a month, tests would also reveal that some of the blood at the murder scene belonged to Jodi Arias. That's enough for an arrest. It was almost an out of body skiepd of experience, almost like I was watching the whole thing unfold. Reporter: During her interrogation, Jodi repeatedly denied visiting or hurting Travis. I'm not guilty. I didn't hurt Travis. If I hurt Travis, if I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty. I'm not a murderer. Detective flores plays his ace, and his ace is those photos. I know there's pictures, because I have them. Are you sure it's me? Because I was not there. It's you. The camera took a couple photos by accident during the time he was killed. Really? Yeah, Jodi, really. You left a palm print at the scene in blood. This one. You absolutely cannot, cannot explain that away. Couldn't my palm print have already been there if I touch Jodi, this is over, this is absolutely over. Jodi, even in the face of incontrovertible evidence, evidence that proved that she was there at the time of the murder, Jodi is still in denial. Thank goodness they had a camera going, because nobody would believe what happened next. Hmm, hmm She sings. The stars are brightly shining She even does a headstand in the interrogation room. Who does that? Very, very odd behavior for someone accused of murder. Reporter: The next day, Jodi changed her story, telling police she was there, but two intruders attacked her and Travis. I don't really remember, except Travis was screaming. I think I got knocked out, but I don't think I was knocked out long. In is the most far-fetched story I've ever heard, and it's not going to help you. Did not kill Travis. I believe you did, and there's nothing to show anyone else did this. Reporter: Jodi would spend more than four years behind bars. By the time her trial started in January 2013, she'd undergone quite a transformation. She'd gone from blond bombshell, sex pot, boom, now she's walkin' into court looking like a librarian. The public was obsessed, because this was a case that was drenched in sex. And lies. And sex. And religion. And sex. Reporter: The prosecution laid out its argument first, spending days detailing how Jodi killed Travis, saying she stole a gun from her grandparents. Died her hair brown so no one would recognize her. And prosecutor Juan Martinez's version of events she had carefully planned this murder of Travis as an act of rage from a woman scorned. Reporter: The prosecutor says Jodi attacked Travis in the shower, stabbing him, slit his throat and finally shot him with the stolen gun. Mr. Alexander did not die calmly. He fought. Reporter: When the defense began its case. Ms. Areas, you may come forward and take a seat please. Reporter: In a shocking move, Jodi took the stand and changed her story again. This time admitting she did kill Travis. Did you kill Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008? Yes, I did. Why? Um, the simple answer is that he attacked me, and I defended Reporter: The defense argued Travis was emotionally and physically abusive although there was no evidence to back that up. Jodi's lawyers also argued he controlled her through sex, those salacious phone calls played in court. I'm going to tie you to a tree and . Oh, my god. That is so debasing, I love it. The sex tape was like a hand grenade. Reporter: She testified they had sex but testified he attacked her after she dropped the camera. Travis flipped out. He stepped out of the shower and picked me up. He was screaming that I was a stupid idiot. Reporter: Jodi said she away and grab a gun. Like a linebacker he grabbed my waist. Basically, the gun went off, and she doesn't remember anything after that. I don't know if I blacked out or what. There's a huge gap. Do you remember stabbing Travis Alexander? I have no memory of stabbing him. Do you remember dragging him across the floor? No. Justice for Travis, justice for Travis! Reporter: The jury deliberated for just 15 hours. We the jury, duly empaneled and sworn do find the defendant as to count one first degree murder guilty. Everybody in my family was bawling. They were happy. You know, we were all hugging. And I was really hoping the jury would see things for what they are. I feel a little betrayed by them. Reporter: In the sentencing phase the prosecutor wanted the death penalty. But after two hung juries, Jodi Arias was sentenced to life in prison. She's appealing her case in part for prosecutorial misconduct. The state says she receive add fair trial. None of it effects the fact that she murdered my brother and admitted to it. She snuffed out a very bright light from this Earth.

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{"duration":"8:06","description":"Arias’ story about what happened the day of Alexander’s murder changed multiple times. Arias continues to fight her conviction and has appealed her case.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"69002124","title":"Media frenzy that surrounded Jodi Arias’ trial for murder of Travis Alexander: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/media-frenzy-surrounded-jodi-arias-trial-murder-travis-69002124"}