Roseanne Barr says 'I'm not a racist,' calls controversial tweet 'stupid joke'

Barr has apologized and even blamed Ambien for her since-deleted Valerie Jarrett tweet that led to the cancellation of her rebooted sitcom.
8:08 | 05/31/18

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Transcript for Roseanne Barr says 'I'm not a racist,' calls controversial tweet 'stupid joke'
Reporter: Roseanne Barr was defiant, defending 'S L Ofer legacy I'm not a racist, I neverwas, and I never will be, S wrote. Onupid joke in a lifetime of fighting for civil rightsor all rities, against new, studios, will never be taken from me. Just latest chapter in a loistory of courting roversy. This wasn't just one tweet for Roseanne. She has atory of tweeting th that are inappropriate Reporter: This time it was this tweet Abo Obama aide rijarrett. Muslbrotherhood planet ofth a had a babyals V.J. It cost big-time. On Tuesday O own network, ABC, canceled ro's show, cag her views abhorrent, repugnan inconsistent with our va. The hit-rated new sitcom on television gone in a flash. So today on "The view" Roseanne a hot topi That tweet came from you. That's yours. Yo did this to yourself what of racism,y K and white. This is not abouteing a conservative, ? This is about you being a racist. Reporter: For Hert Roseanne Barr furiously apologized, attacked, and badaed. E's fired off more than 200 tweets since ling her . Despite an apology, she's retweeted images of a character from "Planf the apes" alongside a picture of Valerie jat. Reprehensible, and intole Barr lashe out accusing them of throwing her UND the bus. At one point even blamed Bien for her vie Jarrett tweet. The drug companysanofi, wh makes ambien,tback, "While Al pharmaceuticalreatments have site effects, racism is not a known side effect any sanofi medical." She also compared S rice to an ape. And that was in 2013 Roseanne's hry with these sort of remarks in regards T African-Americans had alr been documented, and yet the network decided to ot her show ay. Thank her forer ice. Reporter: Roseanne's show emed to fill a void in the country's deepitical divide, connecting with Americans F the flyover states and with trump voters who feltwo TV wasn't representing them. Becky? Would you likeo te a knee? Reporter: Stan Zimmerman was E of the writers on the original series. T's sometng about the characters inhe Conners thatjust felt comfortable in. I wanted to hear their poi of view on different mas.and unfortunately now those voices may be cut off food Reporter: It wasinclusive, topical,blunt. This episode praise from the director of the council on American islamic relations for G a dialogue aboutam phobia. Iima and this is my hud sa people. That was so , I'm Jackie, rose'ssister, a certified life coach if you're having trouble simulating -- now, Jackie. Reporter: Over 27 million people wched the first episodehe reboot. It lost a powerful voice now. This H the struggles of people who liveayk to paycheck. E aren'ty shows like that on TV anymore. Th made this special. Now that it's gone, I wonder what shows the going to turn to. Reporter: Viacom, hulu, and the laugh network announced they're pulling reruns of the original Roseanne show from syndication effective today. Roseanne has been here before. I'm one of these people THA call them my fans,ple who love to hate me. Reporter: Her staras risen and fallen before. Spectacularly so. 2011, she satown with "nightline"o talk ab that. Do you feelike you'ved your soul to become famous and you've paid pri for it? Yeah,t's the deal that all celebrities ma they decide, well, these are safe ts that I Canak on. There's a photo sprf you that pushes the E atle bit, the hitler mousta baking cookies in the shapef Jews? No, people said it wa in th shape of Jews but it was not Jews. It wasstinians. Orter: Her unpinching humor was the signature of the original "Roseanne" show in the '8nd '90s. Are you ever sorry we got married? Every second of my life. Reporter: A single episode reached 36 million viewer Ny had ever looked like her, had that viewpoint on TV. First we send the phone bil and forget to sign T check. She had tohto get her voice on the TV in the first place. Reporter: She was a bona de cultural ic. Becoming a sl O something is hard. Reporter: The original show was also widely known as Hollywood's unhappiest workplace. "Roseanne" has been a notorious figure in television for decades now. On the original version or show, a revolving door of iters, people would get hired and fired and hired and hired. It was a chaotic set. Reporter: Zimmerman can attest T that. Theyid we'd each get a red irt. This was theirjoke. That they could fire us by just pointing to a num and never having to learn our name. They tht that was Y. ??? Say can you see ??? order: It all started to ravel the night she sang "The star spangled banner" at a San ego PADRES game. Do you wa to sing it? No, I'd rather not. No go ahead. W just laugh at it. Reporter: When it was over she grabbed her crotch, spat on ou, and walk off. It was horrifying. I knew started too high a the fifth note in.and I thought, well, at least I'll try toe it nny. You're smiling THR the whthing. I felt like cr. Th ABC called me. Don't know if we're going to cancel your show, we have to wait and see what ens.and I was like, oh my god, going to losery single thing I'veked for. Disgraceful. Reporter: Contrast pdent George H.W. Bush's response to thatscandal, to the response today from president ump. Far, trump Heither condd what she S nor come to her defe he has done is make it about hif. Quote, bobr of ABC called Valerie Jarrett to let her know abcoes not tolerate comments like those madeynn . Gee, he never called president Donald J trump togi for the horrible statements made and said about me on ABC. E I just didn't get T call. No one is defending her comments. They're appropriate. But thathae point th he was making. Reporter: Today in the briefioohe whi house press secretary insisted T prident wasling O ABC for a doublestanrd. Where was Bob 'S apology to the white houseff F Jamel hill callinghe president and anyone aid with him a white supremacist, to Chriss around the world for joy hr calling christianity atal illness? Reporter: Fhe record, hill and R both faced repercussi suspensi for viting the social a licy. And Behar called vice president pence topologize a issued an ir me culpa. I sincerely apologizeor what I said. America divided before "Roseanne" came on, ameri will be divided long after thew is caed is is who we are and what we're aboutn2018. What D set this apart is now you're going to be held actable. Reporter: Roseanne has thrown away her second chance at a hit sitcom. I know you can do this. Reporter: Shebably won't get another.

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{"id":55553337,"title":"Roseanne Barr says 'I'm not a racist,' calls controversial tweet 'stupid joke'","duration":"8:08","description":"Barr has apologized and even blamed Ambien for her since-deleted Valerie Jarrett tweet that led to the cancellation of her rebooted sitcom. ","url":"/Nightline/video/roseanne-barr-im-racist-calls-controversial-tweet-stupid-55553337","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}