Thread Count Challenge

What exactly does "1,000 thread count" mean? Get between the sheets and breaks down the linen lingo.
4:45 | 06/05/13

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Transcript for Thread Count Challenge
ABC don't look at from. And now don't spend a dime on new sheets until you've -- what's up. It. Yeah. Grab the truth about Greg Kelly very comfy here it's that make -- -- -- Would ABC news we're doing a great cal challenge where would ABC news London -- yeah but six months. -- New York city's Central Park to set -- tough syndrome tooth queen sized air mattresses and -- stand. -- and unscientific. Experiment. When you take a quick lie down. And see how you feel Phyllis -- in Africa that dad yeah. Right now yeah that's why we're here ridiculous story about sheets in French -- you know 30400000. Sit home meet. On the -- we have 1000 thread count sheets on the right. -- 300 thread count we were determined to unravel the mysteries of the threads. -- -- Our question really is the difference between this 200 dollar 1000 thread count she. And at 300 counts and that's less than half that price what do you know about right now. And I says that are killed off after a higher than their accountants doctors to bus I think that but is it true what we've used -- -- right there that Baghdad. -- -- Count is the number of threads in one square inch of sheet. To prepare for our field test we consulted a real textile expert packs made -- -- consumer reports. -- five via thousand count in May -- to spend more money for my getting a superior. -- not necessarily. But. Higher thread count is not necessarily a superiors should it. -- -- means less saw. And it wasn't surprising enough had told us something that really could have taken the era our mattress. Who manufactures put Hinton -- answers that puts off Anderson. So you touch what's in the package and you're like -- All it is those are all -- -- just wonderful you're putting your hand. You're feeling silicone -- person that has happened to me -- I bought them about these are so -- -- want to watch them they weren't quite this change they're very much not the same. And -- attention warning in mind we want. -- sheets twice before setting the stage for Central Park field test. I think. I think he'll be on the bed. Yeah. It is running software. Yeah. Do you even tell a difference -- and for. What about you -- I actually think -- higher. Better site how are you what's your name yeah. Would you pay more for this -- she's. Yeah I'm glad awesome -- but we'll. So what do you think would you please do you think his work on what can you tell the difference over here now okay that's not so much of the bad. What does the -- out of that -- All right back to reality as the -- went on our test subjects became increasingly -- We're financial supposed to get my head into -- committee -- it. -- -- remembers the good and very comfy here come on come on -- guys you can make this work this second a new sitcom since. Coming this fall from ABC. I'm I'm I'm I'm. -- -- -- -- All right so that's -- 1000 thread count this is the 300. And sexy she -- -- that went up slightly -- they include big business even take this unseasonably go to. -- -- -- Nineteen people actually believed the lower at 300 drink count sheets -- the best. Not surprising to -- -- After years of testing she's found this spot is usually 400 thread count when the -- gets higher tax found the -- are often thinner so manufacturers can jam more skin. Boosting the total count and sometimes increasing the price. That doesn't always translate into softer sheets and sweeter dreams they're spending -- literally literally. Back Central Park those fancy thousand count sheets -- -- clear losers today. George this was -- really successful that look I couldn't agree more I think it's time in the -- the place. Look where are you I'm in dog food lion law saying right in dog --

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{"id":19336089,"title":"Thread Count Challenge","duration":"4:45","description":"What exactly does \"1,000 thread count\" mean? Get between the sheets and breaks down the linen lingo.","url":"/Nightline/video/thread-count-challenge-19336089","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}