Spy Nation

With new technology, it's never been easier to become a super-sleuth.
4:04 | 10/30/13

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Transcript for Spy Nation
World leaders are up in arms over america's secret information gathering, but not just the government collecting data. We are living in the days of do it yourself sleuth. Suspicious of your spouse? Worried about your kids? There is an app for that. Abc's juju chang dives into a world where secrets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Reporter: Whether snooping on your neighbors as posted on youtube, keeping tabs on your sitter or just trying to bust your two-timing spouse it seems nearly everyone is spying on someone. The right to privacy may be a bed rock principle in our country, but if you suspect your lover is a cheater, you can violate theirs with these tiny hidden cameras which can capture all sorts of high jinks like this footage recorded by michelle russell. She had been living with marcus alias for three years when she started to suspect he had something going on the side. Telling me he would work late a lot. Uh-huh. So, kind of rush me off the phone when I would call, away on business, working. I am like, that's weird. Have a few suspicions want to conduct your own investigation? Reporter: Michelle turned to the television show "cheaters" which provide do it yourself spy equipment to suspicious lovers. They gave me a clock-cam, looks like an alarm clock. It has a camera installed. When they brought tight me I had to place it in my living room. Honey, when they called me to look at that footage, I was like, wow. Reporter: Alias so it never proved he did anything wrong. But he feels his privacy and his character were violated. Marcus! Reporter: He is not alone. The devices are being used to capture far more than garden variety adultery. The nsa gained access to data from millions of phone calls globally including surprise, surprise, the electronic devices used by world leaders. Increasingly not just a matter of national security. Restauranter and protective parent gordan ramsey told a tv audience he was afraid his teenage daughter was spending too much time in her room with her boyfriend. With her boyfriend, would you believe? That's just it, spending a lot of time in her room recently. He said in a part that didn't air, he hid a camera in his 15-year-old's room to spy on her. He backtracked to say he was only joking. Still, the urge to know what your loved ones are up to is a powerful force. And a whole industry has sprung up around it. Apps, textwatcher.Com. Mobilewatchdog, mobile spot. All can monitor your kids text messages, calls, track their location through gps. So we went in search of the latest tools of the spy trade. At spytech in manhattan. People have to understand that, if they're out in public, they're deaf n they're under surveillance. They sell trackers and spy ware for cell phones. Text, e-mail, numbers dialed. Their widest selection its a cluster of disguised cameras. This is the recording device, the camera is actually in the end of the plug. Reporter: For $99. You can own a camera that could be in james bond's arsenal. That is a camera. We are recording you with the pen camera. My gosh, you are freaking me out. Reporter: Cameras are sprouting up, catching a family dog making a run for it. Or this guy who turned out to be a judge, keying a car. They can even catch pesky neighbors dumping trash on your lawn. Technology has always been a dunl ed double edged sword, used for good or evil. Privacy is the casualtien all of this. Frankly, who need the gadgets when everyone is oversharing on social media anyway. Everyone knows everything about everybody. I want all your out of the house. For "nightline," juju chang in new york city.

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{"id":20722944,"title":"Spy Nation ","duration":"4:04","description":"With new technology, it's never been easier to become a super-sleuth.","url":"/Nightline/video/spy-nation-20722944","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}