What is 'QAnon' and how the conspiracy theory gained mainstream attention

Melissa Dietrich and her husband David, who have their own online following, spoke to ABC News' "Nightline" about their beliefs.
8:23 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for What is 'QAnon' and how the conspiracy theory gained mainstream attention
Ladies and gentlemen, T president ofhe united at Reporter: Pay close attention xte president trump holds one of his bigampaign raise Hello, Florida. You'll notice cert cryptic salute to an eluve character. Q' playing save the world Ay. It F Reporter:q-anon, an an interne LI I am 100% Q. He's working for thepresiden he's wor for our Y. Q's subversive message,rowd source a embellished by a group of everything. Ts T whole space P pedophilou know. It seeks to tie all of THA Toth Repter: Louiss and were T trump rally in wilkesarre, Pennsylvania. I loved it. I' never beeno a rally. It was exci. Eporter: They're Q followers who 20,00wers on ape Obviously it's at least one .could before THA O person. Some of the posts are signed q-plus which would to indicate that it's more THA one son. He doesn't tell you WHA T think. He lds you to information, you can read it and decide yourself wh K. Follow them. You call them bread umbs. You be the bread crumbs? Yes, sohey willake brdru actuallyak bread with them. Ome of Thi com out, though, prettyhalf-baked K Jr.? Really? I don't know that -- ins of J possiy E, again I think differ people interpret the bread crumbs very differently. Post fromnapril. POTUS and JFK Jr., relationship his in that plash off Martha's vineyard nearly 20 yearsago and H secretly helpin Donald Trump behind the scenes. How did we go F q-anon T JFK? Reporr: Bloggers like this from the mile hig broadcast crowd sourcing the teeaves, yingo make the case JFK Jr. Is Q. Do yuy that ,'T know. The things, don't hav know. Q doesn't H to be right about everytngi' not quite about everything. Bettingou not right about evhing. Absolelnot. I know notht aboutevything. Eporter: T movement has already had an impac ithereal world. There was this bizre standoff in June. An armed M an armored vehicle,ieved to B a q-anon Su blocked a near the Hoover dam. Melissa and David see that as an anomal it. Things go down, let it ppen, it's all part of the pl Ror rtedn th darkorners of cypace. This to th origin posts by October ar. Trey quip tick sort of of de we do but aot ofes we jus rely on people thae Cal T onons. Reporter:m there qad theeapream site like Reddit, YouTube, ont Barr. She T, for example, St year, who is Q? Or I want meet stuff like that. Reporter: This Roseanne Barr eearch 2018, since deleted, tappednto one q-anone's core beliefs that president trump is baking ch trafficki rings. What first Ara Melissa David that is they Sha a deep St politics as us bordering on disgust. I thinkve let down by both parties.to me I don't even see two parties, see one establishmentrty. Ther U and there's them. Support back I 2008 and was a Bernie Sanders voter in sounds like you're suspicious ofeverybodyxc and trump? That's what you want it T Soun like, tt'sot WHA it is. Reporter: S Sharen deep of the mainstream news media. What is are newnge conspiracy theory group -- people who belve in q-anone coracy they -- Now that Q I starting tco into the mainstream, what's tst you in most news agencies trying debunk E they d'tant you to . Or president hasn't B askeddirectly, but q-an followers believe trump nks at from Tio time D or a turn of phrase borrowed from Q. One example they say came at the ite houseasr egg roll. Qequested a particular phrase the term opshape." If he could use the tm"tip P shape." We K iin top ape. We call it T shape. So you saw that toe nod that I'm with you? They've asked him - they asked him to S thereafter he Reporter: White rabbit is with qfollowers. So is this scene from ma You take the red pill, you ay in wondlad how Y how deep the rabbit H go The red pill is like to slow a red pl means T kind of woken up -- That'sm "The ." There are a lot of references, Q makes reference to movies. But other crowd urce conspace had uences, like pizza gig.2016, Edgar Turne up at a pizza company and started shooting because he even the ry a pedophile ring coted withhe Clinton was eating inside the staurant. Happened today demonstrates Thate andkless conspy theories com consuences. Freedom is back on the Marc R: Teek social media companies tookimt another internet cspiracy theorist Alex YouTube and Facebook pulled H vide accusing him ofcommunity Jone famously CLA T sandy hook school shooting was ahoeinghe parents of some of the some of whom S theve had to move seven times because interne trol harassingthem Alex Jon has denied the legations a sng have T case dismissed. Breakin ws, a horfic scene I charloesville, Virginia -- Reporter: And gilme who'so suing Jon for whipping up an onlinry ainst him. Gilmors E guy who captured the in charlottesville one year this weekend ofhe moment heatherer waskilled, run over by a supremist. I immediately shared it with list. Twa importa to share it with the world. Eporter: S after, things got out of hand. People on the ierad start lng into my I had somehow organized the at. Reporter: In his defense, jonesis diatribes about ere opis, not statementsffact. Ou think R that ocial media companies pulled the plan hi ink, again -- short of himdvocating for violee ainst mebody, I think he should be fe to S as he chooses toeak. Repor it's certainlyot going to deter T from what see a their pursuit of truth. Does it wor are you you ll Thea a portion of the people watching thiscturing Y oil hat? Do you know any of my friends have told me ? 'Ve seen enough evidence ofon between presidenump and Q, and Q alwa tells us to trust the plan. I do tru the plan. Lieve T plan. Reporter: For "Nighe," I'm davidright in RDI dragons doing whaver

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{"duration":"8:23","description":"Melissa Dietrich and her husband David, who have their own online following, spoke to ABC News' \"Nightline\" about their beliefs. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57102544","title":"What is 'QAnon' and how the conspiracy theory gained mainstream attention","url":"/Nightline/video/qanon-conspiracy-theory-gained-mainstream-attention-57102544"}