After rescue from Thai cave, Coach, boys share message to the world: Part 2

Adul, one of the boys rescued from the cave, said, "We feel like we have parents around the world. I feel I want to meet you all."
6:10 | 08/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for After rescue from Thai cave, Coach, boys share message to the world: Part 2
Here again, James Longman. Reporter: 15 days passed since the 12 soccer teammates and theirch became T in this flooded cave. Translator: Today is d-day. We 100% ready. Reporter: Finallyheime had C make the hours-long and complicated journey out of the darkness the boys were ready. With T help of their coach, they decided who would the urney first. Translator: Was talking to the Navy S.L., Dr. Bach, skulling which ones we sh bring out first, which ones to save for later. The navy.l. Ce eck, you make the decion. At that point it me in charge of making the choice R. Reporter: An enormous cache of extir caniste were put in place a support divers Ed in the chambers ughout the cave. I'm not one toang the back, I'msually at T T. Volunteered. Reporter: Briti diver Jason mallenson volunteered to escort the first out of the would be one boy to O diver. Alreadyring a wet , each boy walkown a steep slope into the water. W it was time an absolutely critica step. Agreed to in advancey the Thai Gome each boyld be inject with a , ketamine, by anestologist dr.ichardharris. The shot not just tax each bot was to kck him . I was not fully confident we D get them out ive. We weren't sureow they'deact in the water, whethhe drug wobe enough. Reportee seat a masktrapped tightly on each one, a potentialk Fata When they start moving, as moving around, the potentialor them to kill selves, the potentialor them to kill us. Orter: Buts not one for turningback entered the cold, murky W with the boy for that dauntin firs dive rememb 350eters long, football fields. Mallenson successfully completed the first age. Waitinr him were two support divers whoped him lift the uncons boy out of the ter. E realized that the mask worked, the drug worked. After that I new T aood chance we can getm allout. Reporter: The three had to physically carry the child to the next D in then swim across deep canals W rush water. It was hin the canal sections. Once we were UND water and he was neutral, andasneutral, it's hard to swim in a canal and push an inert child along with Yo Repr: After wt seemed like S, llson emerged from the Dess with that rst child in tow. T the first ambulance. The wh country, the whole worl been waiting to see this ve that the first boys fromt cave are in thatambulance. R: Over the cou of the next 48ho O by one they cameout, racing past us in ambulances. E final grp escaping just in time before theavern fills WATE A2 players and their coach have madeout. It's a miracle. It's now mission accompli. Every member of that soccer team Tran the cave in th nowfree. Reporter: It was 18 days since T disappearance. And the dma that captivated the world was finally over. All 12s and their coach alive and well. Feeling the weight of the world's prayers they began a stress recovery process. The world glimpse of the boys safe iital beds. Now I'mll fine. I thank you so carefully. You so much. L me what it was for you to see your family after all this time. Translator: I was copy to mom and dad. I felt evermer. Then when you were in the hoal, you could see them through glass, is that right? Yes. Reporter: J18. After a week in the hospital, T boys returned home to and cheers. ??? Hallelujah ??? Reporter: Finallyting the fried chicke'draved so much. Today're feeling strong, energized,dy for the fut is life back to Normal again? Translator: My life is better And what do you all W to do in the future? Do you have big plans four future Translator: My dream is to besoer player. N S.E.A.L. You want to be a Navy S.E.A.L.? Yes. Yes. Repr: Big dreams as well as a big following. Boys now instagr S. How many followers do you have? 98. 000? Es. Translator: I heard some rumor he's got over 300 followers. You have 300,000 followers on instm? Ranslator: Yes. You're very famous Translator:s. Reporter: Something els taking internet by storm, the deli allichallenge, named after one of mr.cerroes. They show me hows done. Everyone has to do it together? Like this? And that. Yes. Why do ink the world was so intd in this story? Translator: Eonoved and cared about us. LI T were O parents. They cared like we were their children. That inspired and motivated the to help us.nslator: M and the brothers wouldike to thank his majesty who has always helped us and brought UT of the ve. Reporter: Some herieve it W T spirit said to be living in T mountain, the myal incess, who helped guide thes tosafety, thus final ought from thail stay with us.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Adul, one of the boys rescued from the cave, said, \"We feel like we have parents around the world. I feel I want to meet you all.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57373896","title":"After rescue from Thai cave, Coach, boys share message to the world: Part 2","url":"/Nightline/video/rescue-thai-cave-coach-boys-share-message-world-57373896"}