Miss Utah's Gaffe Goes Viral

Why do hecklers pounce on moments of weakness and thrive in our hater nation?
3:00 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for Miss Utah's Gaffe Goes Viral
The Germans have a word for the perverse joy that comes in witnessing someone else's failure shot and Freud. Literally translated as damage joy. But while they have coined the term Americans seem to be perfecting it especially on social media -- -- -- after miss you -- Crashed and burned during the interview portion of the miss USA pageant so. Why more scorn and sympathy. Here's ABC's John Barbara. David is back. -- Think -- it because it's pretty easy to do as a nightmare that its view on that's. Yeah raided and done great in the competition so far and now they're asking you some questions -- movies. She's asking if the blonde in the right sized box -- saying. A recent report shows that 40% of American families with children women of the primary earners at the continued to earn less than men what does -- say about society. I think -- you open your mouth when you hear yourself saying this while the music plays behind you. I think we can -- -- this back to education. And how old we are. Continuing. To try to strive. Two. Oh now your blanking. I -- to create jobs right now out of the biggest problem and I think especially gunmen -- Where now you're thinking it's seen as -- leaders of this and so we need to try to figure out how to must finish -- education better. So that we can solve this problem think. Q you finished smile turned to -- -- it was a bad dream but it wasn't. Marisa Powell was competing in the miss USA contest this weekend when her mind blanked -- -- -- It could have been stage fright but no it was quickly decided around the Internet that she must be dumb and with that thought her answer has gone viral and a great many people who will never -- up on any -- after taking a great deal of pleasure in piling. On I was black -- at Halloween and Alnylam gutsy yes he got pretty eyes -- Brady. She's. Certain people messing up in certain situations attract that kind of pitchfork and torch crowd like the -- that populates the movie Frankenstein. Everyone looking to get -- -- him. -- if you remember -- vice president named Dan Quayle didn't really matter that he spelled the word potato wrong but will no doubt be in his obituary. Our next door neighbors are foreign countries their -- vice presidential candidate when she showed herself -- be something less about the world out there that she should have. It got translated into instant Saturday Night Live and I can see Russia from my house. Or another vice president defined as having foot and mouth disease for remarks like this. And -- among celebrities Jessica Simpson. And her food labeling. -- this chicken what matters -- this. Announced -- -- that it isn't chicken. By the city and among sports figures Shaquille O'Neal asked about whether he visited the ancient Greek Parthenon on a visit to Athens. I can't really remember the names of the clubs that we went to he said and they clean as the glamorous glitch in front of everybody. In a way it's with Marisa Powell is coming in for now and why is that. I think there's just up. Part of it is that your last night you and they feel happier watching -- house followed get a deal would be bank -- Some of this is people not liking beauty pageants that used to be called some of this is premised on thinking that the answers contestants give it really matter. Well they only matter when their bungled which is why the other pageant based viral video out there has long been this South Carolina. Caitlin Upton at the miss teen USA pageant in 2007 she was asked why so many Americans can't find the USA on a map. I really believe. That yes Americans are unable to do sand beach head that some. People out there in our nation in until. How back and that I believe that I education like such as in South Africa and says that Iraq everywhere like such. Okay you get a train -- but something about the piling on bothers daily -- blogger get -- down to what's just the most is that it's a black and white -- and that ignores the fact that people are complex -- -- she doesn't want to charity works as a terminally -- Brownback. But the only thing that -- buy and hear about her is that she flood this question what that will happen. And that there interestingly too. Being infamous is still being famous Caitlin Upton for a short time got invited out to some going to be hard to get on -- shows and that's what Marisa -- has now. Name recognition. So do what with that. What she has to do was owned this she has to say she made a mistake. -- accept it with grace. Hopefully some intelligence hopefully some humor be part of the joke make funny yourself don't be defense of and she will move on. Speaking of name recognition the name of the winner of that miss USA pageant do you know it. It's Aaron Brady but she's the one who didn't mess up so she's not by. John Donvan ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Why do hecklers pounce on moments of weakness and thrive in our hater nation?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19424656","title":"Miss Utah's Gaffe Goes Viral","url":"/Nightline/video/miss-utahs-gaffe-viral-19424656"}